Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Am Second Josh Hamilton

I am a big Josh Hamilton fan
Perhaps the Rangers will remember how to play like a team that deserves to be in the World Series.
Either way...i'll cheer them on.
Especially Center Field.

I also love Camp Ch-Yo-Ca
We have dropped in rank and need your vote STAT!!!!!
Pepsis' challenge is over on Sunday and we have entered into the competitive days of voting.

You can vote by this link: HERE
You can also text 102992 to 73774 (Pepsi)

Thanks and Ranger love,

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hi-Ho Hi-Ho a-camping we will go

We went camping almost 2 weeks ago with some friends and had such a nice time just enjoying being outside, talking with no distractions (other than the 4 dogs and 2 kids), the campfire, cooking outside and loving the awesome weather.
Here is our one night camping trip documented in photo format:

Not to mention we had 2 of the cutest patootiest kiddos around with us.
And 2 preggos.
We had some troopers in our camp.

Hooray for friends who like to camp!

Monday, October 25, 2010

spill proof

Let me just tell you what I have dropped/spilled/broken in the last 36 hours.

Syrup out of the microwave onto the stove
Coffee out of my travel thermos onto everything
my Corning Ware lid (R.I.P) onto the hard floor and shattered into 1,234,754,095 pieces
my water glass at supper


I am a klutz.
I break things.
I spill things.
and I knock things over.

But yet, I take care of small babies.
Don't fret.
Much more caution is implemented in my nursing practice
My actions also follow much more thought

This fact that I am a klutz really bothers me sometimes.
Like when we're picking up the gagillions of pieces of broken glass from my beloved Corning Ware

Maybe one day I will be less clumsy
Probably not, I take after my mother (sorry mom)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I heart Lakewood

I love our neighborhood.

Friday came and went in a furry and I was unable to list my loves on that day.
So, today I will just list why I love our neighborhood.

GT and I were able to enjoy our little Lakewood on a run this morning.
We passed lots of people out walking their pups, raking their leaves, having yard sales, running and loving life (i assume the last one is true).

The reason I love our little square of NLR
It is:
yard-sale loving
family oriented
big tree plentiful
non pretentious
close to Walgreen's and Kroger
looks appropriately like the season (lots of leaves falling)

We also live less than 1/2 a mile from an Elementary school
I love our neighborhood because I passed the classes out for a walk the other day
That made me happy
You don't see school aged kids out for walks in neighborhoods often
It made my day

 Now... on to football watching,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lesson style

If your husband/sig other loves football, this is a very familiar picture.
Is there a special boys only class taught in like 3rd grade? Is this the class where the boys are taught "ok boys, one day you will become a man and you will watch lots and lots of Sportscenter, football games, baseball games, basketball games and lots of other types of manly competitions...and when you do you need to lay down or or sit on a couch and put one arm behind your head while crossing your ankles. This is what you will do when you are a man."

Ev-e-ry time.
I like it.
It's some form of security. I know what's going to happen.

Here's another newlywed lesson learned.
If you have something important to tell your spouse, DO NOT try to tell him during a Texas (insert your team here) football game. Or you can if you want the important thing to go completely unheard.
Better yet, don't tell your spouse anything until around February when all football is over.
Then you can talk.

I don't take this personally.
I have done this to my spouse during Glee.
It just happens.
We love eachother, I think that's why it's ok.
That doesn't make sense.

Happy last night of the week my husband and I will talk.
Oh wait, the Rangers are on.

Happy thursday anyway,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

song of the day

I am not a typical Carrie Underwood fan and do not listen to her music alot, but that girl can sing. She seriously has pipes.
We were able to go to her concert here in Little Rock last week and I was very imperessed with her flawless and effortless voice.
She danced and pranced all over the place and changed outifts more than I do in a week (perhaps that speaks to my personal hygiene, oh well) and she did so faster than I can blink.
The moment that made my jaw drop though came when she transition from her song "Jesus, Take the Wheel" to "How Great Thou Art".
I'm pretty sure that, other than the finale, it was the only song that received a standing ovation. It was pretty powerful.

