Monday, November 29, 2010

house dreams

So, some Newlywed fun.

We like to plan our future home.
GT and I both like to do this. It's true.
Perhaps we may never build it, but it still is fun to dream.

I sketched my floor plan the other day.
Wow, that seems bold when I typed that out.
Oh well, I'm over it.

A farmhouse would be perfect.
Wrap-around porch with swings and rockin' chairs please!
brew me up some tea and watch the garden grow.

My primary focus is the kitchen, of course.
Where does everyone end up anyway???
These beams make me weak in the knees.
and the natural light....i fainted

You couldn't pay me to get out of this bed...

You probably could if it meant heading down to this beaut.
Look at those beams! and the gas range! and the floor!

Then you could find me curled up here with some profound work of Literature,
whilst watching my horses hydrate in our pond.

Then I'd have to decide between my 3 kitchens.....aaahhhh.

The thing is.
GT doesn't really like white.
I don't like black.
Our decorative palates don't jive.

Yeeesh, the potential disagreements.
We'll do white.

Perhaps, a one day  home builder,

all photos snagged here

Sunday, November 28, 2010

oh the faces you will show

Who knew that you could sit around for hours days watching a baby?
Little dude entertains us constantly with his every changing expression.
And for that, I am thankful.

Love me some Beau faces

Thursday, November 25, 2010


As we watch the thanksgiving day game, Cowboys vs Saints, I notice the Boys attire.
I say to GT, "I like the Cowboys outfits and I hope our kid wears that uniform for halloween someday".
With no hesitation GT says, "I hope our kid wears that uniform for work someday".

Me too, babe. Me too.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't rain on my musical loving parade

I, Katelyn Jane Taylor, promise to not make this blog into a musical commentary.
However, I will on occasion declare my love for all things musical.

Also, controversy is not one of my favorite things. Therefore, I typically do not mention controversial topics. Honestly, I run from them. Avoid them like a plague.
But, I am mentioning Glee. I know that this has been quite a topic of controversy for a while and I have been avoiding it because of this. I use to be a HUUUUUGE Glee fan, then it got a little too sketchy and awkward. Still, I loooove the music. I love Lea Michele, I love Matthew Morrison.
So, I will share them.

Not now or ever do I stand behind what Glee is promoting or disagreeing with (whatever that is).
I just love musicals. The end.

One of my fave musicals is starring the magnificent Barbra Streisand, Funny Girl.
When she sings "Don't Rain on my Parade"....i die.
Then Lea Michele covered it on Glee. i didn't blink.
Here they both are, but Lea doing it at the Tony Awards.


In my next life, after I'm a tiny dancer, I will be on Broadway.
For now, I'll just sing in the car.

Tap dance dreamin,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hodge Podge

I didn't change out of my "church clothes" until 10 last night.
and I was super comfy.
These were not the typical "church clothes" though.
It was Duck Commander Sunday so I donned some camo overalls and a DC tshirt.
Very comfy indeed.

What is DC Sunday? You may ask.
What is DC? You may first ask.

Click on the pic below and find out.

Yesterday, we also had Beaus' baby blessing. Don't worry, pics of that event to come.
I loved yesterday.

The Duckmen

Not often can you go to church on sunday and be the best dressed with jeans and a cute shirt(or non-camo) on.
I love WFR.

These are the things I loved from Sunday:
goosebump inspiring worship
blessing the sweet life of Beau
Johnny's pizza for lunch
watching Beau receive 1,234,987,584 kisses from family and friends
loving on Beau
seeing friends at church
spending the day with my whole family
watching LSU win (that was Saturday, but still awesome)
falling asleep on the couch...twice
having my hubby for 1 day out of 5 (hunting season)
perfect LA weather and yard football
watching the pups play
nighttime basketball playing with bros and sis
my cousins coming over to hang out
my mamaws. period.

true to the week we are honoring. I am truly full of thanksgiving
i am blessed beyond.
The end,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas? Already?

