Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Harding Homecoming 2016

GT and I really enjoy making a visit to our alma mater.
This Homecoming was a special occasion, as many of GTs former football buddies would all be there. 
They were honoring their coach who was retiring, so we decided to make the trip and soak up a beautiful Arkansas fall weekend
the boys loved staying in the hotel, of course
especially since it was on campus, which was actually really nice 

we also got to eat at Burrito Day
my good friend, Kari, and her husband own and run this awesome restaurant!
it was wonderful
especially since we got to go with our friends, Kellye & Dan (friends since freshman year...2003, yikes!) and their cutie son, Cohen

JR loved all things Harding
and basically followed the mascot around asking for hugs

i honestly couldn't tell you who won the game, but i did get to see a lot of friends
so that is a win!

that night they had a reception/ceremony and a whole bunch of football players were there. GT and I both got to catch up with so many people that we haven't seen in years. People that were so much a part of our lives when we were at Harding. Even though we didn't know one another at HU, we have some wonderful relationships with many of the same people. 

i didn't take as many pics with people as i should have, but we do have some great memories etched in our hearts.
a weekend at Harding always leaves us thankful. 
thankful for the people who poured into us
for the memories made
and for the memories to come
it truly is great to be there.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Halloween 2016

we super celebrated halloween!
we had parties at school, then trick or treated at the Lees on actual Halloween, then had church trunk-or-treat. 
we ate more candy than anyone should
but, i think the boys wore all the costumes that they wanted and had a great time

halloween at school!
JR and his bestie, Oliver.... are they not the best duo!?!?

Trunk-or-treat at church
my mom, Darth Vader
what a grandma wouldn't do for her grandkids!