Saturday, July 23, 2011

Follow along

Missy's keeping up with our trip(if we have Internet in Neyba). So follow along! We're about to load the van and head out. Here we go with 20something teens from the youth group.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Live from the Dominican

So, I'm in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic using wifi at a nice hotel on a mission trip. Don't worry(those of us who think one has to physically suffer to do good mission work), we will be leaving in the morning to travel to the small town of Neyba where we will conduct the VBS and medical clinic this week and spend time with the kids at the orphanage that WFR supports.
There is no wifi, electricity is inconsistent and a/c is a rare blessing. Feel better?

I feel very blessed to be presented with the opportunity to do medical missions. That is where my passion lies and really the reason that I am a nurse. But, sometimes when I plan 2 trips out of the country within 2 weeks... I miss my man.
He supports me and understands my heart. That is why I am here. But, it'd be better if he were here.

The only thing that I can find on tv that is in English/acceptable is this. Live from the Artist Den: David Gray. I'm more than ok with that.

Ive been reading this great book that mom bought for me.
Fun read. I enjoy reading about people that are self-sufficient and make it through hard times and utilize their resources. The Amish, Pioneers, etc. I don't know what kind of person that makes me, but I love learning about how to provide for yourself and how others have lived through pretty rough circumstances. So, this book is perfect for me! Thanks mammy!

Check out this video on YouTube:

Thursday, July 21, 2011

This speaks to me

Don't ask me why.
I'm an the ICU working. Third day, 7am-7pm.
This picture shouldn't even be saying "hi" to me, but nevertheless, it speaks.
Btdubs, what kind of word is nevertheless? What does it really mean? Kind of like same difference.

Anywhoo, this photo is pretty and I wanna do that. Whatever it is that she's doing. And wear her skirt.

Although, scrubs are a pretty sweet gig when it comes to work-wear. Twirly skirts might be more fun. Only if I could be barefoot.

That's all. (no clue the source on this pic)

Happy weekend eve wodies,

I'm off to Dominican Reoublic at 6am!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Things to love on Friday

1. Our group in Ghana.
Great people, but really fun too! Great combo.

2. Progress on the new old house. And a perfect place to display our dishes(they're so pretty and it'd be a shame to hide them in a cabinet)

3. My awesome man who packed the medicine trunks for us to take. He also painted every room in the new house, completely packed up and moved us out of our old house in LR while I was gone... Hello! Three aren't many men cut from the same cloth.

4. Heading to work the Texas trophy Hunters Extravaganza for Buck Commander. Apparently there's a rattlesnake pit... We'll see how that goes. Sounds like a terrible idea.

5. Still trying to decide my feelings about this guy. He was spotted in Accra, Ghana. I think I like him or at least whoever thought him up.

Happy Friday folks,

Thursday, July 14, 2011

tex-mex or bust

This is what's about to happen.

I am heading straight for here

Don't try to stop me or you might get hurt.

Pumped about an ole San Antone weekend with my boo!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Touch a Life kids Wordless Wednesday

I "had a moment" during this song.
These kids have my heart and quite a few of my tears.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I come from a long line of love

Happy 36th Anniversary Mom and Dad!
Thank you for putting your marriage first

because you chose to make put marriage first, we have grown up to be children that adore you.
because you chose to put your marriage first, we have has felt secure in our family.
because you chose to put your marriage first, we have never doubted your love for us...or eachother.
because you chose to put your marriage first, we learned to love and respect our spouses.
because you chose to put your marriage first, we were happy kids and now adults.
because you chose to put your marriage first, the word divorce never haunted us.
because you put your marriage first, we saw love demonstrated daily.
because you put your marriage first, our house was a home.

becuase you put God first in your marriage, we love the Lord and are confident in the hope we have in Him.

Thank you for working hard daily on your marriage so that we know how to.

love you both to the moon and back,

(p.s. thank you for celebrating your anniversary by working on our new house til the late hours)

Oh yeah (p.p.s. we're moving into our own house!!!!)

