Monday, May 21, 2018

2 weeks with baby girl

our sweet Kirby Jane is 2 weeks old today!
and what a busy 2 weeks she has had.

let's start  at day 3.
when she went straight from the hospital to her brothers preschool graduation
we really haven't been home much since she's been born
i think we've left the house for one reason or another every day, except one.
she has been awesome!
she sleeps and eats and is really easily consolable (so far...fingers crossed this continues)

1st doctors appointment

out to lunch with the girls for Mamaw Lous birthday

she's been to the mall twice
because her mother didn't get everything for her brothers wedding before giving birth

last weekend, the Tyler crew came over!
lots of sitting outside and visiting
she loves being outside!

we went to church for Mothers Day!
such a special day with my littlest sweetheart
and big sweethearts
and cousins!

she "watched" her first oyster shucking
and lobster/crab boil

she gets LOTS of love from her brothers who are always ready to hold her
and not always be calm and safe while she eats
so mom has to find entertainment for them so they stay alive

she went to a graduation party and looked super sassy

and she has "watched" numerous Astros games with the boys

mostly, she is just getting loved on a lot

she had to get a hip ultrasound to check for hip dysplasia due to a hip click found on her exam with their Pediatrician

we head to the orthopedic hospital this week to find out if she will require any treatment or if we'll just watch it
she was perfect during the US, except for pooping all over her clothes, blanket and the hospital linens
she's a lady

she has been to 3 of her brothers tball games and slept through them all!
but i think she's his biggest fan

she has traveled to Texas
so of course a stop at Buc-ees was in order
her maiden voyage

we went to Dallas for my brothers wedding
the first night there, we stayed at Garrett and Cristies, since i only booked our hotel for 2 nights
and I really do love staying at their house!
they are the ultimate hosts 
Cristie welcomed baby girl with gifts, brownies and the most beautiful peonies!

i will post a separate blog of Josh and Kristen's wedding (baby girls 1st wedding!)

on one hand, i can't believe our girl is already 2 weeks old!
on the other hand, it feels like she's been here for months...considering all that we've done with her.
she is so so sweet.
these newborn snuggles are the absolute best and neither of us can seem to get enough.
i know it's super cliche to say this, but i simply can't remember life before her or imagine it without her.
i never imagined just how sweet life could be with our daughter.
i know we're only 2 weeks in, but if these weeks are any indication of our future with her, then we are in for lots of delightful and joy-filled days ahead.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Kirby Jane (baby girl)

our sweet Kirby Jane was born 9 days ago
May 7, 2018 at 3:11 in the afternoon
she is more than I could've dreamed or imagined 

we started our Monday morning out as a family of 4, not really expecting to end the day with an additional member (but certainly hopeful)
the boys were SO SO SO excited
when we ran home to get our stuff in between doctors office and hospital, they were talking and jumping and asking a million questions about "baby girl"
when we walked in the door, Townes said "baby girl is coming out today!"
then asked "is she going to be our new grandma?"
after i answered in the negative, he said, "well, what is she going to be when she grows up?"
i told him that she'll always be his little sister
to which he replied, "we'll have to get her a big bow"
i said, "oh, for her hair?"
he clarified, "no, to shoot deer with!"

 I was at the doctor at 9:15, the hospital at 11 and ready to push at 3
It all went incredibly smooth and dare i say, uneventful (except for the part of actually having a baby)!
a sincere "thank you" to anyone who has been praying for this. seriously. 

baby girl was diagnosed with mild hydronephrosis in-utero, so we had multiple ultrasounds along the way with my OB and with Maternal Fetal Medicine 
but NOTHING compares to seeing and holding your baby for the first time.
it really is the most overwhelming emotion i have ever felt in my life
absolute relief and incomparable joy 

(brace yourself for the photo overload)

these boys LOVE their sister
i mean, can not get enough of her
from the first second they saw her they have been slightly obsessed
and i'm absolutely certain that there is no way i could have prepared my heart for that
thank you Lord for these good and perfect gifts

best friends really know the way to my heart
we had so many sweet visitors, i wish i had taken pictures with everyone!

we didn't give her a first name until after she was born
i had to meet her first, ya know?
we've just called her baby girl ever since we knew she was a she
her middle name is Jane, after my dads sister
we now share that name
Kirby is my maiden name
one that has always been in my mind as an option for a baby girl
after i saw her, i knew that was perfect for our little sweetness

this guy is officially done for
he even asked if she had a headband to match her outfit (heart eyes)
ready to go home!
i always bring my pack mule

i still can't believe that she's mine ours