Thursday, January 31, 2013


last week
1. Judson and Pa check on the construction
2. Honey and Judson swing on Mamaw Lous porch
3. kicks
4. taking over my side of the bed
5. Dad's home!!!!!!! all of my boys give him their attention
6. rafters go up on mom and dad's house

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: steam roller

technically, he was on our bed. so it might have been a little easier than on the floor
but, he rolled over. 
he kicked over! with his feisty little self
i was so case you can't hear it in my voice.
i also adore his little voice

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I've seen these WNRW ( posts before and i like them. 
they are concise, yet descriptive of where you are for that day. or week. or year. 
perhaps i'll try to do one- once a week or once a month. 
it's a good way to jot down what i'm wanting, needing, reading or wearing. let's change that last one to eating. we'll go with eating, since i'm no fashionista and i love to eat. hooray! my fashion choices consist of comfiness for now. which i, personally, think is a great way to be fashionable. 

Trio of Bob Dylan  Forever Young  PARENTHOOD THEME SONG Posters
i also like the whole shop: RawArtLetterpress
i know exactly where these babies would go in our house

more counter space in my kitchen. for chopping/prepping/storing,etc
ok. i know that's not a real NEEEED, but it would be nice.
so, GT got me an island for Christmas! What a guy, eh?
 A whole island, you say??? 
wouldn't that be lovely

what i really need is a whopping dose of grace (in all areas, really) when it comes to raising a baby.
has anyone every been frustrated with their baby for not sleeping as long as you want them to, but they really want to eat, but you're tired so you just get mad and the only human you see to get frustrated with is your baby, but that's not right to be mad at a baby, so then you feel guilty for getting frustrated with a baby that solely depends on your for sustenance and life?
no? me either.
grace. a whopping dose of grace.

Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease: International Edition w/ CD [Hardcover]
it's thrilling.
really, it is

 cream cheese + this stuff + any kind of cracker = an excellent dinner
healthy as can be, too.

if any of these can be delivered...i'll be home most of today!


Monday, January 28, 2013

Dallas comes to WM

good girlfriends are the best
really, they are
the kind that you can just sit and chat and laugh with and even be silent and it not be awkward (that's hard to takes special friends). 
then, they meet your baby and you love them even more

my Dallas gals came to visit a few weekends ago and meet JR for the first time.
they came last year and we had a grand ole time

here are my faves:
GT and JR hung out at the house on Saturday so the girls could head to Antique Alley
hilarious, obviously

We spent most of the time just catching up and giggin' (giggling)

the best

meeting Aunt Kyla and Aunt Buzz 
i think Buzz actually cried when she saw Judson. it was perfectly sweet

what are friends for after all, huh?

I really do miss seeing Laura, Kyla and Rachel all of the time
they're such great friends and we never run out of things to talk about
somedays, i wish i could just call them and say hey, wanna go see this movie with me? or wanna meet me at Sonic for happy hour? or let's go for a walk (with Franklin!), it's beautiful outside! 
or maybe just go over to their house, have a cup of coffee and talk or watch Pride and Prejudice or watch hilarious youtube videos. 

They chose to drive to WM for a weekend and it meant the world to me. 
 I am so grateful for their love for me and now, Judson. He is going to grow up knowing some awesome people.
These friends of mine are legit.

can't wait to take Judson Ray to Dallas and show him the ropes

Friday, January 25, 2013

3 months!

Sweet little Judson Ray
today, we celebrate your 3rd month of life!
and what a fun month it was...
i love your ears

every day is my favorite day with you (cheesy, but true)

this month you have done quite a few new things!
you try to lift your head up when leaning back (see the middle picture)
you have started spitting up (?!), but it doesn't seem to bother you
you have flown on an airplane and were on your very best behavior!

you sleep alot still (napping after every feeding) and i think it's because you are growing at an exponential rate
you outgrow your clothes in approximately 4 seconds
you have a round belly and slightly skinny legs...the cutest
you also officially have 2 chins

you love to see me (or whoever is with you) in the mirror. you smile everytime

you LOVE being on your changing table. not sure why, but you go crazy and "talk" the whole time

you watched Baby Einstein and you actually were watching for 10 minutes. brilliant, i'm sure

you've started reaching for and batting at things
seriously, you liked this like 2 seconds before i took the picture. i promise

you have a new little sheepish grin and it melts me

you have found your fist

you have started laughing (sort of) and sometimes you close your eyes when something really gets you

 you always like to see what's going on around you

you are sleeping in your own room, in your own crib and (without fail) kick out of your swaddle. the miracle blanket! but, your arms stay tucked tight since your own hands are your worst enemy. 

  you hold your hands together often, like you're saying a little prayer (probably for your mother)

you definitely know who your mom and dad are and we kinda love it

your dad and i sing hymns to you at night when we put you to bed and it is my favorite
you can play on your play mat by yourself and be entertained for quite a while! bonus!
you eat ALOT, taking the bottle and nursing really well

when your dad comes into a room and says "is that my little Judson Ray?" you turn your head to find him. so sweet. when you smile, he says "there he is, that's my little buddy" and you just love it. watching you and your dad is pretty sweet. 

you are a true joy, my little Judson Ray and we delight in being your parents

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Vegas baby! or Vegas with a baby?

The time has come again for Vegas!!!
you can see previous years here and here
Never, ever, ever, ever did I think that I'd be hauling a 2 month old through casino after casino (volunatarily!)
alas...there i was.

We were orginally scheduled to arrive in Vegas Wednesday around 2pm.
There just happened to be an ice storm in Monroe the night before, so we didn't get out until 5pm...putting us in Vegas at midnight (Vegas time, what?).  Luckily, my parents are troopers and knew just how badly I was wanting to see GT and win some money go to the Golden Moose Awards!
Judson was so overwhelmed with the Venetian at 2am. 
I don't blame him.

the next morning, we were all giddy to be back together!!!
lovin' his daddy
p.s. his new hairline is just killing me! so handsome

GT had work to do at SHOT show, so mom and I shopped and walked around the Palazzo and Venetian.
We were ok with that
We stopped often for photos, of course!
smirky smirk

Vegas tough

obligatory solo pose with gondola per mom's request

My mom kept the little guy that night so I could go out with the Buck Commander crew!
I don't think he or she minded one bit!

We ate some delicious grub at Sushi Samba then headed to the Golden Moose Awards
it's always more fun when i'm with my cousin, Korie

We were so excited for Buck Commander winning the Fan Favorite Best Overall Award!!!!
acceptance speech

I am so proud of GT (and all of the guys!) and all of the hard work he has put in for this show
well deserved guys! so proud!

We had a great time listening to Ted Nugent give his speech and perform "catch scratch fever" and just visiting with everyone
I just hate that I didn't get more pictures with the rest of the crew.
oh well, next year....right?

walking back to our hotel after picking JR up from mom and dad's room
even though it was after midnight and we were pushing a stroller...i don't even think anyone noticed.

The Venetian hooked a baby up

Judson LOVES looking in the mirror right now, so we had a grand ole' time in our large bathroom with all of the mirrors

once again. could not have done it without my parents. they are the best!

so, will i ever travel to LV with a baby again?
probably not
was it terrible?
not at all
was it worth it?
absolutely every second

can't wait for next year!
perhaps I'll even put a penny in a slot

happy Thursday
you've made it!
you're on the downhill slide now!

i forgot to share this gem:
the room in which we stayed had 2 beautiful, luxurious, comfortable queen beds covered in beautiful white linens.
JR pooped on one and peed on the other.
have a nice day