Friday, May 30, 2014


my OB is a cautious OB. and i am thankful for that.
at 34 weeks he prefers that his patients not travel out of town.
just to be safe.
i'm almost 35 weeks and still have to travel to Shreveport 3 times for class.
shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! do not tell him.
I carpool with friends, two of which are labor/delivery/post-partum nurses.
i'm covered.
also, i'm not too concerned. 

that does mean that we are done with weekend travels for a bit.
well, I am. 
GT has business trips, but I'm staying put. so is Judson.

so, let's re-cap a few weekends gone by over the last 2 months, shall we?

in April, GT and I made a fast and furious trip to Austin for a wedding.
My friend Rachel married my friend James.
i mean. seriously.
the pic is from her blog Coffee and Tacos. all of her photos are stunning!

James and I were good friends at Harding
I met Rachel while living in Dallas and then traveled to Ghana with her, becoming great friends!
they met through my friend, Buzz
such a sweet circle of friends.
the wedding was to die for and incredibly sincere.
James and Rachel are the most thoughtful, happy and fun people!
Patrick did their wedding video and I might love it more than ours. he is brilliant!
i also got to see and catch up with some of my besties and others that I don't get to see that often.
GT and I left West Monroe on Sunday morning and came home Monday afternoon. those hours with my man in the car were delightful. 
We also made a quick stop at his grandparents house in Georgetown, then stayed the night with his sister in Austin.
24-36 hours that were good, good, good for the soul and our marriage.
(side note: after the wedding, a couple of dudes told GT that they were staring at his hair during the ceremony and they were jealous of it. yep.)

at the beginning of May, I went to another wedding at my cousins farm just down the road from our house.
Judson was still recovering from the lovely coxsachie virus and GT stayed home with him.
our family's good friend, Katy got married and it was such a sweet, intimate and fun wedding.
beautiful setting!
sisters and cousins
p.s. those cousins on the right are growing up ridiculously fast.
too fast, i would say.
but aren't they the cutest?!?
pretty sweet to boot

and a few weekends back, GT spoke at a mens prayer breakfast in Little Rock where we attended church when we lived there.
so we headed up on Friday and came home Saturday evening.
we were able to see lots of friends and from what i hear...GT did a wonderful job at the breakfast (not surprised at all!)
i have zero photos from the prayer breakfast, but made sure to get pics with my friends! (whoops!)
I haven't seen Lynn or Lauren in waaaaayyyy too long, but it was as if we were together everyday.
i miss them something awful!

Judson Ray loved the hotel room!
we went out to eat, got ice cream and did a little shopping. just the three of us. and it was like a little get-a-way.
we hadn't expected it to feel like a vacation, but it was a delightful two days for our little family of 3.
i guess we could title it, a Baby-moon with a toddler.
that has a nice ring to it, huh?
or not.

other weekends have been filled with the nephews being in town, us being in Tyler, Beau's 4th birthday party (post coming soon!), Memorial Day and various other activities at the house.
just a few more weekends remaining with only 1 boy!

the next few weekends will be full of homework, clinicals, class and preparing for baby Taylor #2!

happy weekend pals

Thursday, May 29, 2014

a few things and thoughts related to ducks,dogs, pregnancy and ridiculous post titles

1. I never knew how much I relied on our wagon or the Bad Boy until I pushed an umbrella stroller across our property to our garden.
This umbrella stroller to be exact
the one that I purchased as we entered the mall for lunch since our good stroller has been reduced to ashes (see barn post)
not exactly made for off-roading

and this garden
which deserves it's own post. it's beautiful and producing some lovely things.

on that (stroller) note- I wasn't going to buy a double stroller when the new baby arrived because I really do not use a stroller that often. We don't live in a walking city and we don't frequent the mall that often or other places that require a stroller. But, since I am currently sans stroller (well, now we have an umbrella stroller), I am rethinking the double stroller idea.
 i'd welcome some of those thoughts 

our ducklings and Judson meet (a few weeks ago)

2. our ducks are almost full grown ducks now
their wings should be functional any day 
since we got the ducks-roughly 3-4 weeks ago, our plan was to keep them fed, watered and safe up at our barn (now, the house) until their wings were of use and then we'd put them down at the pond.

well, they have quickly outgrown their (dog) kennel, therefore we have let them become free-range ducks.
they can go anywhere they want...even the pond.
as it turns out, they like to stay as close to the house as possible.
i'm eager to see how long this lasts. 
but, i kind of like the guys just hanging out.

keeping them safe from dogs,snakes, other animals has not been an issue.
keeping them out of reach of this guy....
is another issue...
he loves his animals
he loves all animals actually
but mostly, his animals
to an extreme
Woodrow. the most patient dog that ever lived.

next on the agenda.