Monday, July 11, 2011


On a day that we normally celebrate our freedom, July 4th, we toured an old castle used for slave trading.
There was much more irony realized once we were there.

The Cape Coast Castle was such a stronge fortress and force in Ghana.
They would hold 500+ slaves at a time for months awaiting the long journey by sea to Europe, North America and many other locations. During those few months, many of them died.
After visiting the dungeons, it is easy to see why.
The smell still lingered after 100s of years.
The light was so dim, there was little ventilation.
The atmosphere felt suffocating with even our small group in the small brick dungeons.

Our tour guide telling us about the male dungeon

The view over the castle wall in to the ocean

This door was titled the "door of no return".
after the slaves passed through this door, they were loaded on the ships to take them to be sold in another country. Most of them died on the journey. They said the conditions were worse on board than at the castle...hard to imagine.

You would think that after the years have passed, you would walk through these doors and feel liberated.
Slavery would be no more.

Instead we saw this.

You could almost hear each of us hold our breath in disbelief.
How can this country claim to be free of slavery?
Those children are the modern day slaves of fisherman.
These are the children that Touch a Life is reaching for.

complete irony.
I felt so small in our world looking at this scene.

But how many things do we turn our attention from in the US that others would see as injust?

On a day that we usually think upon our freedom... i wanted nothing more for these people.

I'm so grateful to live in our country and very humbled.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Homeward bound

Trying to get home is seeming impossible at this point.
We've been in an airport or airplane for 24 hours and I'm just leaving New York...

But, my heart is still here.
I will miss these children and our awesome group terribly.
My heart is so full. Full of love, thankfulness and some hurt. Hurt for the kids. I am now realizing that I might possibly need those kids more than they could ever need me.
We had a week more amazing than words could say and I can hardly tell about it with dry eyes. Our team worked in perfect unison. Great people with incredible joy!
Wish we were just leaving for Ghana.
I'll tell more later this week. Now, my goal is West Monroe. Everyone close your eyes and cross your fingers...please!

With an overflowing cup,

Saturday, July 2, 2011


(this pic belongs to Touch a Life)
We are off to Ghana!
Keep up with us this week by checking out

Pray for our team as we work with these kiddos at the Village of Hope!

Signing off for the week,

wedding music

I was never the little girl who had her dream wedding planned out.
The only thing that I was sure of, was the music.
Music can change the mood, it can change your emotion, it is so powerful.
I knew that I wanted certain songs because I "feel" them. you know what I mean?

I still love the music from our wedding and love the playlist on my iphone.
It makes me happy and nostalgic and full of joy.

Music is such a great way to escape to a certain moment in time because of an emotion.

listening to this right now...i am so thankful for that Saturday 1 year ago.
My favorite day ever.

Seating of our grandparents

seating of our parents

groomsmen and gt

bridesmaids processional

my dad and i

lighting the unity candle

exiting the church.
for my love.
no other reason, but for his happiness.

Happy Anniversary to the absolute love of my life.
my heart would surely break without you.

Now, to celebrate, I'm off to Ghana.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp Love

The last day of camp is bittersweet. You're so tired and hot and are pretty ready to lay down in the air conditioning and sleep for days. But, you don't want the best week of your life to end and tell all of your new friends goodbye.

I have yet to find another environment like Camp.

One week. 100ish kids. 9 cabins. Bible studies. Survivor day. Relay games. Pool time. Canoe races. Swings. Dodgeball. Card games. Singing. Skit night. Loud meal times. Campfire.

After 1 week, lifelong friendships are formed. I have so many awesome memories from my weeks at Ch-Yo-Ca. It's such a fun-packed week that you get to know people fast and learn all about them. It's an intense friendship-forming week and full of actives that challenge you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So, after my first week of being the camp nurse and bible teaching... I must admit... It's still awesome.
I dot want it to end, but I must get out of the heat and the dirt and the sweat and the bugs. Also, I must pack for Ghana.
Afterall, I leave tomorrow!
Hooray and yikes at the same time!

Happy weeksend folks,