Wednesday, September 29, 2010

S.O.S...Our Camp needs help!!!

My very favorite place in the whole entire world is in Calhoun, Louisiana.
Camp Ch-Yo-Ca is where everyone needs to spend their summer, and if possible their life.
Basically, every summer since I can remember was spent out at Camp. Of course, it's not just the place that makes it perfect, but the people. Some of my favorite people and best friends were met and made at Ch-Yo-Ca. If I could, I'd prepare a 23 day slideshow of pictures and reason why I love this summer oasis. But, I've limited that to a few pics and a few sentences for your benefit.

Here's where you come into play.
Camp needs a pretty big overhaul and Pepsi Challenge is hopefully the means to which this project can be taken on. If you haven't heard, Pepsi is donating some moo-lah to charitable organiztions/projects and Ch-Yo-Ca has entered to win 50 grand!!! We will know tomorrow if we made the cut for voting. If and when this happens...WE NEED YOUR VOTE!
It's super easy and this money is what Camp needs to get up to date with repairs and maintenance.

Please help!
Also, send your kids to Camp. You won't regret it! Sometimes I want to cry when I realize that I can never be a camper again.

 This summer I was able to go out for a day and help with "Survivor Day".
I wish there was a way to tell all of the kids out there to soak up every second and never leave, even if that means hiding out in the bathhouse when their parents come to pick them up after closing ceremony because they'll never experience anything like that 1 week ever again. I miss it.

Canoe races are just one of the awesome activities at Camp.

One of my first summers at Camp to stay the night.

your dearest camp lover,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A bad idea

Hurry...someone come make me go run.
I don't wanna.

I'd rather do laundry and put away clothes.
Yeah, that's not a good sign.
Ok, 3 more minutes and i'll go.

Last year, Lynn and I ran a half marathon.
It hurt.
So, i'm taking on the task again.
Stupid, I know and I am aware that this will hurt again. we go.

Ok, my 3 minutes are up.
5 more minutes and I'll go.
Our towels really need to be washed.
and i'm sure there are some shirts needing ironing.


Monday, September 27, 2010


Oh happy Monday eve!
I am happier than a clam.
Really, I love very little more than being outside. With the amazing weather kickin' into gear, I got super excited and planned a little outing for the evening. I just can't stand the thought of wasting a perfect evenings' weather on being inside. So, I filled my man in on the plan...he wasn't as excited. We walked 2 miles round trip to Panera Bread. It was lovely and Woodrow was able to tag along, as Panera has a dog-friendly patio! 2 miles, I know is not unheard of for a walk to and fro a dining establishment, but in our neighborhood and during Monday Night Football, it is. I was thankful for the family compliance.

The walk before and after supper was definitely needed as I ate my body weight in food on Sunday. The in-laws were in town for Garretts' football game so of course Mama Del brought 3, not 1, but 3 cakes!! They were super yummy and I should know. Sunday, before church GT & I put a roast in the oven so when we walked in the door after church...lunch was ready!!! and so were the Cowboys...finally!

Anywhoo...I love food and food loves me
so does good weather.

happy pumpkin spice latte season,

Saturday, September 25, 2010

buc-ee's vs. LA

It's a state-dueling coffee-drinking morning in the Taylor household.
But, we have joined forces and conquered a most daunting task...  cleaning! It's amazing what you can accomplish when you're actually home. And to top it off, Fall has landed in NLR!
Oh, it's a great day!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Fridays hi-fivin' list of loves

Happy weekend everyone
And happy 2nd day of Fall
I just wish that Fall would start acting it's age and get it right
I'm still sweating when I go outside

Regardless, I am loving some things on this wonderful hi-fivin' Friday:

a weekend at home (aaahhhh)
my husband cleaning up dog diarrhea when I'm gagging
friends who are exploring and sharing like this so I can relive Florence vicariously through her
being able to Skype and talk to Lemmons for free, who is mentioned above and in Italy
getting to see my in-lawed parentals this weekend and watch Gare Bear play some fooseball
a clean house...we're getting there
not being late for work...gotta go!

happy weeksend folks,

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a nice suprise

Look what sprouted up in our backyard
Not the dog. He's been here.
The beautiful and quirky flower.
I can't think of the name for it, but I like it.
It's random and there are none others, just that one in the middle of the yard.
I hope she stays and possibly invites her friends.
Perhaps it's a weed. I'm ok with that.

Woodrow likes it too, he hasn't tried to eat it yet.
But he has tried to eat a cardboard box. Go figure.

Happy Thirstday,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bon Appetit!

