Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: how to eat cobbler

*artistic liberties were taken to enhance viewing pleasure(as if it needed enhancing) via iMovie sound effects

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankfulness a few days late

Although we recognize the 4th Thursday of November as a day of thanks, I thought'd i'd spread the love to a the following Tuesday.

I'm sure that i'm not alone in saying that I have more things to be thankful for than i could count.
When i was little I wanted to video-tape a day in my life and send it in to Oprah.
I thought(seriously) that she'd put me on an episode as the luckiest girl alive.
No lie.
True story.
I never did it.

The same is true today. I am the luckiest gal around.
I also believe "Great gifts mean great responsibilies; greater gifts, greater responsibilies". Luke 12:48
(the Message)
I pray that my actions and choices honor God and that I can give to others as freely as He has given to me.

On this Tuesday of thanks, I want to focus on one new aspect of my life for which I am grateful.
Our home.

I am grateful to my parents for allowing us full use of every inch of their land.
I am grateful for our little house that we can call ours.
I'm grateful that GT is allowing me to pursue my dream of becoming self-sufficient.
I'm grateful for the health of our garden.
I'm grateful for the fresh air.
I'm grateful for friendly neighbors.
I'm grateful for hard working men: my hubby and dad.
I'm grateful for the domestic skills that my mom, mamaws and aunts have taught me.
I'm grateful for books that teach me how to be more resourceful with what God gave us.
I'm grateful for our canine love-nugget.
I'm grateful that GT and I share a love of the outdoors.
I'm grateful for the desire to learn about the world around me that was instilled in me by my parents.
I'm grateful for hard work that pays off.
I'm grateful for the beauty that surrounds me.
our road

the backyard

pup and garden

garden and pumpkins

like I said, luckiest most blessed gal around

Monday, November 28, 2011

Elizabeths wedding

I would tell you about my good friend Elizabeths wedding, but i'll let the pictures talk.
(the actual pictures are poor iphone quality, but the decor and setting were perfect)
The barn is on their family farm.
I mean, come on.

She is one of the most naturally beautiful people EVER.
We've been friends since freshman year and have traveled Europe and Ghana together.
She has seen me at my worst. No doubt. She is effortlessly lovely

her wedding day footwear. just perfectly Elizabeth

Jen and I before the ceremony
Elizabeth gifted us the cardigans and belts(it was a chilly day, so we donned them during the ceremony)
E is an excellent gift giver

that chandelier. stunning.

it's the little details that matter people.

the pie table.
just take a minute and notice all of the sweet little details. go ahead.
the table... a door and barrels. hello!


details people.

as the guests arrived they hung out and drank cider and coffee.
i loved the casual vibe

instead of programs, the wedding partys names were written on the window pane.
the haybales served as ceremony seating.

casual mingling

more perfect little details. chocolate covered coffee beans

elizabeth, jenna and lauren.
love 'em

instagram photos
the entrance to the farm was beautiful

my friend buzz took this and i think it is an excellent photo representing the day
Brock and Elizabeth
they are comfy, casual people, but beautiful
the ceremony was one of the sweetest and most personal i've ever been a part of

E's mom and 9 of her friends spent 3 days out at the farm and decorated
they do that for all of their kids weddings. a team. isn't that wonderful?

the folk string band for the reception.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Team Taylor

Today along with most Saturdays in the fall, I join my fellow Americans in celebrating the great sport of football. From tailgates, to College Gameday, to guys oogleing over Erin Andrews(sometimes my husband), to touchdowns, to disappointments, to marching bands, to get the picture.
It's Saturday and it's Gameday.

My youngest brother-in-law just ended his last season of college football.
He's the last Taylor boy to play.
Sad day in the Taylor household.
We love football.
Let me rephrase, I like football.
These guys loooooooove football. and they're good at it.
I enjoy it being a family sport to watch and play.

So, here's to Garrett.
He made first team all-conference!!!
the full report here
So proud of you Gare-Bear

the 2010 season

GT pre-beard and Garrett 2010 season

this was my first game to attend with the Taylors, 2009 season.
i felt proud to be on Team Taylor

