About GoodTimes

GoodTimes Taylor was founded July 3, 2010

GT(the man of the house) is good ole, hard working, God-fearin' man.
Kate(the lady) is a proud mama and wife and Jesus-lovin' woman.
Judson is an excited, adventurous, joyful, big and wild toddler
Townes is a sweet, cuddly and curious little one

We love our families with our whole hearts.
This blog was started after we got hitched so that our family, near and far,  can stay up-to-date with our life.

My grammar is poor
my punctuation is pathetic
my words are confusing
but my effort is sincere
take it or leave it

here's our life.
our GoodTimes life.

1 comment:

The Heart Mom said...

LOVE the new clean look.
I loved the other earthier look too.
Going into a new year, it's nice to have a new look
FUN and GOOOOOOOD Job, Katie Jane.
Love you