3. anybody else have restless leg syndrome while pregnant?
good grief...this stuff ain't no joke.
my pregnancy has gone really well, except for these weird ailments that make me feel like a whiny baby.
a tick bite that caused some lymphadenitis behind my ear- treated with antibiotics in case it was Lyme disease (!). 
crazy pain in my lower back/sacrum/coccyx (tmi?).
and now RLS

i'm thankful for the overall health during this pregnancy and the ability to push through and work, do school/clinicals. 
but I do always feel like i'm complaining about something ridiculous to my OB.
luckily, our little love nugget baby is a trooper and doing his growing thing!
and this does have a date of resolution in approximately 5 weeks.

that's enough.
Here's to Friday eve.
make it a good'un folks.

Friday, May 23, 2014

weekend dreaming

first of all, thank you for all of your nice comments about our barn burning. 
the demolition process should begin soon and the rebuilding to that's exciting!

what're you up to this weekend?
it's a long weekend and that makes me happy, and i'm sure i'm not the only one.
we have no plans. 
just laying low. 
preparing for a baby and doing some studying.
i've got a list for GT (yay! for him)
most of it will have to wait, as it requires some handy-work and his tools have been scorched, but i'm sure we can manage.

i'm also dreaming of Italy today.
it's been 9 years since I left for my summer in Florence, although it feels like last week.
if i could do it again, i'd jump at the chance in a heartbeat.
i recommend it to all Harding students one million times over.

on an unrelated/related note,
i'm not someone who professes to have no regrets in life.
sure, i have regrets.
most of them will stay tucked away and never mentioned on the world wide web.
but, i will share one regret that i do have.

not dressing better during my summer in Europe.
cross-body bags, tshirts, loose skirts, long shorts, chacos.

although my wardrobe choices made no impact on the quality of my time overseas, i sure would enjoy looking over my pictures more.
i was in Italy! for crying out loud!

oh well. i've made worse choices.
we'll just chalk this one up to being young, wild and free. and easily influenced.
i could probably chalk most of my bad choices up to that.

i'm still dreaming of Italy. 
regardless of my attire.

i'll take it in any way, shape or form.

Happy Friday friends!
cheers to 3 day weekend.
enjoy your family.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the barn

our barn burned down.
i'm sad. we're all a little sad.

i could lament all that we lost or i could recount our blessings
easily, we could go down either path.
but i am admitting that i am sad for what was lost, but not hanging out there.
we are all moving on and getting down to business and rebuilding.
and waiting on insurance, of course.

the barn sits in between our house and my parents house...maybe 30-50 yards away from each.
huge trees overhang the barn.
our homes are intact, the trees untouched and all dogs and my ducks are safe.

most importantly, we are all safe and unharmed.
except for the pathetic soreness i feel today from running around frantically when i saw the barn on fire.
6 firetrucks in total, i think. maybe it was 5.
i love our fire department!
we are forever grateful for their promptness and effort.
they were running from the time they jumped out of the trucks until the last flame was extinguished
thank you Ouachita Parish Fire Department!
(also, i would appreciate never hearing my recorded voice in that 911 call- spastic would sum it up)
our good friend and builder, Tony and dad assessing the (immediate) damage
"that was a lot of work"
this sight made me laugh
GT had just started building me a chicken coop for Mothers Day
it was probably 6 feet from the barn. and it was untouched....ha!
unfortunately, he cant work on it. tools are burnt to a crisp.
but, the chicken coop stands!

yesterday morning
that's one way to cook all of your deer/elk meat

some comparison
a before of the workshop/tool room

and after.

in case you ever wondered what the frame of a 4wheeler looked like

our neighbor alerted us to the fire. thank you Mitch!
i believe it's because of his quick action that the fire was contained to the barn.
we can't thank him enough.

