Friday, February 24, 2012

Around the House: stars at night

The joys of living where there are no streetlights

GT and I enjoyed some time sitting outside the other night and listening to some tunes

Then I layed in the driveway to get a better look at the stars...

...and GT just stood there...
...because we can.

also, Trigger now sleeps in this wash bin

happy weekend, friends (country and city alike)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: a lovely lil' playlist

Robinella and the CC Stringband
I burned a CD in college and named it "Kate". brilliant!
(of course I burned a jillion CDs in college and they were named ridiculously)
But, this CD in particular was and is one of my favorites.
It's good.
Robinella is on that cd.

Keb Mo
I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned this guy before.
This song makes me happy.
It's on the slideshow of me and GT that we showed at our rehearsal.

Please tell me that i have shared this gem with you?!
Dreamy, dreamy vocals of Amos Lee.
Before I left for HUF in 2005, mom bought me my first ipod. It was a pink mini and I still have it. 
I loaded like 100 songs on it because I simply had no idea.
That summer in Florence, trying to sleep in a room with 7 other girls, i'd put my earphones in and be lullabied (yes, it is a verb right now) to sleep by this song. 
I know it talks about the arms of a woman, but i'd ignore that part and melt into this tune.

Susan Tedeschi killing a Bob Dylan original.
This song has been covered by everybody and their mom
But, I like this cover.
Susan Tedeschi is one of my all-time fave woman vocals.
She can sing.

Kyla and I first heard this song at an Over the Rhine show in Dallas.
I was smitten.
Just a great little jig.

Enjoy some music today
Music, Sweet Music
Happy Wednesday,

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fat Tuesday

I'll tell you why I love Mardi Gras.
King cake.
the end.

We were so excited to carry on our tradition, that started last year, of parading!
We loaded up a couch once again, but topped it this year with a fire pit! (also, my snuggie)

 we pre-beaded this year

the guys fought the wind and got the grill heated up for some burgers

seasoning the burgers requires a dance of sorts, apparently
love us some Lee's 

GT getting some beads and things

Last year, the boys wore shorts
this year, we were sooooo grateful to have blankets, a firepit, long-johns and a couch
February's weather is rather unpredictable. 

Can't wait for next year and more parading in any kind of weather!

Happy Fat Tuesday.
Go eat some King cake.
i'm going to.
my 3rd in a week. yep, it's happening.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Portrait Series: monday

Happy Monday friends!

Yesterday threw us some refreshing sunshine!
Us Louisianans start complaining on, like, day 2 of cold weather.
I'm super pumped to post about our great weekend! (minus the studying,duh)

We did our own, gender-respective activities Thursday through Saturday morning.
I was in Dallas with my girlfraaaans and GT had his boy-eee, Kevin, in town at our house.

Of course, we missed each other the whole time.
(barf, i know)

also, these guys

Last night, we sat on the couch with our laptops
GT to work on budget/taxes/finances.
Me to work on my Theory class homework.
American Idol was to be on in the background.

You all know exactly what happened.
We sat quietly doing our own work.

He read me funny stories from about college coaches
I read funny blogs, looked at Pinterest and watched hilarious videos

luckily, i know we're not alone
unluckily, i still have homework and we still owe taxes.

brang it monday.
i'm about to show you what's up


Friday, February 17, 2012

Around the house: fire day

Dad and GT had a big work day last weekend
I think they have lots of work days
but, this was extra intense
finally pulling up those ugly tree/shrubs by the house

manning the leaf burning piles

GT is instructing me on the proper way to burn wet leaves
thanks babe, on my way to full-fledged Pioneer woman

dad recruited some help in the form of John Luke and Reed
there was also unrecruited help in the form of Woodrow and Trigger

dad had the coveted job

the things you do for some date cash

isn't JL the cutest?
he's my oldest 2nd cousin (i think that's what he is to me, my first cousins son)
He's 16 and we are all having a hard time adjusting 
he drives, he dates, we're dealing

there was a lot of fire that day
fire in the fireplace
fires outside
fire in the firepit at mardi gras
i still smell like smoke
there is no better way to cope with the cold 

happy weekend,

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sunday Portrait Series: a cold day

Do you ever have those days where your eyes won't quit watering and your nose is persistently red?
This weekend was crazy cold. And we spent quite a bit of time outside
Once my eyes start watering in the cold, they have a problem stopping.
So, this was the weekend of watery eyes and red nose and questions like, "are you ok?" "you look like you've been crying?".
Nope, just hate the cold.
I was made for Louisiana summers.
Did y'all know that Fossil made clothes?
hello! Perhaps i'm behind the times.
We visited their store while in Nashy and I was smitten.
The clothes are lovely and perfectly up my alley.
This dress was a find on clearance and I adore it and it's versatility.