"The excellent cook is the one who does"
-i quote myself
This is one lesson that I have learned over the past few years. I make no claim to be a good or even satisfactory cook/baker, but there have been meals that I have prepared that have been accepted by those partaking.
Here's the deal. Anyone can cook. You find a recipe that looks to suit your fancy and you follow it. Or you throw some ingredients together that would seem to get along without ruining eachother.
To be known as a good cook, you simply have to do just that. Take the time, prepare, chop, sautee, bake, marinate, order pizza(it counts sometimes), whatever it takes to get some food on the table.
Your end product doesn't always have to be worthy of a five-star restaurant menu, from Julia Childs' The Art of French Cooking, or a 4 course simply just has to be.

last night I scrounged up some ingredients we had in the fridge, threw them in the crock pot and 4 hours later....Voila! We have deer-garden-taco-soup. Doesn't that just sound lovely?

GT then proceeded to tell that it was delicious and I was a great cook.
These things of course aren't necessarily true.
He was just very happy that supper was awaitin' him when he got home and that I took the time to get it all together.

That's all folks.

Of course there is a difference in great cooks and good cooks, but that's for later.
I don't want to shoot too high this early in my marriage. GT needs to have something to look forward to. I'll stick to "good".

in the kitchen with a great cook making peach jam
I'll throw a recipe in later this week, so check back when I get hungry again.

Bon Appetit y'all,


p.s. does anyone from monroe/west monroe remember that local cooking show "What's Cooking?". That was a good time for the Twin Cities.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

extra, extra, read all about it

"The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them" - Mark Twain

There are two things I wish to not be, unproductive and lazy.
This afternoon, I am both.
In fear that I could possibly spread some ooey-gooey germs to the already immune-suppressed kiddos that I work with and still not feeling 100% from last weeks sniffles and such, I went to the doc, got some meds and am now home with my rear planted on the couch (run on sentence alert). This does not warrant a pity party but it does make me a little irritated
I think I know why I hate doing nothing when i'm sick.
Once upon a time, when I was a wee lass and stayed home sickly, mom would stay home with me. The minute I said I was bored, meaning I felt better, I usually got assigned to a chore. Not offered a video game, movie or told to find something to play with. I was put to work! This, of course was not fair! I had stayed home from school and am now doing chores!!! I would much rather had been at school by that point. Oooohhh, the torture of childhood.
(mother, feel free to correct me if i'm totally exaggerating...quite possible).
Now, I see her point. She wanted me to make sure my sick days were legit. (once again mother, correct me if i'm mistaken)
Good parenting...i didn't always appreciate it.
Therefore, I still like to try and be productive when i'm sick. It's just an honest effort. I don't want to get caught.
But today, I will choose rest because I think that's what my body needs.
My productive act will be reading.
I love a good book.
Kyla sent me a new book for my birthday. She knows me and is a good gift giver. I like that about her.

I am grateful for these two women. Mamaw Jo and Mamaw Lou. I bet you wish your mamaws looked this great and had this much fun.

They love to read and hate to be unproductive. These are two traits for which I am grateful they have passed on to me.
There are one-gagillion more reasons why these two women are my favorite people, but for today, those two simple lessons will do.

to the book i go,


Monday, September 20, 2010

Everything's bigger in Texas

Texas doesn't disappoint
i.e. breakfast in state form

San Antonio, although a tourist-y spot, still remains a tourist spot less traveled.
We spent the weekend down there with friends to celebrate September birthdays and GTs best friend, Tommys, 30th!!!
The guys golfed, the girls spa'd (i know, not a word) and shopped and then we all ate, watched football, laughed alot, made fun of eachother(as all good friends do), walked the River Walk and had a grand ole time.
As always, the weekend came and went before I even got my eyes all the way opened on Friday.

Luckily, these friends are as fun and great as they are beautiful and handsome

As if Texans don't already make a huge impression and statement, they feel the need to make Texas shaped waffles and fish ponds.

Well done Texas, well done.

p.s. i love texas



Sunday, September 19, 2010


Does anyone use Skype???
I've never used it and would love to try it out! Is it good?

User name: kandgtaylor
Hit me up

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fridays list of loves and Birthday

Happy Birthday to my love
Today is GTs bday
I love that guy so today, if you will, wish him the very happiest of days.
My Fridays' List of Loves will be dedicated to the birthday boy:
today, I am loving...
how GT motivates me
how he loves me
his ability to be super productive
his hard-working nature
his appreciation of good food
his old soul
his love for my family
his love for his family
how he takes care of me
just to name a few of the things I love
Happy Birthday to my man.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Your Hands

I first heard this song on the way to the hospital to be with my good friend, Lauren, when she was at the beginning of her fight against Leukemia (she's now in complete remission!!!!!!!!!!!). That day, I shared it with her. It truly moved me to a place of reverence and peace. JJ Hellers' song has simply put into words the idea that we are loved by a God who created the world and he is more than able when we are aching.

This beautiful song encourages me and I hope it will you too, to remember when your heart is breaking that our God is truly capable of healing. He is also there to hold you when you feel that healing will never come.