Being one of my favorite hymns, I was awed by this performance and am thankful that this little powerhouse busted it out. I just got chills listening to it again.

(sorry for the poor quality, i video'd with my phone)

Love and Hymns,

Monday, October 18, 2010

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lovin' List Friday

Of course, there are many things that I love today.
Here is one thing I do not love.
Working nights.
I worked my first night shift in 4 months last night.
Now I remember why I don't like to do that.

I love to sleep.
So, at 4 in the morning when I am drawing labs and giving meds, I have a terribly hard time keeping my eye balls open.
Luckily, I can rally and be safe for my patient.
But, I have learned my lesson for the 3rd time. No more night shift.
Did you hear me?
Help me remember that next time I want to pick up a 7p-7a shift.
I'll try to do it again though, just watch me.

Here are some things I do love on this beautiful Fall Friday:
These lovely folks and the tiny person

Today, I love:
  • Text message (you know, I try to appreciate the things we over look sometimes)
  • AHMAZING weather
  • camping trips
  • cereal...always
  • Camp Ch-Yo-Ca (vote now, we're dropping in the rankings as others are getting competitive or simply text 102992 to "Pepsi")
  • living close to K-Roger
  • sweatshirts
  • running with my hubs and pup
  • sleep
  • Words with Friends
  • Fall decor
  • new grass in our front yard
  • a hard working man for my side kick
Happy, Lovely, Truly Fall Day,

Now go roast some mallows or somesing

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Post Partum Depression

I feel that I have become a victim to the Baby Blues
Wierd thing. My baby is a Dog. Wierder thing, he is 10 months old.
That's really messed up.
I am really messed up.

Some have said that I may have a slight obsession with my pup.
Others, my husband, have been quite amazed and a bit repulsed at my uncanny ability to bring the dog into any and every converstion.

Over the weekend, while we were in Branson with the fam, our dog got into a bit of trouble.
We left him in the backyard just for Saturday night.
Friday  night, some friends were so sweet and kept him for us.
Well, apparently Wood-e-row got a bit skurred and wanted to let everyone know and wake up the neighbors.
Our crime-fighting and fearless NLR Police Dept politely gave us a ring at 0330 in the AM!!!
Not the way I would like to be woken up.
And what was I supposed to do? There was no one there to shut him up and we were 3 hours away.

Since then I have been a bit upset with the lad.
Not his fault, I understand.
More of my mistake, but I just really hate that he woke up our neighbors to the point that they reported him to the Police.
I feel pretty guilty and irresponsible
Oh well, I'll get over it.
In the meantime, i'm going to forgive the dog.

p.s. this working thing is really crampin my blogging

happy thursday,

Monday, October 11, 2010

Wake up and smell the Cinnis

Thank you Pdubs for making me gain 4523 lbs this weekend.
Our wonderful relaxing Branson weekend was shortly ineterrupted on Saturday morning for a gluttony fest.
Mom, Mamaw Lou, Mamaw Jo and I made these deliciously, fattening, ooey-gooey, make you wanna slap your mama, from scratch Cinnamon rolls.
 No rolling pin at the condo.
No problem, they have a martini shaker.

 I'm not going to tell you what that fattening yellow substance is.
Just in case you have an aversion to pounds and pounds of real butter.

 And no, that is not cups and cups of sugar and brown sugar.

 I think that is one of the most beautiful things I ever did see.
Hence, why I gained weight within hours.

 Rise up, O yeast

 Now, for the glaze.
Brewed coffe and maple?
whoda thunk it?

The spread.
You know you want one.
I love weekends with the fam.

Hope you have a great Monday morning, thinking about all the delicioushness that went into these heavenly sugar rolls.
My mind is still spinning at the thought of those ridiculous ingredients, but delighted in the result.

