Thursday, June 28, 2012

a Taylor weekend

GT is one of four Taylor kids 
All four live in different places, with only two in the same state
It has become more and more difficult to find weekends to all be together
some weekends, there will be 2
some weekends it's just us and his parentals
We love any time we get...with any of the Taylors

A few weekends ago, Fathers Day, we got the whole gang together!!!
It was perfect.
I love me some Taylors (luckily! since I am one)
my pups were also glad to see their pups
especially Trigger, since we separated him from his brother a few months back

thanks Kimmy

the guys played a  fun competitive entertaining game of wiffle ball

Trigger tried to get in on the action

brotherly love, right?

uh oh, this could get ugly
also, i think that's a blocking position, not a baseball stance

yep, definitely a football move

wonder where these boys learned such sportsman like moves?????

back yard baseball really is the best

look at those flowing locks

some family bowling
that probably got a bit more competitive than intended

the boys are most likely responsible for the intensity of the second game
also, our son has no chance of being short or little

i'm thankful that there is always a guitar around with this family
also, note all of the electronics (we are incredibly good at multi-tasking)

Sunday Portrait family edition
a little five and a half month baby bump happening

thank you Garrett

Happy weekend eve lovely people,

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Buck Commander Season 3

It's that time again!
Buck Commander on Outdoor Channel

See the crew my hubby works with and a little bit of what he's been up to.
It's a guaranteed good, clean time with these boys!
Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean, Adam Laroche, Willie Robertson, Tom Martin, Ryan Langerhans

Here's the schedule: (EST)
Tuesday 11am
Wednesday 5pm
Saturday 10am
Sunday 1:30am

Happy hunt-watching,

Monday, June 25, 2012

Good day, Monday

Here's to a good Monday!
I am ready to go this week.
Last week kicked my hiney. But, this week...I'm bringing my A game.
It probably has something to do with these few things.
Spending the weekend here. Hello!

being with these kiddos. We spent the weekend with GTs bffs from childhood and their awesome wives and sweet babies. Love those families!

Coming home to a clean house! My mom deserves a trophy. Seriously, my poor house has been neglected and completely appreciates the love that she gave it this weekend. I almost cried when I walked in the door and didn't see a disaster zone.

My ever expanding mid-section.
I'm not in love with the idea of growing. But, as my waist line grows, so does our little dude and that makes me very,very happy. I am rather fond of his growing. So if it means my wardrobe options decrease as my pants size be it. I can dig it. Right now, I'm kind of rocking a beer gut.and GTs shirts. and GTs old boxers.
You gotta do what you gotta do.

Also, i finished all of my homework by midnight last night.

Mostly, because this guy is on his way to see me!!!!!

Happy Monday folks!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Zooey and Loretta

I already have a reason to head back to NYC

Eeeeeek!!! This will be magical.
I love both of them and their unique voices.
Pair that with some Broadway and I am SOLD!

Happy Wednesday friends,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

a day for dads

Happy Fathers day.
I hope everyone has someone they can look up to as a father.
I completely take it for granted that I have a dad who took his job seriously.
Not enough dads do that.
My dad supports me in everything I do that is God-centered.
Listen, he has definitely NOT supported me in many things I have tried that were not right.
He didn't just go with the flow because I begged or cried or pouted or put up a fight or was shady.
He did what was right.
He chose to lead me in the way I should go, not the way I wanted to go.
Thankfully, because of his leadership, I now (for the most part) choose the right way.
At least, I am seeking to follow the Lord in all I do.
He also taught me what kind of man I wanted to marry and to lead my family one day. 
a hilarious picture after we told dad he was going to be a "Pa" again

I am so eager to see GT as a dad.
He is already a leader and I know he will lead our family in an incredible way.
He was raised by an awesome dad
the morning we told the Taylors they were going to have their first grandkid and first nephew/niece on their way to play golf
Mark T. looks a little extra puffed up, huh? perhaps a bit proud

 I firmly believe GT has what it takes to be the best dad EVER.
this is GT right after I told him he was going to be a dad
just the look i was hoping for in this moment
he held this pose for approximately 6 minutes 

One reason I know GT will be a great dad is because he is like my dad and his dad.
They chose to lead their families toward the Lord and make no excuses for this. 
They didn't let their kids get away with things because it was cool or just what kids do.
They disciplined us well.
Yep, they whipped us. and often. and we most likely deserved every lick.
I'm grateful  they chose to not be "cool" dads (even though they are), but to be dads that stood up for what was right.
They taught us how to be independent, confident, responsible, sensible, loving and Godly grown-ups. 

We need more dads like that. 
Our society is falling apart because men are failing to do their job.
I'm not excusing women. We still have pretty big job, too.
But, the men in our world are not teaching their sons how to make responsible decisions.
They are failing to teach them how to work. you even when it's not fun or even it's boring, but because they need to provide for their family and be good stewards.
They are neglecting discipline.
They are disregarding time with their children.
ok. i'm done.

So, today, as we all talk about dads I want to declare that I am thankful for mine.
I am thankful for our grand-dads and my husband (who will be the best dad).
I'm thankful for men who have taken their job as a dad seriously.
I completely believe that if more men took this job more seriously, our world would be a much better place.