Like most people, I love Christmas.
I love the holidays period. Starting Halloween through New Years Day I am loving it (and in a sugar coma).
But, I do like to give each holiday it's space.

So, I know many people already have their christmas tree and all of the decor up.
That's great.
For me though, I like Thanksgiving.
And plan to give Thanksgiving some respect.

One thing that I really really look forward to about Christmas is.......
dun, dun, dun, duuuuuun
"White Christmas"
more specifically, Vera Ellens' dancing.
She is a-may-zeeeng.
Perhaps a little too thin, but she demands your attention when she dances.

Just watch and tell me you looked away...I dare you.

One day perhaps I can be a tiny dancer.

I love to celebrate each holiday and love parties that are holiday themed.
I am thankful for a family who delights in these things as well.
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I can feel my jeans stretching already.
Maybe Vera Ellen can be an inspiration to me as I pass up the dessert bar...hahaha, or not.

happy week before thanksgiving over eating,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010're it

There are many things I miss about being less than 10 years old.
One of these is games.
I still play games, and like to play games.
Tag, is not one of them.

We played the other day in KC.
Jake, myself and J&J's 2 nephews.
I haven't been that immediately tired from anything in a long time.

As you can see, i stopped and took pictures.
This was my excuse to be idle.
My little heart was pounding.
No wonder kids just crash after playing.

Despite my lethargy afterwards, I was very glad to have played a once favorite game.
The boys are so much fun to be with and Jake is always up for anything.
Tag has been played.
I'm not it anymore...and don't plan on it until I recover.

Jake with the sneak attack.

This little guy was waiting for us when we returned
I just wanna peench his cheeks right now.
love me some Beau

Friday, November 12, 2010

Coal Miners Daughter

A few weeks back, GT and I watched the story of the Country legend Loretta Lynn "Coal Miners Daughter".
I'll say GT wasn't thrilled at the idea, but afterwards he was very happy with the decision.
How can you not love that story and the movie and the woman?

how can you not love her words? Fire=fuur, tired=tuurd.

There-in my fascination with LL began.
To my liking, she was honored 2 nights ago on the CMA awards (picture below is not from that event)
I looooooved it
Her story intrigues me. Her simple description of, well, pretty much everything is so raw and painfully true at times.

So, on my drive to KC I pulled up my NPR Addict app on my phone.
You can view me as a nerd or intellect.... Whichever you choose.
I listened to a few interviews by different show hosts with Loretta and once again was purely delighted by her humble stories and dialogue.
Her songs such as "The Pill", "Rated X" and "Divorce" are hilariously honest.

I'm rambling....
So, one of the interviews featured her collaboration with Jack White.
I love them both and have been obsessed with Jack at times.
I go through musician obsessions.

Obviously, I am now obsessed with these 2. duh.
Although their work together started 6 years ago, I am starting my love for them now.
late, as always
after the album he produced "Van Lear Rose"
Jack White kissing Loretta Lynn


So delicious.

There are many many more interviews and videos of these two and I will be searching the inter web for more.
And probably buy an album or 2.

Hope you enjoy

Coal Miners Daughter,
Financial Adviser's Daughter,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

seashells calling

I enjoy my job
Really I do

But I enjoyed this place more

Take me there
"Mother, Mother Ocean. I have heard your call."
Jimmmy Buffett

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


and I'm not talking about this kind

What makes you do what you do?

This word has been on my mind alot today.


Should we not be doing what we're passionate about?
What is stopping us from following or doing the things we are most passionate about?


now my brain hurts because I'm being way too self analytical today.

Monday, November 8, 2010

this is my confession

I have a confession

Our bed is unmade.
It goes unmade pretty much everyday.
Remember when I said this and this?

Well, you know what?
Jobs happen people.
Life happens really.

Oh well, at least we're happy and GT could care less if our sheets were tucked in.

