Friday, May 27, 2011

what in the world???

So, this morning.
I was running on the treadmill at the gym. boooring. anywhoo....
there are tvs right in front of my face.
on the screen directly in front of me is this lady

on the next tv over is this person

ok. here's how i feel about it.
are you ready?

i am completely entertained by their "artistry" and creativity. these are very talented and risk-taking artist. that's why people like them, right? their music has that kind of beat that gets you hooked, they are always doing something new to get your attention, along with showing some skin...that doesn't hurt.
i'm not here to hate on them or judge them or act like i've never done anything wrong.
but, i will say this.
if they show these pop-culture icons during morning news programs...what in the world are they showing at night on non-family programs???
seriously, people!
and i consider myself a young, hip, with-it person. (maybe that's the problem)

have you listened to either of their latest song lyrics???
what are we trying to teach young girls these days?
i'm nervous like crazy to have a kid with this music being blasted at them from all angles.

i get it, really i do.
i understand why people are obsessed with artist like this. they are entertaining! that's what we all want out of the media...entertainment.
but, can we all just step back, listen to what these people are saying and make a good decision to turn that junk off???
why do we continue to support music, just because it's entertaining, that is spreading outright immoral messages? I will be the first to admit that I listen to some music that doesn't always share a good message. Guilty.
but, outright slander against Jesus and outright lyrics about raunchy sex? come on.

gooooooood night son.
i was embarrassed to be running in front of these tvs.
they were making me feel uncomfortable and we are thousands of miles away and separated by a tv screen.

ok, that's all.
not really, but i don't know what else to say right now.

to sum it up, what in the world is happening to kids these days(ha)?

happy friday btdubs,

Thursday, May 26, 2011


baby miniature cow and pony.

stinkin' cute.

just because i loved them.

and this dude
esp. this hilarious face.


we had our hamburger cookout yesterday evening before church.
it was to raise money for my trip with TouchaLife this summer to the Village of Hope in Ghana.

it went so great!
i'm overwhelmed with the support we received and completely humbled.
it's strange that when people show their support for your dreams, in return you feel humbled.
you think when so many people demonstrate thier love, you'd feel pretty proud.
not at all.

thankful is an inadequate word. but it'll do.

of course, we served lots of sweet tea

my boo grilled lots of burgers in the heat

my mamaws worked hard. without me even asking.
they just showed up and started doing

the conga line. or food line

some of the supporters

more of 'em

the kiddos playing by the grill.
we thought that through, huh?

more family

none of this would've happened if it weren't for this guy.
i told GT a few months ago that i wasn't going to go to Ghana because it was just too much money.
sure, we could pay for it, but it would make a pretty big dent.
he didn't take that for one second.
he replied...kate, of course you're going. this is why you do what you do. you love medical missions and helping kids. of course you're going.
and that was that.
he said, we'll have a dinner to raise money. i'll cook hamburgers/bbq and people who want to help, will help.

i love my husband.
i'm grateful for his support of my heart.

i can't wait to see what this trip has in store. and thankful that people wanted to help.
this world is way bigger than me and it's nice to be reminded of that.

happy weekend eve,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

nuh nuh nuh nuh....BATMAN!

Don't you just love a fresh newborn?
There are few things more precious and emotional to me than a brand new baby. I just adore those first few moments with a new life. Childbirth is a miracle and completely blows my mind.

Monday evening, our good friends Ryan and Miranda had their 1st little man.
They've been married almost 9 years and are now a family of 3. This baby boy has been prayed for, for years and they are giving glory to no one else, but God, for the blessing of this baby.
 He is a very, very loved boy.

just a few weeks before Batman entered the world.

Now, let me explain.
They didn't tell anyone the babys name until he was born! We begged and tried to trick them into sharing his name with us beforehand. but, no. they wouldn't do it.
I was actually very impressed with their secrecy.
So, we called him Batman throughout Mirandas pregnancy.

they had an awesome "Last Hoo-rah without a baby" party at their house a few weeks before Batman flew into the world.

a fun fiesta

I painted this mural(if you will) on the wall in his nursery

another view of his super cute crib and bedding, that Mirs mom made

I told you this boy was loved.

Isaac Ryan Lee

I was so emotional seeing them all 3 together for the first time.
It was beautiful.
They have held their faith so close. They have prayed so often. They have been blessed.

I praise God for friends like these.
and of course this little man who I will snuggle for a very long time.

happy wednesday,

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordless Wednesday Pinterest ed.

Does everyone know about Pinterest?
It's delightful.
All of the pictures are beautiful and you can find something for anything. exactly.

today, here are some of my faves

this is a real persons kitchen.

i think i dreamed about this supper one time

i love barns. who doesn't love barns. this will happen someday

Prague. oh, Prague.

