Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Taylor boys take school

The Taylor boys started Mothers Day Out roughly 1 month ago
and they are loving it.

well, i suppose Townes is.
he doesn't cry when i drop him off and they say he eats and naps, so in baby/nonverbal world...we'll call that a win!

first, we went for orientation,saw their classrooms and met their teachers
never ever would i force a photo-op

Judson is typically reserved when he first enters a new place.
and he was
(note that little Townesy is making his getaway...  behind me)

alas, Judson couldn't resist the magical land that is preschool toys

we were all prepped and ready for the first real day
Honey came with us, which always makes things more fun!
don't let Judsons painful smile fool you.

really though, he was super excited
and Townes had no clue
and his mother forgot his shoes.
strong first day!

Judson went right in his class, turned around and said, "bye, mom!"
Townes thought i had abandoned him, weeping crocodile tears, but quickly got over it in 3 seconds after i left (from what i'm told)

since then, they both go into their rooms happy and are equally happy when i return
they are so well cared for and i adore their sweet teachers :)
Judson is proving to be more shy at school then i thought he would be, but i predict he will warm up soon and they might miss his more reserved days.
he tells me that he doesn't sing in music class, but "just listens with his ears."

2 days per week at MDO is just the perfect amount of time for them to be in other peoples care, learn new things and realize the world will continue to spin if I am out of the room.
it also allows me time to study or go to clinical.

i'm truly thankful for a wonderful place that takes such good care of our boys. 
where they hear the name of Jesus and are provided a safe learning environment.

i suppose here is where i insert my "how are they growing up so fast?" rhetorical question

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

3 more things...not necessarily what i'm loving

actually, these are 3 things that i'm really not loving...
filed under "random thoughts"
cue weird music and fade screen

1. i leave the bathroom door open so that Judson can go "potty" by himself. 
i close the bathroom door so that Townes doesn't bathe in or drink the toilet water.
this is my life in 2 sentences.

2. i have had the same re-ocurring dream for a number of years.
i show up to my high school and our basketball game is starting. i have no uniform, no shoes and no sports bra. i also can't figure out which locker is mine in the locker room. 
perhaps this dream is based on my own reality from my high school b-ball days...preparedness was not my strong suit.

3. I saw a college-age girl wearing one of these just the other day
i thought we had made progress.
why are we doing this again?

cheers to Tuesday, may it be a re-start if your Monday was rough
because sometimes, that happens

Monday, September 21, 2015

3 things

whenever i get the chance, i like to listen to Podcast. 
the chance occurs when i am by myself in the car, which is rare to never.
but on those occasions, i like to pick up where i left on a Podcast.
lately, it's been the Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.
she hosts various women for an hour of chit-chatting.
Typically, the woman have some sort of platform, love Jesus and are friends (to some degree) of Jamie's. 
I love it. 
It's really like you're just eaves-dropping on their chats at Happy Hour, but i am always encouraged by something they talk about. Whether it's a struggle, their career, their parenting, words of advice, or just their life story-there's always a take away that keeps me coming back for more.

Towards the end of their conversation, Jamie asks her guest to talk about 3 things they are loving right now. It's fun to hear what they like, trivial or not and often i learn of something that i just HAD to have...very important.

It's funny, i constantly am catching myself mentally dog-earing something as one of my 3 things.
So, today i will share with you 3 things that i am loving right now.

1. Speaking of podcast, our church has our worship time as podcast and i love, love, love it.

So do Judson and Townes. 
We have a built in DVD player in our car, but really only use it when we're on road trips (except for when i turn it on other, yeah). 
Recently I had it open because the boys had been watching a show.
Judson asked me to close the TV and for us to listen to church songs.
He signs along when a song comes on that he can remember.
and, if you know him, then you know that he always. ALWAYS. requests "Shout Hallelujah". always. 
It's the best.
If you love acapella worship, like me, you can subscribe on itunes to the Podcast. 
it's called WFR church worship. 
Heres a link for step-by-step instructions on how to find it (thanks, Zac!)

2. my Advocare
this is not a plug or a commercial.
i'm just saying that my regimen of Thermoplus, Meal Replacement Shakes and Spark is working for me.
and I love it.

3. Cerave Renewing SA lotion

changed my Keratosis Pilaris life.
you know... the "chicken skin" on the back of your arms.

see, i told you.
only very important things.
ok, one more thing
these 3.

happy Monday,
let's do this.

Friday, September 11, 2015

family photos by Erin

When it came time to have Townesy's 1 year photos taken, I called my friend, Erin...of course!
She has taken the majority of our family photos and always captures us so well.
we were friends in college and she married one of my best childhood friends
she has two little girls (the cutest!) and is incredible with kids
we are so comfortable with her, which helps soooo much!

so, here we are
Townes 1 year photos!

which ended up being more like family photos because our sweet little bitty prefers to be held by his mother. especially at 630pm.
at one point, we were all doing crazy things to get him to smile, as he sat by himself on the ground.
I told Erin, "he just doesn't like to be by himself" (ridiculous, i know)
she said, "well, let's let Judson sit next to him!"
i said, "well, what i actually meant is... he just likes to be held by me" (so ridiculous, i know)
she did end up getting some really sweet photos of him
those blue eyes and little teeth
Judson did great, but wasn't so keen on smiling for every picture, but preferred to ask over and over when he could have his (promised) popsicle.
GT told him that the faster he smiled for the pictures, the faster he could get his popsicle

i am so happy to have our little family captured at this stage
and to have some photos of our sweet, little Townesy at 1 year

thanks again to Erin!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

so, i guess we're cat people

i am not a cat person
primarily, because i'm allergic to them
and any other reason for disliking a feline stems from that.

therefore, we got 3 kittens

it all started when my dad and GT started talking about the need for a "barn cat"
one to keep away the mice, snakes, bugs and whatever else they ward off
well, apparently GT had mentioned this to his compadres at work 
our friend, Jordan, found some kittens in his neighborhood (he also found our ducks in his neighborhood...remember those???) and called GT to ask if we wanted them
bring 'em on over
we really only wanted one cat, but decided to keep the 3 for a bit 
we all had our eye on this guy from the beginning
ok. it's a she, not a he
but, Judson informed me that it was "not a girl cat, it's just a cat" and we all continue to just call it a he.
moving on...

we all liked the gray one, called "Speedo" for her feistiness and general likeability

and tolerance for all things Judson and Townes
including grooming with a grill-brush

the two other kittens were pawned off on my brother and GTs brother (thanks sibs!)
and Speedo is living the high-life at barn-de-la-Kirby/Taylor
she and Judson are quite the little duo
she cries as soon as Judson walks out of the house- all the way from the barn- until he goes over there and picks her's quite ridiculous.
but, he loves her right back.
she follows him all over the place
she also keeps at Townes, although i don't quite understand it, since Townes is anything but gentle with her. yet, she persists.

and so begins the photographic display of "how we became cat people":
i'm still allergic, but am admittedly more tolerant
the kitten is winning me over
because of this