Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Judson Ray is 5- He has what it takes

My sweet Judson Ray is 5 today.

He is pure joy and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for his life.
He is kind, thoughtful, full of energy, confident, tender, observant, happy, purposeful (intense), inquisitive, and eager. He makes each day more fun and full. He doesn’t waste one second of the day and is always ready for whatever is next.
I can count on him to be happy and helpful.
Truly, he is a gift.
Often I get overwhelmed when I think of the task of raising him.
Keeping him safe, protected.
But more than, I want to foster the maturing of his sweet spirit.
To provide the environment, the fertile ground for the growth of his gifts- of joy, of encouragement, of passion.
That’s heavy. To me.

Last night as I scratched his back and he was falling asleep, I asked God to protect him.
That he would always feel comforted when needed. And ultimately know the comfort and peace that only comes from knowing Jesus.

Then, this morning as we were driving to his birthday breakfast at the donut store, a sweet new song played that I downloaded last week.
and I was reminded that it's not up to me. or GT and me, his parents.
I am not solely responsible for his maturity, his spiritual growth, his life (ultimately).
this takes a huge weight off.
Thankfully, Jesus knew I wouldn't be perfect- especially in parenting (hallelujah!)
so he gives us grace
he gives us mentors
he gave us the Holy Spirit
and that is what Judson needs
not a perfect mom.

He isn't perfect either.
and he will someday understand his need for a Savior

just yesterday, he said, "Mom, did you know that Jesus is always in your heart?"
He is hearing this from a host of people we entrust him to-teachers, friends, grandparents.

The weight of raising him is lightening up as I remember it's not up to me.
He has what it takes.

You have what it takes
If you ever wonder
If you’re made for more
Yes, you are
More than this world
Can afford you or tell you
You're capable of

And there's a mystery inside you
So let define you
And you can move mountains because

You have what it takes
Your heart's a river wide
Not by power, not by might
But the spirit of God
He's living inside you
And you have all you need
And you need only to believe
That when Jesus fights for you
Nothing can stop you or stand in your way
'Cause you have what it takes

If you ever wonder
If you're gonna make it
You will
Even though you'll feel like
You're going under with pressures
That all seem so real

-Christy Nockels "You have what it takes"

Monday, August 14, 2017

No way Jose Altuve

If you know GT at all, you know of his love for and devotion to the Houston astros.
If he's on his phone- 10 times out of 10, he's listening to, watching, or reading about the Astros..or the Longhorns. 
This may be a slight exaggeration, but probably 7 out of 10.

So, naturally, Judson is a big fan. 
He knows all of the players and even prays for Carlos Correa every night (short stop who's been out for thumb surgery)
They watch the games together, discuss wins/losses, and just both love the game of baseball. 

My favorite player is the 2nd baseman, Jose Altuve.
He's a little guy who doesn't let his size dictate his stature.
He's leading the MLB in batting average and seems to be liked by everyone. 

We went to the Rangers vs. Astros ballgame Friday night while in Dallas. 
It was a bit painful...the Astros got beat.
And It was also hot as blazes and humid. Or as Judson once described "it feels like it's raining, but it's not".
Of course, we had a great time anyway. 
The whole fam went and we all sweated together. 
Even got to ride on a bike taxi

A family divided

As luck would have it, we were staying at the same hotel as the traveling team, the Astros.
We didn't expect to see them, but one can always hold out hope (and linger a bit too long in the lobby when you think it's time for the team to be loading up the bus and heading to the stadium). 

Saturday afternoon, the boys and I were walking to the pool. 
I saw a nice-dressed, smaller stature gentlemen with fancy large headphones walking towards me talking on his phone.
I quickly recognized him. 
Then I waited until he ended his call then super calmly asked if he would mind taking a photo with my boys. After all, he is "our" favorite player. 
He said sure.
What a guy, huh?
I could tell Judson didn't recognize him since he wasn't wearing his uniform. So I told him it was Jose Altuve and I watched as Judson's face got a little red and he stared a bit starstruck. 
Ole Jose was super nice and offered a high five to Townes and asked if he wanted to get in a photo, too.

He went on his way and Judson and I high-fived and had a few giddy seconds.

Well, the Astros lost again Saturday night.

Sunday morning, we were in the lobby about to check out of the hotel.
 I couldn't find JR. 
As I walk around the corner, I see him casually talking to Jose Altuve and two other players.
as if this is normal.
When I walk up to him, the guys are all laughing. 
So I say hi and ask what my son said to them. 
Altuve  said, "he asked,why did y'all lose again last night?" 
I told him that I didn't know who the kid was but that I would help him find his mom.
Jk. I apologized and then laughed (with them, thankfully).
We wished them good luck, then Altuve told Judson that they would definitely win 
and they did!