2 of the Taylor boys in the new HU locker room this year

SEARCY – The Harding football team had 10 student-athletes earn All-Great American Conference honors Tuesday as the conference released its postseason awards. There were four Bisons on the 1st Team, three on the 2nd Team, and three Honorable Mentions.
Harding's 1st Team honorees were senior running back Kale Gelles (Colleyville, Texas), senior all-purpose back Jeremy Holt (Nashville, Tenn.), senior offensive lineman Garrett Taylor (Huntsville, Texas), and senior kicker Eddy Carmona (Charleston, Ark.).
Gelles ranked second in the conference in rushing at 100.5 yards per game. He carried 170 times for 1,005 yards and became only the third Harding running back with consecutive 1,000-yard seasons. Gelles was also 1st Team All-Conference last season in the Gulf South Conference.
Holt was Harding's all-purpose yardage leader and ranked second in the GAC at 117.6 yards per game. He was third on the team with 512 rushing yards and second with 295 receiving yards. Holt, who ranked fifth at Harding with 3,944 career all-purpose yards, earned his first 1st Team award after receiving 2nd Team All-GSC last season.
Taylor, who started all 11 games at left guard, was the best offensive lineman on the top rushing team in Division II. Harding averaged 360.9 rushing yards and set a school record with 38 rushing touchdown. Taylor led all Harding offensive linemen with 386 knockout blocks during the season and is the Bisons' nominee for the Gene Upshaw Award, given each year to Division II's top lineman.
Carmona became Harding's first 1st Team All-Conference kicker since Jeremy Thompson was All-Lone Star Conference in 1999. He connected on 10-of-13 field goals, including a 62-yard effort at East Central that is the longest field goal in the NCAA this year. Carmona also made 46-of-49 extra points and led Harding in scoring with 76 points.
Bisons on the 2nd Team included junior offensive lineman Tory Day (Memphis, Tenn.), junior defensive end Josh Aldridge (Jackson, Tenn.), and junior linebacker Aaron Gillaspie (Nashville, Tenn.).
Day, who was 1st Team All-GSC last season, started 10 of 11 games at left tackle and helped Harding lead Division II with only three sacks allowed. Aldridge recorded 45 tackles and led the Bisons with 12.5 tackles for loss and 7.5 sacks. Gillaspie had a team-high 89 tackles and ranked third in the GAC with 8.1 tackles per game.
Senior wide receiver Tyler O'Quin (Wylie, Texas), junior cornerback Roderick Cohn (Long Beach, Calif.) and junior safety Jasper Bodiford (Riviera Beach, Calif.) received Honorable Mention.
O'Quin led Harding receivers with 11 receptions for 319 yards and scored two touchdowns. Cohn had a team-best three interceptions and six pass breakups, and Bodiford had 43 tackles and two interceptions.
Harding's 10 honorees were tied for second-most in the conference. Ouachita Baptist, the conference champion, had 13 honorees.
Harding had three players top individual categories in the final GAC statistics. Junior quarterback Chaz Rogers led the conference in passing efficiency (169.9), Carmona led the conference in scoring by kickers (6.9 points per game), and Aldridge was tops in sacks with 7.5.\
Harding led the GAC in 11 team categories. Offensively, the Bisons were No. 1 in the conference in scoring offense (35.5), total offense (427.6), rushing offense (360.9), sacks against (3), third-down conversions (46.2), fourth-down conversions (74.1), and time of possession (32:07).
On defense, Harding led in total defense (329.1), sacks (28), and opponent's first downs (17.1 per game). Harding also had the highest percentage of field goals made (10-of-13, 76.9%).
The Bisons are tentatively scheduled to open the 2012 season on Sept. 8 in a non-conference game against Missouri S&T in Searcy. The Miners, members of the Great Lakes Valley Conference, recently completed their season with a 6-5 record. The teams last played in the 2002 season opener, which Harding won 23-15 in Searcy.

Strong work Garrett!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Shop Local!

Lately, i've enjoyed the local shops that good ole West Money has to offer.
and I would like to challenge you, along with challening myself to support local merchants.
I'm all about supporting the local economy and love finding that one of a kind piece from a local vendor.
Antique Alley in WM has been around since the 60's (not a real fact, but i think that's accurate and it sounds right) and has a great number of boutiques, antique malls and shops that tickle my fancy.
I'm making it a point to look local first!

Ela Vanila Jewelry at Brooklyn Co.

supes cute Christmas scarf from Salt & Pepper

a gift from mom found at Brazell & Co Home (looove)

a new(to me) antique cookie jar from Brazell & Co Home

My aunt Chrys and friend Jenny are selling some things here, too.
Their booth is very cute!

Pop Shop has some quirky gifts and awesome records
of course i like their shop...this is their facebook profile pic
i'm going to grab the new She&Him christmas record there soon! can't wait to get that baby crankin'
here's a sample
(simply because it's too good not to play over and over again..even in november..or july for that matter)

dreamy dreamy voice of Zoe D.

MoJo's is always a must when on Antique Alley

the best Louisiana t-shirts.

