Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Billy the Exterminnator and a mouse caught in a trap
go with it, ok?
We had 2 hours, a mullett wig and mouse ears. This is what i got. This is where my mind went.
Luckily my dearest lover went there with me.

or Treat?
little pumpkin with "Gram" 
i ADORE him and every single curl on his head

let me tell you something.
in case yous don know.
17.5 months old is busy.
he runs and runs and runs.
and is stinkin' cute

he gone

he wanted to run at this point
i held him captive.
i'm bigger. i still can win.

this is just my favorite canine
and gerden

my favorite place to sit

my favorite 16 year old
just cuz.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Around the world and wide web

How about some fall people?!
Hooray for boots and jackets, but not hooray for yucky noses and sore throats, right?

Gorgeous, gaw-jus decorated barn. Absolutely dreamy. Wouldn't this be the perfect setting for a...anything?!

Devestation on the beautiful Italian coast. Laurens post here

What a series, huh? Go Rangers! Remember how I feel about this guy

By no means, do I intend for this to be an afterthought or a "p.s" to a blogpost.
Josh was a good friend of mine in Highschool. His wife was a year behind us in school and is unbelievable.
She starts chemotherapy today to fight some nasty breast cancer they found last week.
Read his blog here:
My heart is heavy for Aly and Josh.
They are strong warriors for Christ and are standing firm in their faith.
May God be glorified in this battle.
Aly is absolutely gorgeous and her beautiful spirit and heart for God is undeniable.

happy friday y'all,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Texas babes

GTs 2 best buds had babies within a month of eachother. Well, THEY didn't...their wives did.
But, you know what I mean.
We made the trek down to Huntsville/Houston last weekend to meet one of the newest members of their friend family.
Sweet little Tate and proud daddio Tommy, GTs BFF.
I know, they prob don't call eachother BFFs. But, they might.

He even cracked a smile for us.
Isn't he so handsome?

Tate is smiling at GT. Ain't that just sweeter than honey?!

I can't beleive that we got away without any pictures with Brice, the mom!
We love us some Bdawg.
She, of course, looked awesome and was so sweet to have us in her home with a brand spankin' newborn.
Next time.

In Huntsville, we were able to spend time with one of GTs other BFFs, Casey.
He has an almost 5 year old. 5! I can't believe it.
He is hilarious. We just listened to him tell stories and called it good entertainment. 
cute, huh?
He was asked if he wanted to do what his daddy did when he got big.
He responded, "Nope, I wanna be a policeman." Cool, we said. That's a great job!
"So I can put my daddy in jail for shooting a dove out of dove season."
He's 5.
gotta love an honest boy that knows the laws of the land.
What you don't see are his killer boots. They added a nice touch to his comment.

Don't worry, GT is still gonna show these boys how to watch some football.

We are still so excited to meet little Reagan.
She is Larry, GTs other bff, and his wife Rachels little girl.
She was born 5 weeks preterm.
She's home and doing great after about a month in the NICU.
We can't wait to meet you sweet girl!!!
(i stole this picture from Rachels blog...hope you don't mind Rach!)

We just feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends with stinkin' cute kids.
I praise God knowing that our someday kiddos will be raised surrounded by love and these families.
Isn't it a blessing to know that we are a part of a large family who loves the Lord?
and we kind of like being with them, too.


The little dog that could

He's the dog who can do what you think he can't
and often things you hope that he won't
but, he does.

and I love him.

So, I left Woodrow in his pen yesterday morning around 6 when I left for work.
we usually put a bolt in the top latch of his pen door, because he can easily work his way out otherwise.
GT has installed an additional latch on the bottom, that is very hard to open by humans.
Not hard for the dog that could.
mind you, the top latch is at my eye level.

So, we bolt it.
I couldn't find the bolt. And was running late for work.
My bad.
When GT gets back from hunting that morning, Woodie is gone.
Gone like a freight train.
That's ok...he'll come back. He always does.
Then, it's lunch, no dog.
Then, it's after work for GT, no dog.
Then it's after church and work for Kate, no dog.
No dog = practical thought loss for kate.

Let the frantic search begin.
Gt knows that Woodrow really is smart and will come home or someone will find him and call (that practical thought that I had quickly lost).

I make signs...after 15 hours. A little premature? Probably, but it was the longest that he's been gone.
and did I mention that I have a very unhealthy attachment?

I call my mom(what we all do when we just need someone sympathetic to cry to when we know that we're probably overreacting) and she says, "Kate, he is a very smart dog...he'll come home. By tomorrow morning, you'll find him and don't worry, he's fine."
Ok, mom.
 Knowing that she was probably a little worried, too.

We go to sleep.
I just let it go.
He's fine, right?
Oh well.

Next morning, today, text message received at 6.
from mom...Woodrow is here. at our house!

I'm on my way.

Here's the kicker.

My dad got up at 6, per usual, walked down the hall and thought it to be a bit chilly in the house.
Turns the corner to see Woodrow and Maggie laying on Maggies bed.
and the back door to the house is open.

