Sunday, June 12, 2016


right after i walked across the stage at graduation, we hopped in the car and pointed it southeast to Gulf Shores. 
our caravan of 3 vehicles made it to the condo around midnight.
the sleepy headed boys (and adults) got a second wind as we headed out onto the balcony to hear the waves crashing on the shore. 
then we went to was a long day.
the next morning, we all woke up super excited to hit the beach and soak up some sun with no agenda for the next week besides being together and enjoying our vacation.

last year was our first time to go to the beach in early May and we loved it.
the crowds are small and the temperature is perfect
it also happens to fall on Mothers day
and i kinda think that being with my fam at the beach is a perfect way to celebrate

we were there for a full week and rarely left the condo or beach, except for an afternoon out for ice cream and to the "shark store" 
and another night we went out to eat at Lulus
Jamie, mom and I got out nails did one day when it was kind of cloudy 
and Jake, Jamie, GT and I went to a late movie one night (by late, i mean 8:15)

the rest of the week was spent with slow mornings, beach time, naps, more beach and pool time, kite flying, baseball playing, frisbee throwing, the lazy river, hot tub, dinner, crab hunting, cartoons, watching basketball, and kid wrangling
(also, i snap-chatted probably too much)

(competitive much?)

i LOVED being with my boys on this trip
Judson has become so independent and really could probably fend for himself
and Townes loved the water ... maybe even a bit too much. someone was always having to make sure he didn't go running into the waves by himself
Judson is and has always been non-stop, from the second he wakes up until he goes to sleep.
he just moves and talks all the day long.
but, on the beach, he would just lay on the chair and take it all in
it was amazing. and a bit unusual. 
one day, i thought he was sick, he was being so calm. 
i guess we'll just have to go the beach often to get him to calm down. 

I have the most pictures of little Roo Roo
probably because he's always right next to me. or on my hip.
he was so much fun to watch on the beach
and he only got two minor head injuries!
(one from climbing out of his pack n play, and one from tripping and falling on a sunglass display at the souvenir store)

the best part of it all, was simply being with our family
Judson and Luke are the bestest of friends and have so much fun together and are always entertaining
and getting to spend a full week with Jamie and my brothers was wonderful
can't wait for our little Ben!

our Mamaw Jo and Mamaw Lou were able to come with us and I am SO glad!
i'm not sure who loved them being with us the most

but, my money is on Townesy
spoiled rotten, i tell ya
can i get an "Amen" for grandparents?
they're the best, seriously.
as much as we loved the beach, the boys equally loved the condo
and being superheroes
saving ALL the days
and having GT cook breakfast was a-OK with me

what kind of beach trip would it be without family pics in neutrals?
so, here they are
precious, huh?
(no younger brothers were harmed in the making or taking of these photos)

that's more like it
(2016 cousins: 2015 cousins)

and that's a wrap

per usual, i over-documented/took too many pics, so if you hung in there through all the photos here is your congratulatory virtual high-five: bam!