So, come on down to West Monroe and let me take you to some great local shops!
perfect for gift searching.

see ya soon,

Thursday, November 10, 2011

celebrating births

this picture is precious to me
it hangs where i can see it and see it often

It was taken a day that I was leaving for Mexico on a mission trip in highschool.
My whole family was there supporting me.

That's my Pa.
my dads dad.
I miss him so badly that it physically hurts somedays.
Yesterday would've been his 82nd birthday.
I still get kind of angry when I think about him not being with us any more.
Is it ok to get angry? I think so. It demonstrates the depth of the hole left by a persons absence.
I want him to know GT.
 They'd get along so well. They'd spend alot of time together. My Pa would love GT.
I want him to teach my kids how to drive a boat, grow a garden and fix anything.
He was the most supportive Pa.
He never missed anything that I took part in. Even track meets that were hours away.
He'd be there. By himself. Then he'd drive me back home. I loved that.
He always had time for me.
He was also the most fit 70 year old man you'd ever see. He was fully capable of anything.
I wish he was here to see my new house and help GT fix stuff.
My heart swells with pride when I am called his granddaughter.
Yesterday would've been a happy happy birthday for my Pa.
Praise God for the hope we have of heaven.
Jesus' tomb was empty, therefore the grave has no hold on my Pa!

In that picture, Will sits on Pa's shoulders.
Tuesday was his first double-digit birthday!!!
My cousins, Korie(my bff) and Willie adopted Willie Alexander 10 years ago.
I can not imagine our lives without him.
There'd be a Will shaped hole if he wasn't in our lives.
He brings so much joy to our family and never hesistates to show his love for us.
He is always excited to see us and gives the best hugs.
I love that kid so stinkin' much.
Sometimes I just hug him until he makes me stop...can't get enough of him.
he started playing football this year.
He does not have one single mean bone in his body.
He has a sweet spirit and is kind to everyone.
Oh well, it's fun to watch him run around out there not hitting anyone toooo hard.

Happy birthday to my favorite Pa, an incredible and incredibly missed man.
Happy birthday to my favorite Will, an awesome 10 year old who will be an awesome man.

I am so grateful for great men in my life...from every end of the age spectrum.
I am humbled that God chose me to be in their lives.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

three little birds

2 weekends ago
2 of my favorite people came to play with me
2 of  my BFFs

I hope everyone has friends like mine
each day I am grateful that God chose to put some wonderful women in my life
I feel truly blessed to have friends that are great women of faith
they also happen to have great taste in music, food and style
I love them because they are selfless, confident and love great conversation
we 3 can be together and do nothing or something ridiculous and treasure the time spent
Kyla and I were rooms in college and in Dallas
2 of the greatest of times of my life
she has shared tears and laughs with me
many times the tears were because of the laughs
she sat with me and cried with me on my bed the morning i found out we had lost my Papaw Shack
she "feels" music the same way that I do
she'll watch Pride and Prejudice with me for the gagillionth time...anytime
she loves Jesus with her whole heart
she can sing....i mean sing people
we just get eachother. ya know?
she's the real deal people
those are a few reason why i love being friends with Kyla

Buzz makes me laugh so much
we were also JuGoJu sistas in college
we were Dallas babes together
she loves concerts with me
she can make up words that make no sense but perfect sense at the same time
she appreciates the small things
she loves my cookin' and lets me know
she knows how to give a compliment and i love to hear them. i treasure her advice, seriously
she has killer style
she is ridiculously easy to be with and makes others feel important. selfless
she loves blogs with me
we can talk about EVERYTHING for a long time
i love Buzz(laura is her real name)
someday i want my kids to learn from her. learn everything.


we drove around our land to the refuge
they appreciated it.

buzz being all woodsy and stuff
she loved on my doggies and the loved her
Buzz is from Philly, so it's fun to see her be all non-city

dreamy day

collage of the morning

photos taken of meals eaten at my house by them
they both love when i cook(or at least that's what they tell me and i buy it)
and i love to cook
so we just ate at my house the entire weekend
it was perfect
i'm not sure if there is much better than a long dinner accompanied by dear friends and lovely conversation
easy like a sunday morning

our friend David came over for roast, potatoes and biscuits after church on Sunday
we visited until 3pm.
that's a good sunday lunch, ya heard?

when i lived with Kyla and Kari(her twin. and yes, she's equally awesome), i had a cd that i burned(holla) and played constantly.
this song was on that cd and makes me happy and think of time with them.
good harmony, anyone?
thank ya mam.

Daring Girls Cup 2008

buzzs blogs:

thanks for being great pals