Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Hopefully, ours grows....
well, just grows.

Thanks to my husband, i have a square foot garden box.
He said it was "basic".
Ain't nothing basic about it boo.
I can hammer a nail in a wall for a picture, but that takes a few tries to get it right.
My box would've def been a trapezoid or some odd geometric figure.

Luckily, this guy was here to oversee with me.
He provided the laziness and I provided the orders.
Quite a team.

That there lawn chair/lounge was my chosen spot for supervising this job.

The lettuce to be planted and hopefully harvested at maturation.

My guide.
I'll let you know how it goes.
Mel is quite the expert.

Worker, worker bee.

The end.

Well, half of it anyway.
Come springtime the other half of the rectangle will be filled.
I'm not fond of many of the veggies that can be planted in the fall.
So, just some broccoli, onion and lettuces for now. And some mums for pretty sake.
But, in Marchish-Mayish...i'm gonna be up to my nose in squash, pepper, tomatoes and the like.

here's to becoming self-sufficient

Party time

We celebrated GTs 30th birthday last weekend out in the new/old barn.
His parents came in town for the weekend(which is always a fun weekend) to help us, along with my mom, dad, mamaw Lou and mamaw Jo throw the shin-dig. Some of our good friends came over and we had a grand ole time just celebrating our GT.
This here wagonbed was already on the property. Dad and GT just revived it.

Perfect for serving!

These delicious ham n' cheese sliders were found via Pinterest...hello! Delish

Warming up the barn with friends

The cake tried to crack into thirds.
In an effort to mend it, I loaded on chocolate frosting in hopes it would paste the parts back together.
In an effort to hide the cracks..."i'll just write on the cake with orange frosting".
Note to self...that should never be your solution. Orange is never the solution
homemade birthday cake. fail.
at least it tasted good.

We played HomeRun Derby.
Because GT's gonna "knock 30 outta the park".
Get it?
You're never too old for a themed birthday party, right?

I'm so grateful for my man and his birth! I'm thrilled to be his woman and love being the one by his side. He also happens to be my favorite person in the world.

I'm especially thankful for his leadership.
Not only in our family, but leading those around him. He is a born leader and does not take that lightly as he chooses daily to be a good man, a honest man and a Godly man.

He is also leading the way into the 30's.
He's paving the way, so he can let me know what it's like in the 3rd decade of life.

Love ya boo!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My man...

...Is building a square-foot garden box for me. It's times like these that I'm very thankful that I married a Man.
A fix-it, build-it, country kinda man.
He's the real deal.

I'm sitting in a lawn chair supervising.
I'd call this a purty perfect Saturday.

Perhaps someday I will have a "catch up" day and bombard this blog with posts.
Prhaps. Someday.
Let's not get too ambitious. The day is too beautiful to be wasted on a computer.

Happy 2nd day of Fall!
Hopefully your day is as wonderful as ours! We are blessed


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ice cream break

Today I saw an older gentleman eating an ice cream sandwich all by himself and it made me happy.
You just don't see many people sitting by themselves eating ice cream...in public (alone on the couch is a different story).
I wanted to join him. But had to work.

I hope he enjoyed that sandwich

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

perfect harmony

Can we just get a standing ovation for the weather today?
I mean, come one.
Perhaps it'll stay for a while. As if.

I just wanted to share this.
If you are like me, you love some good harmony.
Musically and relationshiply.
But here, i'm talking musically.

thanks to a friend on f-book, i heard about the youngsters today.
perfect, perfect blend of vocals.
probs because they're sibs.

Daves Highway

brightened my day

Thursday, September 1, 2011

deer decor

This is on GTs side of the bed and it suits him well, I believe.
He's the one responsible for that deer head anyway(if you know what I mean).
We've enjoyed that deer this past year...in soups, spaghetti, sausage and now on our bedroom wall.
Nevermind the fact that I dropped poor mr.deer-head and broke his mandible. whoops.
makes him have a bit more character.
camera+ effect: magic hour

More house re-do's to come.
This little idea came from something I saw on Pinterest(obviously)

I love how our home is turning out. We feel very much at home and want others to feel the same way.

here's to homey homes,