Friday, December 30, 2011

What're you doing New Years Eve?

We are heading to the deer lease, Cut Off Mountain, for the weekend.
When you envision Times Square on NYE, think of the complete opposite.'ll find me.
Sounds wonderfully quiet and perfect.

Someday, I'd love to attend a fabulous party on New Years Eve.
I'll wear a sequin mini with high heels and sip Dom Perignon.

This year, i'll be wearing camo and boots...
toting a gun and
probably eating a steak with my man, F-I-L, B-I-L and Grandad-in-law in the middle of nowhere, Tx.
I also make them go outside when I need to use the ladies room at the deer lease, as there is only a shower curtain between the living room/kitchen and the WC.
Crazy, but i love that place and i love being there.
Hopefully, we'll snag us a big ole deer and a few hogs.

Either way...this will be the tune in my head
Zoe Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

and this tune...of course
lea michelle

Party or no will be a very, very happy new year!
I praise God for the great things in 2011 and pray His blessings upon 2012.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless wednesday: pirates and short hair?

have i ever mentioned that Norah Jones is my favorite artist?
she has been for years.

i love all of her music
i love her tone
i love her ability to play the piano

this is a great video and song
as all of hers are

i also love her haircut in this video
lately, i've been diggin' short choppy hairstyles

Pinned Image

Pinned Image
maybe even a bit longer?

Perhaps i'll chop off my hair.
Perhaps it'll stay long forever.
I can't decide, but love these shorter styles!

(all images found on pinterest)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mamaw Lou had us over for lunch yesterday.
Beau enjoyed a rocker just his size

and swinging with his daddy
the swing has been the place of many naps for us kids growing up by the lake in Marble Falls,Tx
MML brought it back from their time living in Malaysia...i think
i love those swings

"outsiiiide" says Beau

hey there honey

Chili around the table
absolutely perfect for a rainy day

playing soccer in the house
no rules at mamaw lous

a staple toy at her house

and peanut butter ice cream cake.
he couldn't get enough

more Christmas presents!


discussing the hunting plans for the evening

tackling Pa


and kisses

lazy, rainy days at Mamaws are perfect

No matter how many times we are at her house, we always go through her photo books
She has kept a book for everyone and everything.
We are grateful for that.
We found this beautiful photo of her and my Pa
isn't his jawline so handsome?
She is classic

I love this picture.
There are hundreds more like it.

Thankful for chili at mamaw lous,

Christmas Splendor

and some turkey splendor

Aren't baby thermal pjs the best?

Christmas carding

Don't you just love checking the mail this time of year?
Never, ever do I check it every day. Except right now.
Never, ever do I walk Woodrow to the mailbox every night. Except now.
The walk to my mailbox is not short and it's very dark and sometimes super creepy.
I enjoy it though. Taking each step in anticipation of the cute little cards that will greet me!

I meant to send ours out early, so friends could have our new address.
(perhaps some people sent one to us out of guilt upon receiving ours)
i care not the reason. i'm glad they sent one to us!

Hope your season was bright!
Kate & GT

NOLA bound: there's no place like Dome

A few weekends back we made a super quick trip to New Orleans.
We arrived late Thursday night and left Friday evening.

In less than 24 hours...
GT made his debut appearance in the Big Easy

Did a little sight seeing while walking through the French Quarter

buried ourselves in the powdery sugar goodness that is a beignet at Cafe Du Monde

saw weird/awesome things (referring to the car-man, not my cousin and her friend in feather boas)

had more family time at the Du Monde

walked the streets a bit more
They might look all sweet and innocent in this picture. 
But really...they were literally tripping each other. even Bella.
i think GT taught them. ain't he a good big cousin?

out of order(more Du Monde)

still more beignets.
but really...can there be too much???

made it to the Dome!!!!

watched Missy sing the Nation Anthem
she did awesome...with her boys on either side of her

and OCS won! 
(i stole this pic from someone on b)

Our reason for the quick jaunt to NOLA was to watch my alma mater in the State Championship! 

Yet somehow, I seemed to document eating beignets the most.
ah well...would you blame me?

We loved our short little trip to NOLA.
I haven't been in 11 years and it was GTs maiden voyage.
We would love to explore a bit more of it in the future.


Friday, December 23, 2011

A very merry Taylor Christmas

and a very merry Christmas it was.

Last weekend we met up with the our Taylor gang at Holly Lake, Tx.
Del(the matriarch) chose an awesome house for us to stay in and it was perfect for our family.
The downstairs room was huge and accommodated us nicely.
Get this, it had an air hockey table that converted into a pool table that converted into a poker table.
We're in business.

Our weekend together was way to short, as always.
We had no plans, but had a great time visiting, playing games, opening gifts, cooking, eating, playing football, listening to siblings play guitar and sing, watching a movie, watching football and making fun of eachother.
in this one, Kim is making fun of her hubby. perfect.

old men sit and talk about the weather

a beautiful fireplace that i am still coveting

The pool-shark, i mean Granny

last weekend was good eating preparation for this weekend

i loooved the layout of this house
perfect for our large family

this QB led his time to victory in an epic yard football game

a nice, pleasant family walk
notice that i never use the adjective "normal"

we were defeated
but our spirits were high

us lady/girls love being in the kitchen together. 
i'm actually serious

a little elf in the back working hard on everyones stockings. 
we weren't allowed back there.

Dels bday falls on, well today! Happy birthday Del!!!!
So, we celebrated a week early while we were all together.
I am very blessed to have her for my MIL.
She's a pretty awesome woman.

Gare bear and Del

Garrett is ridiculously talented on the guitar. 
He entertained us quite a bit.

I'm not sure if my Mocs came off of my feet the entire time.
I love them.

That's my man.
did you hear me? my M-A-N.
hear his beard him roar

a competitive game of Balderdash.
hmm mmm...i won!

more competitiveness
see that's the pool table you saw up above. purty nifty, eh?

working women

GT manning the grill. 
the steaks were legit
ain't he cute? good.

Kimmy ain't so bad herself. 
I love being in such a talented family!

and then there's this.
don't ask.
i really have no idea.

Santa found us!

so handsome

Merry Christmas from the Taylors

this years shirts.
see last years here

Now, i'm off to start Chrimstmasing with our Louisiana gang

Love ya,