Monday, April 30, 2012

What's in a name?

Katelyn Jane Kirby Taylor
My mom chose Katelyn because she liked it and it was really all girl (i'm sure there was more to it than that)
She already had her two boys and finally had a girl who had to have a real girl name.
I think it suits me just fine and I have grown to love it.
When I was going through my "Ice Box" phase (yup, jerseys and dude rags), i hated it.
It was tooooo girly.
But, luckily I've traded in my Emmitt Smith and David Robinson jerseys for some dresses and the name, Katelyn, works for me.
I also love being Kate to most of my friends and family, namely Beau.

Jane means something else to me.
I am named after my aunt, Janie.
Ramona Jane Kirby actually.

This is my dads sister.
I never knew her.
Although, there have been hundreds of people who knew her that have made me feel so much closer to her through their stories and words about her.
She was beautiful.
People loved her.
She loved people.
I wish I knew her.
I'm glad I have her name to live up to.

My dad shared his testimony on Sunday.
It was powerful.
He spoke of Janie's death and it's impact on his life.
Boy, was I proud.
Proud to be a part of the Kirby family.
Proud to know that I belong to a God who turns tragedy into hope.
A God who heals. even the worst of hurts.

I've posted the link to his sermon so that you can hear his story.
To listen: Click here

I praise God for my family, the ones that I know and the one that I never knew.
His ways are higher than our ways and the plans that He has made are good and true.

Being named after someone is humbling
I pray that I live up to the name I was given

Katelyn Jane 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wordless wednesday: My favorite day of the year

I'm a little late this year.
How I let my favorite day of the year pass me by...I do not know.
Read last years post and you'll know why I adore April 18th. 
classy, huh?
it's a wonder he decided to keep me around after this

GT was singing this song earlier in the week and quickly reminded me of April 18th.
We're both pretty grateful for that day.

Here's some Jimmy to send you on your way.
I wish everyone to have a favorite day of the year.


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wedding day

Wedding Bells... too precious

Romantic Vintage wedding

Happy wedding day Meagy-doo
Even though the outside wedding has been rained to the inside, it will be perfect. 
My cousin, Meagan, is getting married today.
She will be radiant. Just stunning.

I'm dying to see her in that dress. 

On the day of her outside wedding, it is freezing and wet. 
It's April in Louisiana after all.
She's a trooper though and it's moved to the church.
I've heard the church looks amazing!

Off I go to do wedding things!

Friday, April 20, 2012

around the town

Actually, about an hour outside of town. 
Jim Bowies Relay Station, to be exact, in Catahoula Parish. 
Easter weekend, the in-laws came in town which was the perfect opportunity to head to Enterprise, La. 
Not only do they serve great catfish and cobbler, the entire experience is a little treat.
It takes about an hour to get there from West Monroe and you have to take a short ferry ride across the river to get to the restaurant. The restaurant is part of a little historical village on the river. 
It was the perfect evening to spend with the parentals. 

the ferry ride view

blackberry cobbler is enough to get me there

fried catfish and sweet tea. 
yes, i was sick. and yes, it was worth it

friday nights they have gospel music
saturday nights they have country music.
we were serenaded by this guy and actually really enjoyed it

i love this guy and that he lets me take his picture

an old schoolhouse

i'm not even sure

i made him do this

we were definitely entertained by the ceiling

i also made him do this
my lil' sweethart (sp?) 

i spy an unruly student ringing the LOUD school bell in the upper window

luckily the principle found the paddle and the student

why so serious?

Taylors with the Pig Palace in the background. 
yes, Pig Palace

i wouldn't mind having this porch to sit on

taking the ferry back across the river

If you're ever in our neck of the woods, i highly recommend this little place.
i might even join ya.

Happy Friday friends,

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Bleeding Love

If you know me well, you know what this song does to me.
circa 2008, i probably listened to it an infinite number of times.
it makes me "feel" stuff, you know?
well, you probably don't know.
just go with it.
that's what i'm made of.

This performance on So You Think You Can Dance was played over and over and over and over again
i still love it. so. much.
i tried to master the part where she throws a fit.
ask my friends how that went.
Buzz, Kyla or Lemmons can tell you how lovely that demonstration was. 

I was reminded of my love for this song a few weeks back while watching the Voice.
my guilty pleasure is all singing competition reality shows.
whether they're pathetic or wonderful, i love them all.
i'm a sucker for musicals as well.
These two gals performed bleeding love and although it wasn't earth-shattering, i enjoyed it

that's all. 
just feeling musically nostalgic.
carry on. 


Beau loves anything with wheels.
Trucks, tractors, trains, even lawn mowers.
Dad just bought this nifty little John Deere that is a beast when it comes to mowing.
It also functions as an amusement ride.
The turn radius is ridiculous and it can pick up some serious speed.
Perfect for an afternoon of joy riding in the back yard.

We laughed so hard at Beau laughing. 



they're off

i just like Jakes face in this shot

We probably had just as much fun as Beau.
Gone are the days of tricycles, we've moved on to bigger and better things.

p.s. Beau can count to 6. he's not even two. 
my nephew is brilliant.

Happy Wednesday,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: the Spree

I never posted about my trip to a month and a half ago.
This post won't be wordless, but it will contain music (the reoccurring theme of my WW posts).

It was a wonderful weekend with my gfs.
We ate some scrumptious foods. For reals, eating out in Dallas is a delight for the taste buddies. 
We giggled over ridiculous photos. 
We ate more good food.
We talked about life and solved world problems. 
A successful trip over all.

But, the reason I went was to watch Patrick play the drums for Polyphonic Spree!
We danced the night away and sang our little Spree-groupy hearts out. 

Patrick greeting his woman with a smooch on his way to the drums.

love my girl-frans

they're the best. and also a whole lotta fun

Can't wait to spend some more time with my gals!
Adding some Polyphonic to the mix is always good too.

Happy Wednesday friends,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday Portrait Series: Easter

Easter is crazy on Yellowood Drive.
Each year, my aunt Chrys hosts Easter Sunday lunch and an Easter egg hunt.
It has grown exponentially and continues to grow each year.
It is so much fun to watch all of the kids squirm through lunch with excitement for the hunt!
look at those fiiiine white britches
the in-laws came in for the Easter weekend!
I love when they come in town

some of my very favorite gals

the hunting crew for this year

let the games begin!
total chaos ensues

every man for themselves

it's an excuse to really act like a kid

the adult on-lookers on the front porch

some of the loot

The weather was perfect
the kids were sweet
the food was to die for (especially if you ate as much as i did)
the eggs were plentiful
but, above all else
 our Savior is Risen!!!

we celebrate Easter every day because the tomb is empty and we have the hope of heaven 
we serve a God who raises from the dead
heals hurts and offers forgiveness

Praise be to our God for his unending love demonstrated by Christs death on a cross and resurrection on the third day!