Thursday, February 28, 2013

blue eyes

There are many qualities that GT possesses that I hope Judson inherits.
One small thing that I really hope he gets is blue eyes.
GT has the best eyes.
So far, he's got em.
a deep blue that is so rich and sweet
i know we still have some time in which they can change, but i'm so hoping they don't.

but one thing is for sure
this boy loves his daddy

no matter what is going on, Judson smiles when he sees him
GT's pretty keen on the little guy, too

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: premiere day!!!

Season 3 is here!
9pm CST on A&E Jack!

do you have plans for a premiere party?
and did you catch the guys on Jimmy Kimmel last night?
hilarious per usual. 

not sure if you heard about this happening?
honestly, who is Morrissey?
did i miss something?

well, anyway....i love these animal serial killers.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

proud sister

While i'm showing off my family today....

My brother, Josh, is moving to Dallas!

 He moved to California almost 2 years ago to complete his masters and he will be finishing up in a few months! so proud. 

His next move is pretty impressive. Here is his facebook post yesterday:

"It’s official, next stop: Texas! Just got accepted into the PhD in Clinical Psychology program at UT-Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas! 220 applicants, only 10 accepted. Somehow pulled it off. There’s been some sacrifice and hard work, and more to come, but I accomplished what I set out to do when I left Nashville for LA almost 2 years ago. Wasn't exactly sure this would be it, but…Proverbs 3:5 (look it up). The support and prayers from family and friends mean more than you know. Can’t wait to settle down in the Big D and get started on this next chapter.

Kirby out"

10 out of 220 people!

that's a big deal y'all.
Way to go Joshy!
Although i'm super proud of this crazy accomplishment...i'm selfishly excited that you'll be so much closer.
love ya,


if this is any indication of what our future holds with these boys...
...i just might be a puddle on the floor before they graduate kindergarten.

Monday, February 25, 2013


Over a year ago, I wrote this post about a blog called Sashes to merchants that Korie introduced me to.
I have followed Jessi over at Naptime Diaries ever since. 
I still love her work and have a print of hers in Judsons nursery. 

Moving forward....a few weeks ago, Jessi wrote this post!!! 
and created this adorable print
as you can imagine, I was stoked!!!
isn't it just great?
go to the link above and print one of these babies know you want to!

this all leads me to asking you....are you ready for Wednesday?????
Duck Dynasty Season 3 premiere
set your DVRs
it is going to be great. trust me. 

hope you all have a happy, happy, happy week!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

6 things today

1. My laptop has bit the dust. So very sad.
So we're gonna have to live with the smaller, unedited, iPhone pics as I write from the iPad until I decide if I want to sell my soul for a new computer

2. My son is bowlegged. I guess he will just have to be a cowboy #finebyme

3. GT hollered from the bathroom (after i heard the toilet flush) "oh my word!". 
So, naturally, I think there's a snake in our house and jump on top of the couch. 
He just stared at me for approximately 20 seconds and I was like..."what!? What is it??? A king snake? Water moccasin? A spider?"
 then he showed me his hand- a ringless ring finger. His wedding ring was gone....down to the septic tank. 
I'll elaborate in another post

4. This is not how we starts out. He spins
And gets upset about it. When will he learn???

5. GT and JR were at home the other night while i was at Heart To Home and i received this text.
So, I don't bathe my child on a regular basis. What's it to ya? I can barely bathe myself on a regular basis.

6. Mom and dad have a roof! And their living room is going to be stunning!
That vault!

Thursday folks....make it a goodun'

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless wednesday: a conversation

i think we're in for some great conversations once he finds some words
although, i'm pretty sure he thought he got his point across 

also...GT sounds like a sick donkey

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

first thing

we start out our day in a hurry
hurrying to get out the door. hurrying to get the coffee made so we can muster up enough caffeinated energy to get started. 
anxious for what the day has in store. only for our anxiety to be perpetuated by our caffeine rush.
can we get it all done? will it be a good day? how will i get everything accomplished?
only to start all over again tomorrow
i know. 

before my feet hit the floor i want to praise God for who He is
instead of waking up complaining or worrying or rushing...i vow to start by praising Him
from this day forward, i will not get out of bed without doing just that.
i need to write this so i can be held accountable. 

Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise Him. 
-Psalm 147
what if the first words out of my mouth were not about me?
what if the first words out of my mouth were good and true and life-giving?

Monday, February 18, 2013

this mamas style

so, i read this post about Mama style recently on this blog and thought it would be fun to enter their little contest. 
Then i looked in the mirror and this was the reflection that met me
I was going to meet GT for lunch 
typical outfit for me includes a hat, jeans, a tee and a cardi or fleece

I've never been a fashionista or cared much for latest trends. Don't get me wrong-I appreciate good style and cuteness, but rarely take the time or effort to execute it.
I usually default to comfort.
Being a nurse, I don't have "business casual" clothes and don't get a daily opportunity to dress up.
I like my scrubs. Sometimes, while looking at blogs like this one or this gal (don't get me started on her look!) I feel a tad bit lazy in my appearance. They look so stinking cute and with a kid! 
But, i have other good qualities. qualities like...........being low maintenance? some times. 
don't ask GT about that...i'm afraid he won't agree.

who am i kidding? this style has nothing to do with being a mom. i lacked style waaaaay before the little guy came along.

so, hats off (not mine though...the hair needs a wash) to you moms out there that look cute and wear clothes that match and fix your hair and don't wear your husbands hats

and cheers to a husband who thinks i'm pretty anyway!

happy monday!
hope this week is marveous,

Sunday, February 17, 2013

late LOVE shout-out

I completely missed it.
Valentines Day.

My mom and I actually went out of town to see my super-cute nephews on Thursday, but not before i gave my man a big ole smooch and some Nerds (his fave) and a ridiculous card about his whiskers with cats on the front. Anywhoooooo.........

We didn't celebrate Valentines day in the traditional sense this year, but we are never short on love around these parts.
 i'm all for a good ole holiday that endorses chocolate and love.
more chocolate, more love!
more chocolate, more love!
more chocolate, more love!
(sorry, i got carried away)
seriously, with more days focused on chocolate consumption and love giving..wouldn't the world be a much nicer and sweeter place???

I'll refrain from writing about his good looks and killer charm and leave you with these pictures of my main squeeze meeting our little love bundle for the first time.
be still my heart. 
these guys bless me on a daily basis and that is not something i want to take for granted.
i always, always want them to know that i love them both with all that i got. all of it. 

my cup overflows and my love bank is full.
happy late valentines day you lovers!

Monday, February 11, 2013


1. watching their daddies play bball for the first of many times
2. judson already has the man gene. (superbowl is on)
3. singing with our church family at the marriage retreat. more to come on that
4. life IS good
5. somebody loves their jumper...or swaying...its whatever
6. too much explanation is needed. just know that my husband has a ponytail
7. hello
8. prinstagram is legit
9. seriously, he loved it

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

playing in the rain

I miss this kid somethin awful

Beau got to play in the rain after church the last time they were in town

It was tough getting him inside to eat lunch
What a fun treat....getting to play in the puddles in your church clothes!

I'll have to admit...when I saw him jumping in this puddle- a flash of jealousy came over me. I wanted to jump in it too and get soaking wet. But then I'd have to wash my hair and carefully wash my nice dress. I had also worn tights that day...they'd be a disaster. And Judson. Who would tend to the little guy while I played in the rain? Oh adulthood and responsibility...
I love my Beau-man and his sweet spirit of excitement for the little things
The little things that last for a short time
The little things brought on by spontaneity and unrestrained by responsibility
The little things that we miss as we grow up
The little things that add something to our day
The little things that stretch our normal
Little things like playing in the rain
i just wish he could learn to have fun

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: guilty pleasure

we all got 'em
those songs that will make us stay in our car after we have parked in the driveway if it comes on the radio

i have a few, but these two are at the top
one of these i am more secretive about
this one actually
i love it
i admit it
i love it
i love kenny rogers
and i love dolly parton
it's part of me that i can not deny

and this one
my friends know this is one of my faves
i bought Hearts greatest hits album a few years ago and i listened to it straight for probably a month
this is a good one to belt out by yourself or with other gals in the car
no doubt

do you feel like you know me better now?
perhaps you like me more or feel sorry for me or think differently of me?
or feel the same way

happy wednesday...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My prayer (and some thoughts) for my son

I pray that you are a man of conviction
And because of are confident.
Not arrogant. There's a big difference
Your confidence is not in yourself.
Your confidence is a direct reflection of your conviction in Jesus Christ.