Zooey Deschanel.
She's beautiful and so is her voice.

esp. with M. Ward
their duo She & Him

of course. her best duo

enjoy and happy Wednesday,

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

80 is the new 20

I'm late, i'm late for a very important date!
Mamaw Lou turned 80 and we all must celebrate!
Friday was the actual day of birth for Mamaw Lou.
She spent a lot of her time like this during her birthday week.
On the floor playing with Beau and she'd have it no other way.
Did I mention that age means nothing?

My 2 mamaws
who just had their 80th birthdays and are the most vivacious, fun and involved women I know.
Please, please can I be just like them? Now.

ML and I 5 years ago on a summer trip to Alaska.

ML can not pass up a dance floor.
 She knows how to cut a rug boys and girls

beautiful woman

the leader of the pack.
and aren't we thankful to have such a great woman leading the way for our family.

there she is again. forgetting her age.

i made her a cake for her birthday. she loved it.
really, she just loves me and would love anything i did. part of the reason that i love her.
there's a lot of love here.

confetti cake. because it's a party, y'all.

i was going to post some pictures of times gone by with mamaw Lou.
Then I realized that if I started going through old photo albums looking for pictures that i'd never get to this post b/c i'd still be sitting cross-legged on the floor with my back aching surrounded by albums crying happily over all of the wonderful times she has created for me.

that woman loves me.
is there anything better than knowing someone loves you more than anything in the world?
and i know it because she is constantly telling me or showing me.

Mamaw Lou has been given plenty of opportunity in her life to doubt God, never smile and be selfish.
She has lived through the loss of a child and her husband. My heart couldn't survive that.
But, she always has a smile on her face, serving others and giving all the glory to God. 
She has taught me how to be tough. I mean tough, people.
and yet love very sincerely
without an ounce of pretentiousness

I'm humbled that I was chosen to be her grand-daughter.
and eager to follow in her steps.

Happy birthday to the youngest 80 year old that I know.
happy late birthday ML!

katey jane

Thursday, May 12, 2011


lately i've been thinking and dreaming alot about my summer of 2005.
i spent the summer galavanting around studying abroad in Florence, Italy.

Ever since I came back, I dreamed of returning. As i get older though, and time passes, i realize just how awesome of an opportunity that was. why didn't i fully see that then? i think i would've done things differently. you know...really cherished every moment.
maybe, maybe not.
spending a summer in europe. with 30 other kids my age. in an old tuscan villa. free traveling all over europe.
HELLO!!! that's a big deal.
Although I did take full advantage of my travel opportunities, i am starting to realize just how wesome it was.

this is one of my favorite pics from the entire summer.
we're in southern italy somewhere (this is where i would've done better. i can't remember the names of where we traveled...probably should've written them down, huh?)

its a great portrayal of our college lives at that time.
completely carefree and in state of ecstasy

 ec·sta·sy (kst-s)
n. pl. ec·sta·sies
1. Intense joy or delight.
2. A state of emotion so intense that one is carried beyond rational thought and self-control: 


 i will go back. and take my bff with me.
we will explore and learn more about this beautiful world and incredible architecture and history and other cultures.
GT and I will conquere Europe together.

my soul yearns for it.

thanks for listening to my day dreams,

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wordless Wednesday chilled out

Fleet Foxes

Van Morrison

Ryan Adams

Ray Lamontagne

Amos Lee ft.Norah Jones

Patty Griffin

Willie and Norah

Bon Iver

When people ask me, "what kind of music do you like". My answer is this, "good music".
Let me explain.
I don't particularly favor one genre over another, but always favor good music.
You know what I mean?
Music that moves me. Good harmonies. Great lyrics. Groovin' beats. Killer pipes.
I try not to let genres fence me in, but listen to all kinds of music. That way, I don't miss out on a great tune.

This post focuses on music(the songs and artists) that I listen to when I'm just chillin, or feeling emo. Most of these move my soul, some I just feel calmer when they're being played. Not much to it really. I just like 'em.

Of course, a whole post could be dedicated in its entirety to each of these artist, as I love each of them a whole lot. But, you can enjoy just a smidgen of each.

hope you can relax now,

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

how to eat a 1st birthday cake

1.  make sure your cake is perfect. almost too perfect to eat. almost.

2. wear a ridiculous dunce hat. 

3. be completely shocked by this opportunity

4. show off how cute you are for your family and laugh/smile on command 

5. pretend like you're not interesting in getting dirty 

6. try a little on your hands, just to get a feel for it. 

7. ignore all previous 6 steps and just dig in. all the way to the base 

8.proceed with step 7 

9. throw it around so everyone can taste it. 

10. continue to show everyone how stinkin' adorable you are 

11. then you can taste it.

12. make sure everyone is watching 
 and that, ladies and gents, is how you dominate your 1st birthday cake.

jump in the sink (remember these instructions are only for your 1st birthday) for a washin

move on to your presents...naked of course, as all of your clothes are getting hosed down

happy birthdee beau, again.
aunt kate

most importantly, make a hilarious face when no one's looking.
(my fave pic from the party)