Monday, April 25, 2016

Easter 2016

the boys had their Easter parties at Mothers Day Out on the same day a week or so before Easter, 
so GT and I spent some time with each of them as they hunted easter eggs and ate lunch
they were super cute, but I noticed Townesy was a bit groggy and not super cheerful
he started running a fever that night...should've known!
they seemed to have a good time, though and i loved watching them interact with their teachers and little friends

Easter morning, the boys were a lot of fun as they checked out their little baskets and ate bunny pancakes

they're not entirely sure of what is really going on, but I am enjoying the start of traditions and teaching them about the true meaning of our holidays 

my mom let us use her Easter bunny that I stood in front of for pictures when I was the boys age
perhaps one day, they'll both look and smile at the same time, ha!

after church, we went to my aunt Chrys's for the annual egg hunt and lunch-extravaganza
another photoshoot attempt
when will i learn?!?

a smile is usually guaranteed when Mamaw Lou is involved
these boys LOVE their Mamaw Lou

almost the whole egg hunting crew
Judson had lots of helpers
the kids are almost as entertaining as the moms taking pictures

forever thankful for a big family who enjoys being together
and eternally grateful for our hope of heaven because of the empty tomb!