I pray that you are quiet about your abilities, but loud about God's.
People will learn what a good man you are by the way you treat them, you don't have to tell them.

I pray that you are kind and strong.
Knowing the two can exist together.

I pray that you are considerate and respectful.
You never know who needs your attention and everyone deserves your respect.
Know that it is never your job to humble someone.

I pray that you watch your dad very carefully. He is a good man.
 The best I have ever known.
And I have known a lot of good men. But, watch carefully. He is not one to tell you how good he is.

Honor the Golden Rule and love everybody.
Treat other people the way you would like to be treated...always.

Most of all, I pray that you love the Lord with ALL of your heart.
the rest will fall into place

Monday, February 4, 2013

His name: a Q & A

1. What do you call him?
this is a commonly asked question, as i refer to him as Judson Ray, JR, Judson, JRay and alot of my family call him Jud. I originally thought he' be Jud, but as of now...i'm not feeling it. He's mostly a Judson Ray or Judson . It just sounds right when you get to know the little guy. He's most likely going to have a random nickname anyway...

2. Did you name him ahead of time?
First of all, we came up with new names each week for my entire pregnancy. I knew that I didn't want to name him until I saw him. I don't know...i just had to see him first. I couldn't name someone that I've never met! So, we had a list of like 50 million names and continued to narrow it down as the day approached. We whittled the list down to three names :
Truett Wesley
Henry Alan
Townes Randall
(all middles names are family names)

Up until he was born, he was "Huckleberry"

3. How did you come up with his name?
A week or so before he was born, I faintly recall a conversation about the name Jud/ Judson. GT had mentioned Jud along the way and I liked it but wasn't sold. I wanted more than that...then i saw the name Judson on some billboard, somewhere, advertising something. sat there in the back of our minds.
When we got to the hospital, we decided it would be between Townes and Judson.

4. When did you name him?
After we met our little man and still in the delivery room, I was holding him and looked up at GT and asked him what his name was. GT then held out his fist and told me to pick one. I said, no way am I naming a person by picking a hand. He said, "just do it". So, I did and that little piece of paper said....Judson. I looked at GT, he looked at me and we fit our new little dark headed boy perfectly. He was definitely a Judson Ray.

5. What about his middle name?
Ray was my Pa's (my dad's dad) middle name- Dewie Ray Kirby. He was a good man. One of the best I've ever known. It's a solid name that belonged to a very solid man. I hope Judson reflects that in a powerful way someday

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sunday Portrait Series: catchup

I have done a terrible job keeping up with our Sunday Portrait Series. 
You would think i'd be all over it now that we have this guy to make our pictures so much cuter!
so, let's play a little catch-up!
first sunday at church...6 weeks old (i think)

but, you know how it is after church with kiddos.
it's a bit hectic
so trying to get a family pic is hardly the priority
a picture with all of these babies will do!
our house church Christmas party
sweet Avalynn is just 1 day older!

at grandma and granddads church over Christmas

with Grammy and PawPaw

in the mirror while gettin fancy for his blessing at church

most definitely with our favorite girls 
even if it is on a Wednesday night

sometimes we have friends come in town that take our picture for us!!! (10 weeks)

and we have on our cardigan, jeans and uggs

we're especially happy when these girls come in town

and when we have some new overalls

hooray, a picture of the three of us on Sunday. perhaps the first one since JRs birth...3 months ago. (11 weeks)

our whole fam came in town for little Judson's baby blessing at church (9 weeksish)

lunch at Mamaw Lous (12 weeks)

hanging with Pa (13 weeks)

Someday, we'll get this series rolling again.
not this week though...GTs out of town again.

Happy weekend...enjoy!