Thursday, August 18, 2011

Antinquing in Warrenton

A few weeks back, GT and I were driving back to West Monroe from San Antonio.
We both love taking different routes to and from places. We enjoy the different Texas scenic byways and highways. Of course, if we're in a hurry...we go the fastest way. But, if the distances are within a few miles of eachother, we go back another way than we came.

So, we chose some small highways through the middle of TX that'd lead us to trusty La.
Let me tell you a bit about one town we drove through.
The town is called Warrenton.

I know nothing about this place.
The only thing that I know, is that it had flea market after antique store after flea market.
Hey oh!
We're going back.
They're website informed me that their next antique show starts September 23 and I just hope we can hop on over there.
Of course, GT is eager to get back to Tejas any chance he gets.
Especially driving through those small central towns. It makes him get pretty nostalgic...not like crying...he's a man, remember. I love riding in the car with him when he gets like this. He just starts telling stories of growing up in Texas and hunting with his family and learning how to take care of animals and land and stuff.

Perhaps if we go there we can also slide over to Canton, Tx's first Monday trade days.

I love finding treasures and seeing what other people can create and older things that they value.

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