Friday, January 31, 2014

file it under "random"

1. random is a highly overused word

2. if i didn't know that i was pregnant for obvious reasons, i would know because:
i could take a bath every day, all day. typically, i never take baths
my hunger level is out of control. like full meal kinda hungry, not snacks. full meals. 
napping can happen anywhere, anytime.
tears are ever ready to come rolling out of my eyes
a sliver of lettuce can awaken the beast that is heartburn

3. i put GTs hair in a bun for his basketball game last night. and he asked for it.

4. JR is into moo-ing. dude loves some cows.

5. we find out on Monday if we are adding more testosterone to this house or throwing in some pink love!
This pregnancy is going really really really fast for me, but I am really looking forward to finding out the gender of this babe!
(also, i highly regret this post...more specifically these pictures-terribly cheesy idea and poor execution)

here's to a great weekend!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

a Taylor Christmas, a tad late

i've looked at these photos so many times, i simply assumed that I had documented the occasion on the ole blog.
that's what i'm get for assuming, i s'pose

As usual, celebrating with the Taylor crew was just perfect!
Per our little rotation, we were to be with my family this Christmas after being with the Taylors on Thanksgiving. But we juste hate to miss out on celebrating with GT's fam.
 So, we got together with GTs family a week or so before Christmas Day to exchange gifts and enjoy the season!

the only ones that flatter me and my desire to take couples photos by the tree
thanks Kimmy and Matt!

Del outdid herself again.
When we arrived, we had little Christmas baskets on our beds-complete with the annual Taylor Christmas t-shirts! and our favorite candy (DDP and sour punch straws for me, thank you! (followed by lots of Tums)).
she's the bomb mother-in-law!

the Taylors are a fine group of folks.
our time together is never wasted and is usually full of guitar playing, long talks, coffee drinking, cooking together, lounging, playing dominoes and lots of laughter usually at the expense of one another.

and a cute little Taylor Made bebe.

I just love this man o' mine.
and his family...i'm gonna keep them. 
they do my heart all kinds of good.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This was our 4th year to hit up Vegas for the annual SHOT Show!
If you're up for a walk down memory lane, you can check out previous year here.
This year was short and sweet. Oh, so sweet!
I was there long enough to...
witness these clowns act a fool,

eat dinner with my boo and the DC/BC gang at my favorite steak restaurant EVER!,

Take awkward 15week bump photos in the elevator
GT already questioned my eyebrow raise. It's awkward...but documented, so...
Also, that day. GT looked at me, scanned down to my abdomen and said surprised, "whoa! You're pregnant!". A little late to the ball game. 
I love to eat out in Vegas so I'm thinking that contributed to the dramatic belly growth over a few short days. 

I also got to get gussied up and join my man at the Golden Moose Awards.
This is the awards ceremony for the Outdoor Channel, on which GT is part of a show.
So it's kind of a big deal.

And they won Best Host! 
And what great hosts they are!
All plaid, and all.

Another late, late, super late dinner but so incredibly delicious. Shared with good friends!

I arrived on Wednesday night and left Friday morning, but enjoyed every minute that included eating good, shopping for GT, visiting with friends, taking a long bath, reading, going on 2 dates with GT, walking a lot, visiting the DC/BC booth at the show, and even doing homework.

Most importantly I got to see GT and the Buck Commander crew get recognized and awarded for their work!
Next year, they are wearing stripes.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas Day according to the camera phone (and my moms camera)

this was our very first Christmas morning in the parentals new house!
my mom, of course, out did her self and made the morning appear magical and so special for everyone
3 little boys sure make everything, Christmas undoubtedly!, better and exciting

3 years ago, mom and dad had my blog printed into a book.
thankfully, they have continued this and I now have the past 3 years in print form.
something i wouldn't necessarily do myself, but appreciate much!

Beau definitely scored big time!
He got his own little tractor and did not get off of it for more than 30 minutes over the next few days.

Judson got his own bean bag 
other than coveting Beaus tractor (we're working on this) he was rather content with this gift.

thanks to the awesemeness that is family, our Christmas Day was pretty great
sure, the gifts were fun to open and exciting to play with...
but, if we all just cozied up to the fire, drank some coffee and chit-chattted, i'd call it a good day.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

christmas eve

in our family, Christmas Eve morning is just as special as that night and Christmas morning.
My mamaw Jo has ALL of us to her house for an extravagant brunch and then gives each of her children (6), grandchildren and spouses (18ish?) and great-grandchildren (22?) wonderful gifts!
what a woman, right?!?

although we all love the food and gifts, we have learned that it is so much more fun to watch Mamaw Jo open her gifts from us! we like to make her sit down for a minute, amongst the chaos, and let us shower her with attention and gifts. 
look at her face!
happy lady.

a few years ago, Jamie and I decided to break out my moms Christmas sweaters for the brunch.
it started a lovely tradition.
participation in festive attire varies
but we all have a wonderful time.
this is,hands down, one of my favorite days of the year

after brunch, we head over to my moms for a bit of cookie decorating with all of the cousins!
we skipped out this year, so that JR could nap. but i still this pic of my cute cousins anyway.

this year, we started of Christmas Eve celebrating at church.
we had a wonderful service that included a few of us singing the Hallelujah chorus!
after that, we headed to my aunt and uncles, Chrys and Johnny's, house for the festivities and of course...more food.
Judson tickled the ivories and provided the musical entertainment for the evening.

Santa joined the party.
some were more excited than others....

as always, we were thoroughly entertained by all of the cousins talents including singing, magic tricks, rapping and some gymnastics
loves him some Bella boo!

seriously, i thought that i had more pics from the Eve festivities. oh well...

Christmas Eve is always a busy, exciting, hilarious, filling and joyous day.
We are blessed to have so much family to share it with and who are intentional about making it memorable and special.
that's what it takes. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

a quick friendtrip

Dallas never disappoints
I always leave feeling full in my belly, my heart and my soul.

My best gals still live in Dallas, where I lived for a few years after college.
I miss them lots and just don't get to see them quite enough.
you can catch up on why i love them and our escapades herehereherehere or here
that seems like sufficient evidence.

i drove to Dallas a few weekends ago for a short 24 hour trip and it was just too short.
but very worth it.

let's start off on the right foot.
the food.
i can not leave Dallas without a feast from Breadwinners.
a brunch will fill ya up for the whole day.

I originally went to Dallas to see White Christmas-the play at Fair Park with Lauren.
my sneaky iphone shot of the stage.
it was good. 
i mean, if you love the movie then this version will leave you a tad bit disappointed. but, for what it was good. 
i'm always up for a musical.
Lauren was great company, anyway!

before i scooted out of town, we all met up for a delicious pie at Scalini's.
the best.
so glad that I got to see Rachel, too!

all in all, i got to see all my people and that makes a quick trip so incredibly worth it.

as always, Kyla was the hotest with the mostest and Franklin...
how could i forget Franklin?

until next time Dallas...