Still recovering,

Friday, October 8, 2010

Fridays list of kitchen loves

There are many o' things I love in the kitchen
Today I will only share 3 of the things I love to use to cook and to eat.

McCormick Ground Chipotle Chile Pepper/16 oz Shaker

If you have never cooked with Chipotle Pepper, you are in desperate need of running to Kroger and purchasing this delight.
It spices up your food in a different way than most are use to.
Quite a nice change up in normal pepper routines

I use this Sweet Vidalia Onion Salad Dressing on every salad that I make.
Regardless of the ingredients, on it goes.
I absolutely adore the flavor.
But, I love onions.
I do think it at least deserves a try.

I bought this cereal not too long ago when I saw it marked at a great price.
Now, we buy it every week.
If you don't know us, we LOVE cereal.
If you do, then we have probably eaten all of your cereal.
I mean, we can eat some cereal.
So, this is one of our new staples.
Not too many calories, but is sweet, but has whole grains. Winner!

Now, I do love to ride to work with my hubs when we take one car.
Oh, that's never happened.
But, it is today.
That is, if i go get ready!

Happy Friday my friends,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jacob T. One year older

Today I am thankful for the birth of my brother...29 years ago!

Jacob T.
I'll let you decide what he prefers to be called

Here is a list of reasons, with photos, of why I am grateful he was born:
1. He cleans up real good.

2. He always has my back

3. He doesn't take himself very seriously
and we share the same sense of humor (for the most part)

 4. He likes my husband
He actually knew him first and I think he asked GT to marry me and keep me in line.
He knows a good thing when he sees it.

5. He loves me

Seriously though, Jake has been my bff since I stopped annoying him once I got into 9th grade and mom made him drive me everywhere. We are 2 peas in a pod and I am truly grateful for a brother who is an incredible friend and example to me. Enough with the gushies. I love my bro and want to wish him the very HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS!
I also love him because he helped create my nephew (ew, that's wierd), but you get my point.
I love Beau.

If you get a chance...tell Jake Happy Birthday and wish for him the happiest of years!

Jakey-poo's sister,

p.s. you are free to discuss picture #2 at your own pleasure as I will not hold an open discussion on the poor fashion choice and hair style choice of my mother for her children. We are cool. I personally like double curling-ironed, teased bangs and acid washed jeans with the side part slick hair for boys.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The little love of my life

5 months ago today, someone came into my life that made me fall absolutely in love at first sight.
Little Beau made his appearance into this world and I have never known that immediate kind of love.
I might cry right now thinking about how special and sacred even those first few moments were with him.
What a pure moment.
I choose the word sacred because it describes perfectly how Beau's first few moments with us felt
Main Entry: sacred

Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: holy, blessed
Synonyms: angelic, cherished, consecrated, divine, enshrined, godly, hallowed, numinous, pious, pure, religious, revered, sacramental, saintly, sanctified, solemn, spiritual, unprofane, venerable

Jake, the dad.
An awesome even more awesome dad
 How did my brother have a kid?
And, he's really good at the dad thing too.
Crazy how that works.

Now, my husband on the other hand.
He'll need plenty of practice.
We prefer the children in our family be handled like humans, not pigskins.

This was taken at almost 4 months.
I can't wait to see him now.
I bet he's going to be driving the car.
Perhaps I'll tell him that I won't buy him a Christmas gift if he keeps growing.
Surely that'll work.

We (mostly myself) love the Photobooth on J&J's Mac.
Here's a group shot with 4 of my most favoritetist people in the entire world.

 My little ring bearer.
ain't that the cutest little man you ever did see?
He crawled down the aisle with the rings.
Not really. But i'm sure he could've if we had asked him to.'s too much, i'm gonna have to drive all night to see him now.
I can't stand those perfect little feet.
These are fresh from God. Right out o' the belly.
An absolute miracle of our Gods creation.