Maybe all they needed was a little accountability from a random 4-year old who wandered away from his mother and confidently confronted a stranger in a hotel lobby. 

Monday, July 17, 2017

TW turns 3!

our sweet little Roo turned 3 last Saturday!
we started the day with a donut run, just me and Townes, in our pjs.
GT drove all night Friday from Round Rock. He got in at 5am, so we let him skip the donut store trip.
Grammy and PaPa drove in a few hours later. and Garrett had already come in the night before.
we spent the day playing outside, prepping for the party, and loving on our boys.
that evening, we had a fun party at my mom and dads
all of his parties, so far, we have incorporated some form of water (hello July birthday!)
best cousin-friends! 
what a guy, huh?

we only had family come to the party
so, a small gathering of roughly 40...ha!

Sweet baby Ben turned 1 the day before!
so we celebrated him, too!
he really is the best baby. always happy and super silly! 

bless it. GT was worn out. but, no rest for the weary says Townes!

we had so much fun celebrating Townes Wesley, my little Roo.

He has turned into a certified big boy over the past few months.
but, is still pretty happy when i hold him and he tucks his head into my neck.
sometimes, i just don't know what to do with all of my emotions when he hugs me or just looks at me with his smile... goodness, this kid melts me.

He and Judson, or "Bubby", are the best of friends
seriously, they get along really well and enjoy being together.
of course they fight. they're brothers!
but on the the whole, they are great playmates and keep each other entertained.
i love watching them interact and often catch my breath at their love for one another.

Townes is quite a character.
He is silly, sweet, sensitive, and often feels ALL the emotions within a few seconds.
he is rather unpredictable in the way he will respond to any given situation. 
but, everyday, i am more and more proud of how he matures and learns to handle himself around others (using manners, being kind, obeying). 
if i say "ouch" or anything indicating that i might be hurt, he comes over to me and puts his hand on me and asks "are you ok, mama?"
he still loves his "little guys" and always has at least 2 little characters in his hands (current obsession is Tsum-Tsums)
He can't pronounce a "f", so he has "hingers" instead of fingers and we go to GTs "oppice" instead of his office. 
He is officially "thlee" years old and likes to keep up with the big boys... until he wants his mama.
He is learning that he is very good at making us laugh and is silly most of the time.
He is actually pretty funny! (says his mom)

Townes is easy to fall for.
He loves big and is full of surprises.
I just can't get enough of him and am so thankful to be right along side him as he learns about life.
He is and will always be the sweet to my heart. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

Kirbys take Breckenridge

Judson was confused as to why we got to go on the "Kirby family vacation" since we are Taylors.
after i explained that my last name was Kirby before I married his dad, he was relieved and geared up for a mountain vacation with the Kirby crew.

it was quite the change in pace, weather, clothing, and elevation from Cabo!
I'm so thankful that we are, no only able to, but get to enjoy vacation with both the Taylor and Kirby sides.
We are blessed, indeed.

starting from the plane ride, the entire trip was smooth and fun!

the drive from the Denver airport is always breathtaking!

my dad rented a beautiful house for us to all stay in
during the day we hot-tubbed
climbed a 14,000 ft mountain one day!
hiked with the kids
strolled the streets of Breckenridge
got ice cream (x3)
cooked at the house
ate pizza (x2)
watched LSU play
played cards
attempted a mountain run
and soaked up the clean mountain air
having our Mamaws on this trip was the cherry on top
they take such good care of us and are always game for good conversation and coffee
(and they rub my back and play with my hair!)

and of course, we took family photos!

Josh's girlfiend (eek!!), Kristen, came for a few days and we loved having her with us!
also, GT attempted to walk across a shaky 2x6 "bridge" on top of tires in a pond... WITH TOWNES.
they didn't make it. 
so we walked around town with a shirtless GT and pants-less Townes (thankfully it wasn't the other way around) until Jamie found some of Bens pants for Townes...still barefoot. 
neither of them were bothered by this one bit. 
except GT wished one of the tourist/souvenir shops sold dry underwear. 

the day that we chose to hike Quandary Peak was clear, crisp and beautiful!
the hike was actually pretty tough
but as always, the view at the summit was worth it.
seeing Gods creation from that point of view is truly breathtaking.

can you even handle this baby and his cuteness?!?!?!
the sweetest, that baby Ben.