(p.s. our dads were also a lot of fun)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

how we do NYC

I know what I'm needin', and I don't want to waste more time.
I'm in a New York state of mind. -Billy Joel

Our weekend was fast and furious.
So, hold's the run down...

First night on the town. 
We ate at a delish Thai place, Peep.
the pad thai was to die for.
Also, their bathroom was freaky.
From the outside, it looked like a mirrored wall.
From the know, where you do your business...was glass.
you could see the entire restaurant.
I have never used the restroom so quickly. I thought, surely, someone could see me. 
Perhaps, that's where the name came from?

(photo on left cred: rachel)
b-fast the next morning was just down from our hotel at Local 
super cute decor.
It really amazes me what New Yorkers can do with such a small space.
They just make it work
we enjoyed breakfast with this lady. She kept us laughing the whole time.
ok, not really. But, she was sitting by us outside with her super adorable little girl.
(also, can we please talk about Buzz's incredible fashion choices!)

...moving on...

we stayed in SoHo, next to Prince St, and it was the perfect location. 
Scattered on the nearby streets were great little boutiques and hole-in-the-wall restaurants.
A charming (not so little) neighborhood

(top photos and bottom right cred: rachel)
Saturday morning shopping 
Girl! talk about overwhelming. and that's before we even get inside the stores
I was in sensory overload the entire weekend. Probably, why i came home empty handed.
i was too busy soaking up the scenes and sounds to focus on shopping.
I completely loved the time browsing with the gals, though.
we all snicker, gawk and swoon over pretty much the same things.

(both photos cred:rach)
the Newsies!!!
LC chose this as the musical to see (it was her birthday trip!)
and we were pumped!
It was incredible. the harmony, the dancing, the production. we all smiled the entire time.
I love musicals!
can't you tell by all the !!!!!?

Here's a taste:

(all but top left photo cred: rachel)
Saturday night we treated ourselves to some Fig & Olive
it was all so fresh and filling (my 5months preggers body appreciated that part)
Rach's friend, Brett and our friend from college, Emily joined us for dinner.
We toasted Lauren's 30th, ate for a few hours and laughed our faces off (figuratively, of course)

(most photos cred: rach)
Sunday was a shorter day, as we all had to face reality and go back home
We spent the day walking on the High line, through Chelsea Market and Central Park
It really is nice to just walk through the city and take it all in.
really, though, there is too much to take in
(buzz's outfit, again!)

(just cred: rachel)
Central Park was a perfect ending to the trip.
We were all kind of tired from walking so much and just laid our bodies down in an open field.
We simply enjoyed being together and being in New York.
I'm so thankful for my friendship with each of these girls, ladies...not sure what to call ourselves. 
The time with them is always ridiculously short and leaves me aching for more. 
Even if we didn't spend our weekend in NYC, it would've been perfect.
but, really, NYC was perfect.

and Happy Birthday Lauren (LC, Else, E's mom)!!!!
Thanks for the excuse to go to NYC!

(for more pics and stories see buzz, rayjon, and lc's blogs. perhaps, need a blog.)
(also, i rarely call Laura, Rachel, Lauren, or Kyla by their real name. nor do they call me katelyn)

thankful for great weekends and THE best friends,

Monday, June 11, 2012

Central Perk

My gals and I just returned from a glorious weekend in NYC.
A recap of the events will be following shortly.
For now, I need to touch base with reality.

Happy Monday,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Beau's prediction

Well, he figured wrong... oh well.
But, I think "a car" is a great name for a baby anyway.
Also, I can't get enough of the way he says "GT". 

So glad our little dude will have Beau to learn the cool stuff from.

Happy Wednesday friends,

Monday, June 4, 2012


We ventured down to the gulf last weekend and I am ready to venture back there.
It's amazing how my idea of the "perfect" beach vacation has changed.
No more are the days filled with putt-putt, paddle-ball, body-surfing, castle-building and what-not.
Now are the days of....well, as little as possible.
Perhaps it's due to our overly busy schedules at home.
Between grad school and work and life, a relaxing day is pretty rare.

One day, GT and I were laying on our beach chairs doing NOTHING.
He spotted a college-aged fellow digging away at the sand.
GT, "You know how I know that guy doesn't have a job?"
me, "How is that, stud muffin?"
GT, "People with jobs are too tired to dig in the sand on vacation". 
true that

Don't get me wrong.
I love an action packed trip.
But, sometimes...just sometimes...a true vacay is warranted and appreciated.
 The coveted R&R
Mother, mother ocean...i have heard your call. -Jimmy B

I did partake in some activity
hosting a growing baby
4.5 months into this gig and feeling pretty great

my beach cowboy

my extended fam was also at the beach, just a few miles down at a house
We spent Memorial day with them.
I failed to take many pics. probably because we were busy, not being busy

the beard makes it's maiden voyage to the beach

the ladies that make things happen

i did study each morning for a few hours
i'll tell ya something
homework at the beach isn't as bad
AS bad, i said.

I love this girl to pieces
My cousins are pretty awesome. Probably the most awesome

summer nights are THE best

i couldn't help myself.
these came home with us.

Rested and Grateful,