My heart breaks for those I love, but I rest in knowing that my God holds their heart.

I couldn't help but share my heart,


Mid-Week Update

1. Another Newlywed Lesson Learned

It's perfectly ok to go to bed at different times

I like to go to bed early because I'm still in my teens, at least that's how I feel, and I need 8 hours of sleep. Since I get up around 6 or before, that means I have to go to bed early (according to my hubs' standards). He, on the other hand, requires about 5 hours...I'd be so grouchy. He thrives on this, until Saturday or Sunday afternoon watching sports and he's out on the couch, like a light. We're ok with this and know eachother will be much more pleasant and functioning if our hours are met.

2. We are currently both living in the sniffles world. The sounds coming from our home due to sinus drainage is lovely (sorry), but it's true.

3. My dog needs a bath and my laundry needs to be done. Who wants to come over? I'll pay you a million dollars or give you a hug. I'll let you know when you get here.

4. Is everyone else feeling the full force of football season??? If not, come on over.

I invite people over alot.
No one ever comes.
I should stop. Or offer food.

Works is soon nearing and I'm not even close to being ready.


happy weekend eve,

p.p.s. is anyone having problems leaving comments???

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kids these days

Us women, we use various methods of birth control (which I will not be discussing on this public're welcome).
My husband has found his method
Pee-Wee football
GT has coached these little rascals for a few years
He loves it. I think he's good at it too.
There is nothing else that will make you wait to have your own kids more than short-attention spanned children running around in massive quantities.

It works.

On the other hand, we have this cutie pa-tootie
He belongs to a co-worker of GTs and he had a grand ole time at his big bros game
Woodrow and he made fast friends as they were eachothers first experience with a pup

He crawled his little body over to this goal line marker and we (his mom and I) watched as he contemplated his next move. It was quite entertaining actually. Sometimes I wish that I could sit in a kids head and listen to what goes on in there.

I was able to document his moves
We were obviously entertained with the possibilities of his thought process. Whatever it was, I was grateful for it. When was the last time I saw a small space and just crawled through it to see what was public?
I love kids. Kids are fun and cute. One at a time. When you can give them back.

It was a beautiful day for a ball game.
And a more beautiful day to get in the truck with GT and go home with just eachother.
and Woodrow.

love from one half of a duo,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tues Blues

Just got home
GTs still out
Good day at work
Curlin up with my book
Kleenex at hand
Woodrow on guard
Sudaphed on board

I got the Tues snifflin blues

Monday, September 13, 2010

cookie monster

I love cookie cakeI'm one of those obnoxious birthday people

But, I really think it's because


happy cookie cake day to me

perhaps i can share some with you today



Sunday, September 12, 2010

For it's 1...2...3....

This is how I felt this weekend

We did so much, it felt like we were just a-flyin' from one thing to the next.

Since I probably won't wake up early enough in the morning, I decided that during the Cowboys game, i'd do a quick weekend recap.

Try to pay attention, or else you might get left behind. This train has picked up steam Friday afternoon we flew to Atlanta
Took a cab to the hotel then to Turner Stadium (my handsome boo so proudly displaying this)

We met up with a huge group of family and friends (all in orange Buck Commander shirts)
to watch my cousin Willie sing "Take me out to the ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch

yeah, it was a pretty big deal

Then I hung out with awesome people
(lots and lots more pics on my album link and facebook)

Then we watched fireworks

Then we flew back Saturday to be welcomed home by my parents
Mom and I made our new Autumn wreath
then she posed with my pup in front of it(because she's a good mom)
the guys watched football...duh...and still are

Then we went to the ULM vs. UofA game
My loyalties were put to the test (Go HOGS!)
sorry Monroe

then we had fun band times

Then we celebrated our bdays (thanks parentals!)

We have to share a bday week....I mean get to.

perhaps the weekends' quick pace was catching up with us when we chose to smile like this for a picture. or we are wierd. probably just wierd.

Then we went to church
and went out to eat
it was a perfect, perfect Sunday to be outside
Then I watched my hubs coach a 2nd & 3rd grade football team.
yep, you heard me right.
don't worry, more to come on that later.
it is a gem.
More was accomplished in the weekend, but I'd like to leave some of our life mysterious...
actually, it's just boring
Then my dad played with our dog
then our dog hugged my dad.

The end.

I'm tired but my cup is full

and so is my belly
and so is my kitchen...with cookie-cake and cookies and muffins and m&ms and chips (party over here y'all!)

sayin' goodbye to another full-steam ahead weekend
i hope your cup was filled as well,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Morning Glory

This is Sadie
She's my BFF
She and GT are pretty close to BFFs, but I won't let it happen because she's MY BFF
This is when she was performing a rap she wrote for my wedding day
Hence, why she's my BFF
I know you wish your BFF was as cool as my BFF
are you tired of seeing BFF yet?