His first portrait.
And definitely not the last.

My heart is full of more love for this kid than I ever knew possible.
I just wish I could show him more often.
This distance thing is getting old.
So, all of you aunts out there. If you live close to your nephews/neices...go love on them for me pretty please!

With all my love for Beau,

(if you wish to see more pics of Beau, there a gillion. you can see Facebook or my picasa albums).

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Checkers Mate?

See that face?
Yeah, that one right there...that of my counterpart?
My loyal partner for life, my significant other, my rock, the one who has my back.
Yeah, that face is of someone is none of these things.
It is the face of glorious victory. Gloating even.
He beat me at checkers.
The picture that I will not, or ever, show is of me.
Why? you may ask
Mostly because I would like for it to be known and  remain known that I am a good sport.
Let's just pretend that I don't pout. OK?
I hate losing. More so, I hate to lose to Grant. See that, I called him Grant.
Ok, there you have it. We are competitive. I am competitive.
Why did he think that a "friendly" game of checkers while at my favorite dining establishment, Cracker Barrel, after church was a good idea?
after church? a game? who knows.

Mark it down.
Another Newlywed Lesson Learned.

Kate is so no fun when she loses.

I wish I could be more fun.
But, it won't happen. Sorry.

The part that I won't tell you is that I made him put up all the checkers when i realized that I was going to lose.
Don't tell my future children.
I want them to think that we never quit at anything. Even checkers at Cracker Barrel.

Luckily, I am like a 6 month old and forget things almost as quickly as they happen. By the time my vegetable plate (with mac n' cheese....when did that become a vegetable???)  arrived, I was happier than a hog in a mud hole. It was another beautiful, productive fall day after all.

and we didn't play any more games where i lost.

so, i raise my glass to good sportsmanship,
(and smugly chuckle under my breath),

Sunday, October 3, 2010

watering the lawn

My new busy meter is blog time.
Since I've seriously been short on blog time this past week, my meter has registered at highly busy.
I'm not complaining of course, as I am the one who controls my schedule.
I actually prefer to be busy...working, exercising, socializing, house-keeping, wifeying, churching, randoming.
I'm a -ing kind of person, you know action verb-ing.
You get my point. So I'll quit rambling (see, there I go again -ing,-ing,-ing).

We have had a wonderful weekend swimming in and soaking up this superb fall, at its finest, weather!
Our work weeks last week were pretty full so our weekend was perfect with a lot of non-work related events.
Saturday we had a multi-family yard sale with our Life Group and we contributed with a whopping 4 items...we sold two so we felt like it was an overall success.

we left like this:
 how do you leave a place where you are supposed to rid yourself of JUNK with more


i'd like to focus our weekend recap solely on the yard sale, as it was very entertaining
and i would never want to give a play-by-play of our weekends events, as only my mom would find it entertaining and I've already talked to her

As you can see, everyone was very busy working the sale.
The lawn chairs are there just for looks...and so are the people in them.
So, we're all just sitting there, I mean working hard and all of a sudden Hunter, a sale laborer, jumped up out of his chair(note:working hard), laughing/shocked face. This little dude in the above picture had whipped out his personals and starting watering the Wilsons' lawn. In the MIDDLE of the sale tables.
We all tried so hard (not at all) to contain ourselves, but the laughter was inevitable.
The most ridiculous thing was that the kids mom just stood there and said "we're potty training" and in a very monotone, non panicking voice "this is so embarrassing"
bah! Now, I don't have kids, but I do understand that sometimes kids just do this kind of thing. But it was still hilarious.

Oh, kids...always entertaining.
On another note, if you're looking for a place to sit...we have a new couch! Thanks Herscheiders!

So long perfect fall weekend,

Friday, October 1, 2010


Camp made the cut and now needs your vote! Please take 5 minutes out of your day or multiple 5 minutes to get those votes going!