we are all safe
even though a bunch of our things are gone, we know that they can (for the most part) be replaced
i hate it mostly for my dad. 
he had a vision for restoring this old barn and it came to life.
with a whole lot of time, work and money.
it was a great barn that hosted many people and parties, Judson 1st birthday to name one!
it held may valuables, antiques and sentimentals

but, we can start over
and we will.
grateful that what we value most is safe 

Monday, May 19, 2014

on pregnancy: round 2

it truly is amazing how we, mothers, are so forgetful.
of course, we're forgetful when it comes to packing the diaper bag, preparing meals and important events.
but, where my memory-as a mother-is failing me the most, has been in relation to pregnancy.

i forgot how uncomfortable it can be.
i forgot how freakily weird it feels to have a human moving around inside of my uterus.
i forgot how often i can go to the bathroom.
i forgot how much i can sleep (or want to sleep).
i forgot how limited my wardrobe can become.
i forgot how much excitement and anxiety it can provoke.
i forgot how much i can pray over a person that i've never met.
i forgot how grumpy i can be (and so did GT. sorry boo).
i forgot how often you have to go to the doctor.
i forgot how many pillows i need to get comfortable at night.
i forgot how much i love my heating pad.
i forgot how much i love and need Pepcid AC.
i forgot how incredibly amazing our bodies are.
i forgot how much love you receive from others as the baby and you grow.
i forgot how thrilling those baby kicks and turns and bladder jabs are.
i forgot how wonderful it is to experience a miracle and get a glimpse of Gods creation.

i forgot how quickly my comments change from "i feel great! i could be pregnant forever, totally going to do this at least 3 more times!" to "there is no way God intended for this to happen. it is soooooo not natural!"

20  to 33 weeks
(i know you like the photography...great background, i know)

we're rounding the corner to the homestretch with this guy and i am ready but completely not ready.
at the same time.
i'd say that we're more NOT ready than ready.
meaning, we have zero things prepared for this one: no crib, no diapers, no washed clothes, no space, no name!, no nothing.
but we do have: lots of baby boy clothes (that need washing) and a whole lotta love.
i also have his source of nutrition, so that's important i suppose.

this little guy is super duper crazy active.
i do not remember Judson moving this much!
Taylor #2 is always moving and throwing a roundhouse to my ribcage or bladder, which is quite reassuring.

my wardrobe is getting more limited by the day
i pretty much refuse to buy maternity clothes
i do have a few that are my staples, but mostly rely on jeans that are too big normally, tshirts, flowy tops and cardigans and whatever else can work from my closet.
oh yeah...and scrubs.

7 weeks from meeting this little love nugget (although, i don't think it will be that long).
i'm eager to get most of my schoolwork completed for this semester
i'm anxious that i won't
i'm eager to watch GT become a father to another son
i'm excited to see what this baby looks like
i'm curious to see how Judson will interact with him
i'm happy that Judson will have a side-kick and friend in his brother
i'm thrilled to get relief from heartburn and backpain
i'm honored to be his mother
i'm amazed at Gods handiwork
i'm confident in Gods plan
i'm thankful for this life
and i'm thankful that we forget most of our pregnancy, labor and post-partum. amen.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mothers Day affections

all 3 of us stayed home from church this morning
GT joined the ranks of the ill of the house on Friday, so we kept ourselves quarantined for yet, another day.

as we were lounging/recovering the TV was tuned to a BBC special,  "Islands on the Edge".
narrated by Ewan McGregor, which is a nice touch-i think.
i was in the bedroom with Judson and GT was watching the show in the living room.
I see that seals are the spotlight at the time, but don't pay much attention to the dialogue.
after i glance at the tv and see a beached, monstrous and swollen seal, 
GT exclaims, "Kate, that looks just like you!"

happy Mothers day to me.

after retracting my hand from GTs face (jk!) I tell him to rewind so that I can catch the narrative.
his only hope of survival at this point.
"they seem so uncomforatable" (my favorite part)

alas! he was referencing the rippling of the belly as the baby moves.
the similarities were there.
i couldn't deny it.
but, i think he will put more thought into his analogies for my pregnant body in the future.
or i should hope so.

