Sunday, January 29, 2012

Omelette in a bag

First off. 
Is it omelet? or omelette?
does it matter?

Moving on...
We meet Sunday nights with our house church/small group. Each month we meet at a different house.
Which is a nice little rotation so that each family doesn't get stuck with cleaning up, prep, etc each Sunday.
This month is at our house! I absolutely love having everyone over. Seriously, i love it. 
It also gives me a reason to clean my house weekly. Because honestly, i need motivation. 

Each week, we create a food list with an overall theme and everyone brings their contribution to the table.

Last week, we made omelets!
Hello girl scouts!
I think it was JoErins idea...or Mirandas. Either way....genius!

Here's how it's done:
 throw some eggs and whatever else you like into a sandwich bag

label your bags if you have multiple people
(note GT$'s)

scramble by mushing on the bag
yes, mush 

drop them all into an already boiling pot of water

everyone can hang out while their eggs are cooking (12-15 minutes)
even do some muscle man modeling like Tommy (no clue!)

then take the baggies out of the water
looky there folks, it's an omelet in a bag

tump 'em out on a plate and enjoy with your friends!
they're a little different texture than the skillet kind, but still tasty (the omelets, not your friends)

add some biscuits and coffee to the mix and you're good to go!
wouldn't these little things be perfect for camping???

I highly recommend them for a group. We'll definitely repeat that meal with our house church.
Have I mentioned how much I love our group?
It's amazing how encouraging it is to meet with the same people weekly, share your heart, your joys and study the Word. 

Now, go scramble up an egg in a bag.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Around the house

It's a great Friday morning to be thankful and appreciate the little things around the house.
fresh new flowers in a mason jar
(typically i don't do pink or purple...but hey, we're quickly approaching the month for lovers)

eating good makes me feel good
why can't i remember that while digging into the Blue Bell?
on my way to all-natural eating 
this looked tasty...we'll see

little Trigger
he's a goodun', that little feller

a wonderful gift from my mom. isn't it lovely? 

an unmade bed and lights that are never coming down

an old framed mirror used in a new way to display lotions and fragrance
GT says i'm a Pistol Annie because I have rifle cartridges next to my perfume

Some days, it's all about the little things

Happy Friday folks,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

watch out!

Jake and Beau came in for one night a few weeks ago on their way to Dallas so Jake could interview for a job! Go Jakey! I mean....Dr.Jake.
Hey, we'll take it.
Even though they were only in for a few short hours, Beau was on the move.

I love this age.
He is so active and interactive.
He loves, i mean LOVES to laugh.
He loves anything with wheels...trains, cars, trucks, tractors. you name it. 
it has wheels? he'll take 2. 
He is on the move, you gotta watch out.
Never know what you'll see comin' round the bend!

Then I had to move. 
I was in the way. obviously.

Love me some Beau-man.
I wish so badly that I could just play all day, everyday with him. and nap.

counting down the days til we play trains!

aunt Kate

Viva Las Vegas

I think that my favorite thing about Vegas is the food

and the great company

and the fun

and random encounters with random famous people in their suite

The reason for the jaunt to Vegas was the annual SHOT show
GT was super busy meeting with different sponsors and various people in the hunting/outdoor industry.
and i tagged along

The Golden Moose Awards were held at the Hard Rock Cafe
It is the annual Outdoor Channel awards show
As previously posted, Duck Commander won the Overall best show award!

Korie and Willie did an awesome job on the acceptance speech
i might have cried i was so proud!

the Golden Moose

Zac Brown Band followed the awards show and they did not disappoint
the fiddle player is my fave

incredible musicians
that dude can play

last day breaking down the booth
(i helped, i promise)

isn't this place beautiful?

how did they create this perfect recreation of Venice inside? inside!

my desk for studying while GT worked
perhaps it wasn't used as much as planned. i tried. honestly. 
studying in Vegas might be one of the silliest ideas i've had. 

next time, i plan on hiking some and exploring the landscape

Vegas by Instagram
Kor and I before the GMA

the room with the view

night view

Korie and I spent Thursday afternoon shopping.
We did some damage (p.s. we didn't buy these shoes. we'd both be 6'15")
I love spending time with Korie and feel very blessed that we get to travel together!


lovely creme brulee at a burger restaurant

limo ride with the BC crew
they won 2 awards at the GMA!

business meeting? it's whatevs
i'll take the sushi

Honestly, i'm glad to be home.
It's always fun to get dressed up and eat great food in super legit restaurants.
We're incredibly blessed to do what we do. I recognize that and try not to take it for granted.