I repeat. I.can.not.make.this.stuff.up.
He stinkin' opened their door, people!
2.5 miles away, through the woods. 24 hours later. Woodrow finds his 2nd home. and 2nd bed.

Woodrow gets picked up by me.
 I walk the walk of shame, taking down my premature "Missing Dog" signs around the surrounding neighborhoods.
We go home and he's out.

Working the streets all night long is exhausting.
Surely, he learned his lesson.

We sure learned a lesson.
Another Newlywed lesson:
we still have a lot of learning to do about eachother.
GT is a patient man....for that, I'm thankful.
He drove to the store and bought me some duct tape so I could put up signs, even though he knew I was being a bit ridiculous.

Now, i'm going to start detaching myself.
It's unhealthy.

If you're a dog lover, you can relate to this post.
If not, you can't.
You probably  just think I'm crazy.
I've been thought to be worse things...I can handle crazy.

just glad my Woodrow is back home.
Now, i'm late for work.

with my deepest love for the stupidest dog,

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

new house makover: living room

My vision of the color for this room was definitely more green.
I chose the color...well, actually I can't remember the exact color. But, something like Carolina Aquatic Club by Valspar.
It's blue.
blue as blue.
blue as in aquatic blue.
Strangely, I loved it.
it contrasts the wooden ceiling quite nicely and creates a warm room.

it's the only living space in the house so we've meshed the living and dining room into one
and meshed it did.
as with every other space in the house...We love it!
it's perfectly GT and Kate sized.

here we go
before      &      after
view from the kitchen

looking at the door for the bedroom

view from the bedroom
random little cutout that is a cute little picture/random things nook

view from the fireplace

view of the fireplace
(my fall garland with lights looks like a hawaiin lei)
GT's building a mantle which will hopefully be up for Christmas just in time for stockings and fires!!!

the half bath
it's right off of the living room and has a pocket door
it's kind of awkward
i feel like no one ever uses it when they come over
it's kind of feels like you're using the restroom in the middle of the living room
luckily, we have another potty.
it's probably not that big of a deal.

it's not my fave
it'll change, but will do for now

i bought that artwork at a garage sale and painted the frame
i love it

some little things that make it special and ours: 
the random nook with photos and things

dining area
currently decorated for fall

a hanging vase
yes, those are fake. don't judge me. they last longer...actually forever.
this was inspired by this gal
i found the mason jar and piece of wood in the barn. go fig-er


built ins that were here when we moved in
we painted the back of them the same color as the rest of the room
it's a perfect display case for my dishes and special odds and ins

these two 
i love these two things being a part of our living space.
that painting was bought in Ghana this summer. it is of the fishing boats on the sea
that record player/beautiful piece of furniture was found out in the barn.
i cleaned it, polished it and loved on it.
isn't it grand?

i hope to entertain folks, eat with friends and relax with my family for years to come in this room.
don't you just love the ceiling?
sure, we still have work to do (move and change the chandelier, build the mantle, finish painting the corners, buy a big rug, etc,etc, etc), but i sure am happy here.
it feels like our home

we are blessed beyond measure

happily at home,

Friday, October 14, 2011

new house makover: bedroom(master and the only one)

Our room is huge.
It could easily be made into 2 rooms...which will probably happen eventually.
But, for now...we just enjoy the space.
We have ninja fights, gymnastic practice, yoga class and many other things in this large space.
We also sleep there and watch tv and keep it cluttered.
I'm especially good at the last one.

But, mostly we love it because it is ours.

It was a creamy/white before we moved in, like the rest of the house.
Now it is the color Oatbran.
i forgot to tell the colors of the kitchen and laundry room in the last post
the kitchen is mint frost and laundry is aspen gray...(valspar)
here we go:
before    &    after
hooray for king beds for tall folks.
we are spoilt

luckily, mom had given that chair to me in college and i still had it.
this room needs more than a bed in it or else, it's totals empty.

it has a random little nook attached to it.
perfect for hiding.
i mean, crafting.
it's also our study which basically collects papers that i should be reading

our desk with stuff

a vintage sewing table that i found at a thrift store in LR holds my neglected sewing machine

insert "old western movie music when cowboy walks into saloon" here

that bathroom needed some major help
and still needs some
bathroom remodel is numero uno on my list

but, for now...i like it
it's serene

marble counter tops aren't so bad when ya get a good paint color on the walls
can't remember what this one is called

we have a HUGE closet for the size of this little house
and i ain't complainin'. ya heard?
i just put a little curtain up to separate it from the water closet/powder room

here are some little things that i particularly love in our space:
man side of the bed
deer skull

woman side
Pride and Prejudice quote

photo wall and book shelf in study/craft nook

lovely, purposeful clutter

boot season

cozy spot
handmade wall decor

cutesy wutesy pillow from my mammy
also, those side table are from Ikea. I just antiqued 'em and bought the knobs at Hobby Lobby.
love 'em.
the windows are from our local Paul Michael, home goods store.

i heart harses

i'm thankful for our home

happy weeks-end folks,