Perhaps I will get on a bed-making kick again.
Probably not. Let's just be honest.
It's not that important.
I can barely wake up in the morning.
GT might run out of that dynamite he throws at me to get me out of bed if I keep reaching for those lofty aspirations.

For now, my goal in the morning hours is to leave the house in decent appearance.
Luckily, I wear scrubs and my hair in a ponytail...everyday.
Frankly, if I had to do what most people do and look nice. I'd get fired or just quit in rebellion.
I like my work attire.

That's all.
I'm lazy
and tired


just because
this is how i feel about life at 545 am

Sunday, November 7, 2010

staring contest. you

It took everything Woodrow had to just let me snap this photo.
He's a good dog, so he obeyed and "stayed" until I said ok.

I wonder what he was thinking while staring his mini-me down?

Have I ever mentioned that I am easily entertained?

Friday, November 5, 2010

List of loves Friday

Aaaaaandddd I'm back with a Friday List

I'm so grateful for this friday
For many reasons

I love these things in paticular on this day that is Friday:
My parental units are here
Mom and I watching Today show
Drinking coffee...duh
The new and improved "back room" (pictures to come)
Getting to see old friends at HU homecoming tomorrow
Having a good heating system in our home
A good book, even though I haven't finished one in a long while
our Cracker Barrel rocking chair given to us by Mamaw Lou for our wedding gift

having both of our families in town at the same time
my husband and dads' relationship

There are a few of the things that I am lovin' today

Happy Freezing Friday,

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Trick or Treat give me something cute to see

Perhaps you haven't met my nephew... let me introduce you
Happy 1st Halloween to my little Beau-man.
Ain't he just the cutest lil' ellie you ever did see?

We had a little Halloween get-together at our house this past Sunday.
It was our first time to have a party in "our" home
It was my first time to host a Halloween party
And I could not have been more excited!
My heart overflows with joy when my home is full of people

There aren't many things I love more than cooking, decorating and preparing to entertain. Whether it be dinner for GT and I or a themed party for a group of friends.

When I sent out the invitation I told everyone that I'd like for it to be a costume party but if no one would dress up then scratch that.
i underestimated our friends....I'll let you see for yourself.

 The cutest Little skunk, monkey and Cruella

 Anita and myself (Susie Homemaker) were quite tame and domestic

 The all orange snack table

Super cute girls in their hallow eve garb

Delicious sugary cookies

The fall dinner table

Then this guy
Cute, huh?
I wonder who he belongs to...???
Quite a contrast in characters
Roger and Dog. Where else would they meet?
Hope you Halloween was as entertaining as ours
I choose treat,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the Front Room Make-Over

Since we have been married, we have been in constant shaping up of the house.
GT lived in the house before I joined him after our nupchewls.
The house suited him just fine, but I noticed a few things that needed a little tune up to make it our home and love nest.
Luckily, I got me a good man and he was on board with the changes.
Poor guy didn't really grasps what he was getting himself into...luckily.

There are many many pictures to come of our overhaul.
But I will start with our front room, the dining room, the living room, the tv room, etc.
It was a blue color (i'm not a really a blue person)
So we painted it "Inviting Ivory". Doesn't that just sound pleasantly warm? A cream with a hint of gold. Really it just looks yellow. Oh, well
It does the job.

The front room has been a host of places for us.
Wedding gift storage

 the "I don't know where this goes, i'll just put it in here" room

 Then I got these curtains thinking I could work with the blue.
Never liked 'em
I tried though
Still don't like 'em
Thanks BB&B for taking them back

Thanks hubster for taping the walls
I painted
I hate taping
He's nice

Finally, a room full of friends
This is what I envisioned
Not the room in particular
But a home and family room filled with peeps

It was Halloween so don't let their attire worry you
We have cool friends
 Just because we're a little quirky(a nice word for wierd), doesn't mean cool people won't hang out with us

There is still work to be done on the room
But for now, I'm happy

Happily home make overing,