Still rappin

Everyone loves her.

Fridays List of Loves
Things that I am loving on this Friday.....
Her family
The fact that i'm going to see them today!!!!!!!!!
in Atlanta
at a Braves game!!!!
coffee (always love coffee)
early work of construction men finishing our laundry room
Woodrows' loyalty
my parents' coming in town tomorrow
a clean house...yep, it happened
finishing thank-you notes today...please, please, please encourage me to finish
my familys' health
lovin' Friday,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Late Mid-Week Update

Don't you just love Thursdays? I do and I always have. Probably for the same reason I love Christmas eve. Speaking of, I'm ready for boot season.

A quick update late mid-week.

1. Our laundry room is now inside! GT had some framers come and add on a few feet so our washer and dryer are now accessible through the house rather than outside in the carport. No more running outside quickly in my undies or towel to get a shirt/random clothing article and hope the neighbors aren't looking outside at the moment. Pictures to come (of the house, not the previous sentence).

2. My dog thinks ice cubes are treats. Shhhhh....don't tell him other dogs get real treats.

3. Quick and easy recipe.
We both got home a little later than usual last night and had little time before Life Group so we scrounged up somethin' yummy for din-din. I love being in the kitchen with GT and he contributed with an awesome salad.
Throw a few Tony Cachere' sprinkled pork tenderloins in a skillet stove-top on medium
Dabble on a little lemon your liking
Turn them every few minutes for about 25 minutes until all the pink is gone
Meanwhile, chop zucchini into little rounds and sautee stove-top on medium with EVOO and Tony's
All the while...have your hubs or whoever whip up a delicious salad.
lettuce of your choice, chopped tomatoes, crushed up tomato-basil crackers, Cavenders, sweet vidalia onion dressing, salt & pep, mozz cheese, and whatever else GT did.

super delish and easy

Now for the clean up. Who wants to come over? I haven't cleaned up from last night...i'm busy, I mean i'm bloggin, I mean i'm lazy...Don't judge me.

happy weekend eve,


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

thank heaven for little boys

Listen up ladies!!!
(all 2 of you reading this, and if you're married...disregard)
Another lesson learned.
These just keep popping up.
Don't settle for anything less than what you want in a man. period.
I always knew I wanted, but really needed, a man. You know...a MAN.
The kind that would fix stuff, open your door, want to watch sports all day but would sweetly pretend not to care if you asked him to do something with you, would rather be outside killin' things, like to "handle this", pay the bills, take out the get the picture. I needed me a man.
But, I never had any idea the kind of man I'd find myself snuggling up to for the rest of my life. And did I ever get a man. I brag about him often, so I will save it, but I like his rugged manliness and am thankful for his knack for fixin', huntin' and doin'.
As promised, here are some displays of him out at my parents' property in Calhoun, La.
I think it's perfect there.
My dad built these ponds.
He's a MAN too.

dad fishin'


thats me. not being good at fishin' (i'm too impatient)
... until my man showed up.

and here we are. lovin'

here's to love and findin' your kinda man,

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday is a good Monday

Oh boy, oh boy. Do I ever have so much to share!
1. Another Newlywed Lesson Learned. I have a feeling, they'll keep sprouting up.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

GT and I spent the weekend apart and I know that we both enjoyed ourselves doing our gender-stereotypical respective activities. Yet, we were both chompin' at the bit to see eachother come Monday..."it'll be alright, come monday...." sorry I can't resist some Jimmy B.
Anywhoooo...I digress.
We had also spent the previous weekends' Saturday apart doing girly things for me and manly things for him. To better display my activities, here are some photos. I was noticeably happy to be eating at a fresh-market restaurant in Dallas on a beautiful patio with wonderful people who I love and admire, the Kisers

Kyla, my former rooms, and I got some fro-yo (this is all the Dallas posh craze and for good reason), got pedis, went shopping, watched movies, went out to eat and giggled. It was perfect.

I also cuddled with Franklin. The man-dog. You should considered your life not yet lived if you have not had the pleasure of knowing this Scotty

This photo was from the previous weekend at the, It's a Mom Thing Event, put on by my awesomely creative and inspiring aunt Chrys.

The speakers, which included my amazing mother, were hilarious, emotion and inspirational. My fave though was the praise team. Hearing a room full of women sing praise and pour out their heart to God is...breathtaking. I would've loved to spend the whole day and longer in song. Praise be to our God for beautiful voices and the vessel that song is for our worship.

2. Meanwhile, my hubs participated in true mens activities and bonded with the great outdoors. Photos of his adventures to be displayed in a later post. I am doing this for those with attention spans as short as mine

3. Should we get a Wii??? I know, you can think about this for a's a big commitment.

Love and fro-yo,