Sunday, October 25, 2015

Judson Ray at 3 years old

Judson Ray is 3. 
and actually, i CAN believe it
at times, we event think he's a little teenager
He thinks through everything
has an incredible memory
needs a full explanation of what is happening
likes to keep a routine
asks "we just staying home?" or "where are we going today?" as soon as he wakes up
prefers to be talked to in a straight-forward manner, no baby-talk or talking around a situation (he will continue to ask questions, until he gets a satisfactory answer or explanation- or until we nip that in the bud)
"Why?" is his favorite question
likes to tell us his plan and asks "is that a great plan?" or "does that sound perfect?"
hates to be put on the spot or in the center of attention 
tends to be shy in larger crowds or when first meeting someone
can not sit still to watch a show or movie longer than a few minutes
easily entertains himself 
likes to know what his "brudder" is doing
and wants to do everything his daddy does

so, really he has been out of the toddler stage for quite a while and likes to keep up with the big kids

I have been keeping note of some of the things he says, that make me shake my head or stop and stare. 
This is only a small glimpse into his verbal world. 
He is a good little communicator and remembers EVERYTHING.
 He is very observant and takes in all of the small details, recalling them later at random times. 
K: Oooh do you hear that storm?
JR: No, that's just thunder
K: Do you know what thunder is? (Just for fun)
JR: Hmmmm.... toots

JR: I get baptized

(holds his own nose and falls straight backwards in baby pool)

evidence of his Louisiana raisin'...after walking outside on 2 different days

Heat index 110- hot as blazes
JR: It feels really great out here
75 degrees
JR: It's a little chilly out here

playing with stickers with GT's dad

Mark: Why don't you go show your mom?
JR: No, I'm not worried about my mama

JR: Did you hear that burp? that was me. Not Townesy, not momm, it was me. I did it

JR:What're you doing? 

K: Putting your clothes away. what're you doing?
JR:Hanging out

walks into kitchen

JR: did you just make cookies?!?
K: I did, but i accidentally burned them
JR: *deep sigh, closes eyes, shoulder shrug. opens fridge*

JR:What is this book?
K:I don't know, it's new
JR: Oh, cute

K:Where should we meet Mamaw for lunch?
JR:Ummm, Sonit...orrrr .... Chickaway or Sonit or Chickaway orrrr (smacks his lips) You wanna talk about it, mom?

JR:I wuv Popsicles and fruit snacks.
K: and you love carrots and broccoli
JR:And candy. I wuuuuuv candy

K: Judson, did you hear what I said?
JR: Not say that!
K: Say what?
JR: Those are ugly words
K: What is?
JR: When you tell me no

one Saturday morning

JR: Daddy, here's the plan.We go outside and play baseball. Probably the hard bat is in the tiny bitty barn. I wear my Astros hat and you wear your Astros hat

Driving away from the house. I had recently finished decorating for fall

JR: I like the back door. It looks really nice
TV is on while we play
JR: Mom, do you hear that? God is talking
(Liberty mutual commercial on tv with a voice-over by deep-voiced man)

JR: It's really fun doing puzzles with my dad. He always plays puzzles with me and does my bucking shoot and soccer. That's my favorite. 

JR: Mom, do you love to play with my horse swing?

K: yeah, bud...i sure do
JR: cool

if he thinks he has a "really great idea", he'll tell us with eyebrows raised, a side-smile and a little head-nod...hard to resist

he loves all things rodeo, cows, tractors, Longhorn football, Astros baseball, John Deere, dump trucks, deer hunting, YouTube instructional videos (how to put toys together or how something works), farms

he likes to show us "tricks", which can be anything from a flip to lifting one leg to flicking a grape off of his plate

he likes to sing, "Rodeo" (boots and chaps and cowboy hats), "Big Green Tractor", "Shout Hallelujah", "forever and ever, He wants to be my friend" (a song from school), "at the name of Jesus"

he LOVES, loves, loves his cousins. the "big cousins" and "little cousins" (can't find pics with all of them, but Wukey is his "best buddy")

daily life with Judson Ray is so good
he is a lot of fun to be with and i am enjoying learning alongside him
he is incredibly eager to learn- everything!
he is always watching and asking questions
conversations with him are quite entertaining
i so look forward to years of great conversation with him

Judson is a great kid
we absolutely enjoy who he is and are constantly entertained or surprised by the things he says
of course, he is a kid and knows how to throw a fit, but he is quick to ask for a hug after being corrected 

he is easily entertained and shows excitement over the little things
he just makes things more fun!

getting to know him as he grows is equally exciting, sweet, fun, exhausting, terrifying and humbling
just last night, i was laying down beside him as he fell asleep...he rolled towards me, put his arm around my neck and kissed my nose.
i hope to remember that moment forever

these days with our Judson Ray are so good

Monday, October 12, 2015

a birthday "date" with Judson

Judson turns 3 at the end of the month.
We knew that we were going to get him new boots and a new cowboy hat for his birthday.
He has outgrown all of his boots and his hat has just about bitten the dust.
daily wear-and-tear have done a number to that black felt.

GT and I also wanted to spend some time with Judson- just the three of us!
but, between now and Judsons birthday party (which is a rodeo, of which he will need his new hat and boots), GT will be gone a lot for work.
So, this morning, we dropped Townesy off at my Mamaw Jo's and took our cowboy on a "date"!

but, first GT had to air up my tires
Judson came over to me and asked, "mom, can i go help daddy?"

then, off to "our donut store"
where Judson requested "a dozen donut holes"
(like we go there alot...cough, cough)
Judson spotted this wooden horse over to the side and asked if it could sit on our table.
we had some fun conversation about tractors, trucks ("they're the ones with tail-gates"), farm and jungle animals, rodeos and kolaches

next, we went to the "horse store" and found the perfect boots and hat!
and convinced him that he didn't need this bull-riding helmet

we sure loved our date with our cowboy
and as we were walking to the car he said, "this was a fun date"
all before 9:30am.