Also, thank you Woodrow for your gigantic head making the photo.

happy weekend eve friends,

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Whitney

because, i have to

she really never sounded better than this performance

that's a voice people

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A day for lovers

Two years ago today I was thrilled to celebrate valentines with my fiancé. We were getting fancy and going dining. Woodrow had just become ours. I was giddy. I was planning our wedding. We were soooooo in love. We were infatuated with one another.
Today, I am thrilled to have another day loving my man. We are giddy and soooo in love. Crazy, but I enjoy his company more today than I did two years ago. We are more fluid as a couple. We jive. I honestly think I would absolutely crumble if I had to be without him. I'm not sure I felt that way two years ago. Sure, I loved him. But I really had no idea how love could grow. No idea. I need him.
God has blessed me beyond measure and knew the desires of my heart before I had any idea.
I am confident in the love of my Savior and my husband.

Happy valentines day to all you lovers out there. May you find the true unending love that comes from our Father, for it never fails.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Duck Dynasty

Remember this post?
Well, here it is. Duck Dynasty
Last night we watched the commercial for the first time on A&E
So excited! I've heard the episodes are awesome and hilarious. Who would doubt that?

Here's the press release
click on it to go to the Duck Commander websiteDuck Commander now on A&E 

Around the house: pity party

If you were to join me in a cup of jo this morning, I would most likely be less than mediocre company.
Excuse me for a second while I bemoan the life of a graduate student.

Sitting next to you on the couch, drinking coffee I would tell you that 
I am more easily stressed than previously thought
My husband has eaten cereal for more meals this week than I wish (and is ok with it)
I wish I was better at working in groups at school
A 4.0 is all I want 
I realize that school isn't the most important thing, but sometimes I feel like it is (even when I deal with life and death at work)
I hate when my professors think less of me
Working full time and studying is tiring, but totally doable
I realize people deal with much more tiring things daily
I would also tell you that I am truly grateful for this opportunity and want nothing more than to do really well

(there are a lot of "I's" in this post)

Some things that can cheer ya up
senior portraits

bodily contortions of canines

little doggies cutting their eyes

fires and full moons

pretty dresses borrowed from cousins

family photos on canvas

little Isaac man crawling!

 a hand on the hip

Thanks for coming to my pity party
it's over now
you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here
i'm moving on to another homework assignment

happy friday friends,

Monday, February 6, 2012

A night at the Factory

Mom, Jamie and I spent the weekend in Nashville for a womens conference.
Mom was a keynote and she did awesome (more to come on that later)

We were busy at the conference Friday night and Saturday, but had Saturday night to do whatever we wanted.
We enlisted the help of my bro, Josh, an ex-Nashvillite. 
He hit the nail on the head when he suggested this place.
nestled in Franklin
We loved this place

luckily, few people were around
Jamie and I tend to get carried away when we're together and have a camera

hello chandelier!
a perfect rustic elegant blend

i bought one of those stoves
rather, i wish

recommended, for sure

sitting on the couches at Pottery Barn is a fave past time of ours
ordering large quantities of dessert is a fave as well

i love any time i get to be with jamie
it just makes it better when we get to do things that we love

i'm still trying to recover from those 3 desserts

happy monday!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Around the house

Another week has quickly passed.
How come the weeks go by so much more quickly the better life gets?
I wanna yell, "everybody STOP, this is the good part"!
As I say often, we are blessed. 
Our schedules are overly busy, but we're doing what we love.

we had these again this week
or maybe it was last week? 
Either way...they were legit, once again (so was my dinner date)

a new flavor flave
the Volcano  has been my obsession/go-to scent for a while now, but Paris is a pleasant change 

still enjoying our built ins and displaying my dishes and what-nots
i'm already scheming about displaying our books some day
thanks, previous owner, for these lovely built ins
my ideas(via pinterest, obviously) for this space are endless

love looking at this cutie patootie on the window by my desk while i study.
those shorts! 

the rocking chair from Mamaw Lou in our living room for now
super coze

GTs been playing the git-r more and i am diggin' it

hoping you have a blessed weeks-end,

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sunday Portrait Series (the return)

Remember when I made this promise?
That didn't last. I should quit promising things that I know will not happen.
But, here we go again.
An effort to resume the Sunday Portrait Series.
I can count the previous ones on 2 fingers, 2! 

(adding a tripod to my list! i'm laughing at how ridiculous it is that i'm making GT pose for a camera that is on self-timer sitting on our trash can with the bright sun on our faces and awkward posing)

I love having a Sunday with my boo! Even though they are very rarely a day of rest. 
At least we are together all day, for the most part. 
His beard has grown since the last Sunday Portrait post.
I should write a blog specifically about his beard and the comments it receives.
My favorite, "your beard has a high thread count". and yes, it does. It is excellent.

this man.
love him.

he added that star to the barn.
ain't it cute? 
don't let the smoke and fire startle you.
it's a smoke signal. GTs attempting a rescue from my over-active camera.

happy friday eve friends,