Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: singin' in the rain

Last Wednesday, I joined a group of women in celebrating my great aunt Carols birthday.
We ate then went to the theater to watch the 60th anniversary showing of Singing in the Rain.
It was a treat.

I love musicals, though.
It really amazes me how much dancing and singing was routinely done on screen 50-60 years ago!
These guys are insanely athletic and coordinated. 
Gene Kelly is swoon worthy
the good stuff starts around 1:02

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Summer days

There's nothing better than a good summer day.
(except for air conditioning to retreat to)

Josh, Jake and Beau came in town a few weekends ago and we had a perfect summer weekend.
We had a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel 
and sat in the rockers for a very long time, just enjoying the summer

sibs + nephew + baby Huckleberry

we stopped by GTs office
Beau always says "quack, quack" when we go by GTs office
wonder why?

we swam for a few hours
goggles make toddlers look hilarious, don't you think?

we ate pizza and played video games
Beau initiated the hand holding with me and GT.
i melted a bit.

it was lovely.

GT and I have been enjoying the cooler evenings (80's-low 90's...hey, it's August. we'll take it)

Summer is over for most kids.
But this big kid is still soaking it up.
yet, a bit eager for fall.

Happy Tuesday,

Friday, August 24, 2012

Around the house: bookcase update

In the process of adding on to the house, I'm slowly baby proofing the house.

The its previous life...displayed my beautiful, handmade Vietri dishes. 
it was just asking for disaster

It will now be a true bookcase and the dishes will eventually make their way into the (yet-to-be-built) dining room and safely away from little hands
There is still much to be done to make it look like I would like. (way too cluttered)
But, it will do for now

My desk, which was used to hold some books, will be the babe's changing table and storage in his (yet-to-be-built) room.
So....hence the moving of the books to the bookcase and future move of dishes to future dining room.

Good news...the framers will be here Monday!!!!
We are moving right along to living in a 3 bedroom home!!!
This is me being patient. (roughly 2 months til little Huckleberry is here)
Have I ever mentioned how bad I am at being patient?
But, I am practicing.

Happy weekend folks. Hope it's a good un'

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Zoo day

Have i mentioned that Jake, Jamie and Beau now live in Texas?!?
Just 2.5 hours away and it is soooo wonderful.
Last week, I spent a few days with them and the drive home was easy-peasy!

Jamie, Beau and I spent about an hour at the Tyler Zoo 
even the animals had to lay was hot

crazy squirrel that could care less that we were so close
Beau was trying to "shoo" him away

love that face

his smiles are hilarious
and Jamie looks awesome at 23ish weeks preggers

he just sat down right here
"Kate, pitch-er"
I think he's learning very quickly how to pose and that I always have a camera ready

I can't imagine loving any little boy more
He makes me smile and I adore his every quirk and all of his personality

The fact that he is only a short drive away makes it that much sweeter!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sunday Portrait Series: 30 weeks

So we were sitting in church when I repositioned my scarf and something fell out onto the ground.
GT said, "did part of a donut just fall out of your scarf?"
"yes, GT. yes, it did"

That basically sums up pregnancy for me.

Here's to the 3rd trimester!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

travel dreams

GT and I are on the go...a lot.
We have probably spent more weekends away from home this year (or the last three years) than at home.
Knowing that I'm about finished with any travel for a few months, I have a urge to just GO.

I'm pretty sure that I've always had the travel bug.
I love to explore new places and people-watch in different cultures.
The way people live in different places fascinates me.

Where would you go?
Some days, I just want to drive to south Louisiana.
Other days, I daydream of hiking the Swiss Alps or watching a flamenco dancer in Spain or eating gelato in Florence (my love for Europe remains).
I'm thrilled to travel with our kids instill in them the love for other cultures and to explore all of Gods beauty. To learn to be flexible and go with the flow while being very efficient when crossing countries and continents. To know there is more to this world than "me" and the way we live.

Today, I think I'll just rest...and enjoy my home.
It's pretty great, after all.


Monday, August 6, 2012

to Quanah we go

 We made it to the annual Monroe Family Reunion in Quanah, Tx!
The Monroe family is GT's dad's mom's family. got it?
Grandma and Grandad Taylor both grew up in Quanah and I love getting to see a bit of their history!
Saturday morning, my trusty ole' father-in-law gave me a royal tour of the town.
The Quanah Museum which hosts some memorabilia of General Robert Taylor (grandad) from his service in the military. 

a perfect photo-op wall

The farmhouse where Grandma grew up...i wish we could go in, but it is falling apart!

middle. of. no. where. church where we gathered for food, visiting, Bingo, etc

the women folk doing the kitchen duty

sisters and cousins

the men shooting the breeze

grandad and Ty 

the smorgasbord of grub

the same beans continue to be used at the reunion for roughly 30 years (bingo beans, not the coffee beans, hahaha)

whooping up on some wiffle ball with my protruding belly

the gang

late hours of dominoes in the hotel lobby

GT and I always love drives across Texas, especially when his family greets us!
Ready for next year and to bring along little Huckleberry.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mid-week update via instagram

Something very exciting happened Sunday night.... I finished school...for this semester!!!! I'm now taking the fall semester off (I'll be kind of busy come October) and will resume in January. I'm pretty pumped to have 2 semesters under my belt and to now have 5 months off!!! Only 3 years to go...ha!

Also, the twins got home last Saturday and they are just growing and being the cutest!!!

GT and I went to a wedding and got gussied up. I was also 6.5 months preggers and growing daily

We took a road trip across Texas

For the Monroe family reunion (GTs Grandmas family)
And played some Bingo
and most importantly...GT shaved his beard. I feel like I'm cheating on my husband when I kiss this new man. He's handsome either I can just see more of him.

Happy Wednesday!

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