Friday, May 9, 2014

well, i spoke too soon

eventually i will learn my lesson
NEVER say something about your kid that you don't want to change.

shortly after I wrote about Judson's improved health and sleeping, he came down with a fever and now has a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad case of coxsackie or hand, foot and mouth.
except his could be called- the entire body covered in various types of lesions virus.
he has had this nasty virus about 5 times in his short life and each time it seems to get worse
we can not stay clear of this devil!
this is definitely his worst case yet.
luckily, he is still eating and drinking and seems pretty happy.
sleeping isn't great, but i can't blame the guy-he looks miserable.

My final for my pediatric course was Monday (i passed!!!!!!! and one more ! for good measure)
we only get a 2 week break until the summer semester begins, but i was so hopeful to accomplish a lot in preparation for baby #2 during this time.
so hopeful
so, so hopeful

i sneezed and my nose ran during my test on Monday, by Tuesday I was down for the count
sinus/upper respiratory infection (self-diagnosed, of course)
it has kicked my hind-end and i have been anything but a trooper.

JR and I have been in quarantine since Tuesday and have emerged twice for the dr, pharmacy and some yogurt. ok and Sonic.

all of this to say, sometimes it's just the pits.
and i felt like talking about it.
Judson's illness looks 1230989032 worse than mine could possibly be, but he is proving to be the better man and more mentally tough with the better attitude to boot.  
as i try to lay down the majority of the day, he wallows all over me and aggressively cuddles.
love him.

my mom and dad are also out of town. 
mom called this morning and told me that GT will be coming home early today from work so that I can go get a Mothers Day massage.
have you ever heard of perfect timing? 
or sweet relief?
well, that is it, my friends.

over and out.
with hopes of an illness free Saturday!
cheers to you and yours on this lovely, rainy Friday.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

18 months

1.5 years going on 15
you are completely unaware that you are still an infant
technically, i suppose, you're a toddler
either way, you are NOT a big kid but you seem to insist that you are
your vocabulary seems to grow by the hour
we are learning to choose our words carefully, as you tend to repeat them.
lessons learned.

you are still completely obsessed with animals, but have moved on from cows to bulls
"boo",  you say. asking us to turn on bull riding.
lots of rodeos over here

you are fascinated with a magazine at your Honey and Pa's house called "Cowboy"
basically, you just like to look at every page and point out the horses and cows.
at least 50 times a day

you gallop everywhere, neighing as you go.
you are definitely less interested in any toy and more interested in a ball, book about horses/cows/livestock and our phones (naturally)

you finally had your adenoids removed 2 weeks ago.
after a long saga with an elevated PTT (saving that for non-blogging material)
we have always thought that you were a happy baby, but oh my lands! you are a different kid now!
incredibly happy, eating and sleeping better (which you already did really well) and we haven't wiped your nose in a whole week.
considering that you had nasal drainage for 5 months straight....this is huge and really wonderful!
your ability to communicate constantly surprises us!
we can have little conversations now.
i can ask you questions, you answer with a head nod or "no" (got that word down) and we proceed.
you can also tell us when you're ready to "eeeeeeeeeeeat" and what you want.
of course, we usually have to translate for others-but at least we understand.
you follow our direction really well/ obey and seem to understand what we're saying to you and stay engaged long enough to communicate
as Mamaw Jo says, you have a strong sense of purpose
so it doesn't take long to figure out what you want or need
we have tried to teach you to be friendly and wave or say "hi" and "bye" to others and you caught on and like to wave to everyone and say "bye" with gusto!

you also love baseball and basketball.
your dad got our old tee, bat and wiffle balls out of the barn, so we spend lots of time dodging your bat 
and unsuspectingly hard and misdirected throws.
on the occasion that you make contact, you get super excited and say "did it!" and the crowd goes wild

you got a big kid haircut and hated it- the drape, having to sit still, someone coming at your head with scissors- i can't say that i blame you
 but i think it suits you just fine

you really are a very easy keeper and are becoming increasingly capable 
you can now stand on a stool to brush your teeth...perhaps it's not perfect, but it's a good, strong effort

you still have an extraordinary amount of energy, but it seems that you are better able to control it and direct it towards a specific focus
sitting still and being quiet aren't your strongest qualities, but you are doing so so so much better 
especially during church. and we are so proud of you!

you make life better
i genuinely like being with you and miss you terribly when we're apart
your dad and i find so much joy in being your parents 
we smile and laugh at you all of the time and are constantly surprised by how quickly you learn 
your happiness is contagious and we are delighted by your sweet spirit

every day is better with you, that is true