Here's to another great year at SHOT!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: C1 Entertainment and Polyphonic Spree

Remember Patrick and his awesome work?
He is an incredible videographer and has once again produced a winner!

You can watch it here:


Polyphonic is one of my faves and their shows are ridiculously awesome. 
I miss living in Dallas for their shows alone.

Guess what?
Patrick just announced on Facebook that he'll be joining the robe wearing group for a few shows as a percussionist! 
Do what?
Dream come true, especially for him who has loved Tim Delaughter since childhood.

Way to go Patrick!!!

secretly jealous,
(i wanna be a hair slinging girl in the choir)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

around the web

beautiful sunrise at mom and dads

much like Helen Keller, this young girls story about overcoming

thinking about ordering her book telling her incredible story

great graphics get great rewards, go Buck Commander!

 check out the Best Overall show on Outdoor Channel, go Duck Commander!

currently obsessed with all of the photos on this blog, they are beautiful

praying for this team(i wish i was on it) as they travel and care for the TAL kids

hope you are having a great weekend!
We just returned late last night from Vegas, baby.
i told GT that I might get very angry if he set an alarm this morning(he always wakes up early).
so, he didn't(because my threat was serious, kind of)
we woke up at 1130. 
who does that? not my husband and not me.
but, hey. you gotta do what ya gotta do.
now, on to studying!

i'll give a good ole run down of our week in Vegas laters gaters

happy to be home,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sashes: put your work where it belongs

A few months ago, my cousin Korie introduced me to Sashes to the Merchants blog.
It is written by 2 women who love the Lord and are super creative.
They have cute Etsy shops which i had previously happened upon a long time ago and was super pumped when Korie found this blog b/c I loved Jessi's prints! Like, wanna buy ALL of them.
Song of Solomon 2:4
my fave
Their posts are so practical and I appreciate their positive blog and how to incorporate creativity, work, life and becoming the Proverbs 31 woman.

I love today's post. Thinking about printing it and taping it to my bathroom mirror.
Sometimes I need reminders that are blatantly screaming in my face!

If your work calls your name first thing in the morning? So loud that you can't make five minutes to be about your Maker and what He has to say to you? Put your work where it belongs.

If your work crowds out your family so that service to them is a nuisance? So that you almost never say yes? Put your work where it belongs.

If your work isolates you from your community? If you can't stop to love a friend or stranger? If you don't even know your neighbor's name? Put your work where it belongs.

Because your work? Will be better where it belongs. It will be stronger. Because it flows out of who you are. And who you are is every bit Who made you.

And He has said, "Meet Me in the morning."

And He has said, "Submit to one another."

And He has said, "Feed my sheep."

Put your work where it belongs. It doesn't belong in the white spaces that say, this? This is a life. And this life is a story. And this story is valuable. And this story is to be read. Because of Who is writing. it.

(disclaimer: these are not my words. read more about the girls behind them here)

Thankful for great reminders,

Monday, January 16, 2012

a name for the pup

Our littlest pup is fitting right in!
He is already the perfect yard dog, staying close by at all times. Even when Woodrow runs off.
We shall soon nip them both in the bud(if you know what i mean) to help keep 'em both close! 

The pup loves to sit by your feet, hence the name "heeler".
I think that he's particularly fond of my dads boots. 

He's also trying to be the head dog, forgetting that he's 65 pounds shy of his rival.

Not going so well.

these two are still bffs
busy keeping the meanies off of our property
regular ole starsky and hutch

We spent a week calling him everything from Scratchy, Puppy, Dude, Nugget, and various other terms.
So, we finally agreed on a name.
Actually, GT came up with it.
See...our little friend shares a birthplace with Willie Nelson. 
GT had a good time with this one, as the names associated with Willie are limitless.
After calling out name after name, he finally landed on the perfect one.
the name of Willies guitar.
Wearing his new collar proudly

our little Trig.

fits just perfectly.