Monday, June 27, 2011

Wedding inspiration

As mentioned in a previous post, our 1st Anny is coming up. Sunday, to be exact. I had mentioned that I'd be posting things wedding-related, and have poorly done so.
I'm posting via email via my phone... So bear with me.

1. This was my dress dream for a few years.
J.Crews Lucinda ball gown.
I still love it, but was hesitant to order a gown without trying it on. I thought it would be more fun to actually go to a big wedding dress store and try on with mom and friends. And, I'm so glad I did! Tried on millions, it seemed.

2. But, found the one that drew a "wow" from Jenna, Elizabeth and mom. I could've chosen any, as they were all beautiful, but went with comfort and pockets! Can't go wrong with pockets. They came in handy later(stuffed with tissue) as I was ugly-crying, walking down the aisle. My dads fault... He started it.
I loved it and still do. We added a flower pin to the belt for the reception. Easy peasy.

3. This was the pic that inspired the b-maid dresses and flowers. Gorgeous, huh?
I wanted cream/peach/neutral colors and loved this bouquet! I'm not huge on flower bouquets, except wildflowers. So, this was a great, unique option.

4. Fancy the shades?
The flowers were perfect! With some burlap and pearls tying them together.

And the dresses! Jenna found them at Anthropologie, duh. They were the perfect color and looked great. At least, to me.

That'll do for now, as I can't get any more pics on my phone. I'll get more later once I go "in town" from Camp.

Right now, my appearance couldn't be any more contrasting to those above. It's a non-air conditioned camp, after all. ( I sort of prefer my grungy look today to a gown anyway...shhh).

Happy camping,

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Portrait and Camp time

Headed out to Camp Ch-Yo-Ca for my first week of being the camp nurse am totals stoked!
I grew up at Camp and can't wait to spend a week at one of my favorite places with some great people. I pray that the kids in attendance this week will learn more about God and grow to know His love!

Can't wait to see what the week brings(hopefully no broken bones)!

So, I'll be out this week from posting. Blogworld, I will miss you. Hopefully the feeling is mutual.

Here's to a week of band-aids and Gatorade!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Park in the Sky

Our next vacation is planned.
Only in my head, but I have found the place.

What would you think about swimming here?

Singapore has opened the first high rise park.
Pretty awesome.
I'm not sure how not-afraid-of-heights I am to trust that infinity pool. But, it'd sure be worth a look.
Isn't it just grand?

While looking down at this?

Pretty great view for a view laps, huh?
(click on the pics for source)

3D flythrough of Marina Bay

If you wanna stay at the hotel/casino
click here

Imagine visiting a city and never leaving the hotel...for weeks.
I can see it now.

Who wants to go?
I'll bring the camera.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the flight of the dogs

what our pooches do while we're not watching.
woodrow is the one that isn't ever on his bed

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Portrait series

This is a series that I will continue. I solemnly swear.
Each Sunday, GT and I will take a pic together. Hopefully soon it won't be with my iphone, but with a good camera(fingers crossed)!
It will be an organized and fun way to keep up with where we are and what we're doing.
plus, it's the only day of the week that either of us puts on anything decent.

(a new dress, too)
Sunday in Georgetown, TX.
we looove us some Texas

With the Taylor fam.
minus Chelsea and Garrett. we missed them oodles

a Fathers day photo with the original 4 (Garrett not pictured, but imaginarily placed and fondled)

GT with the gparents.
The General and Mona.
We celebrated their birthdays this weekend. His 87th was on Saturday, her 82nd on Sunday.
I think. Those ages could be off slightly.
This year is their 60th wedding anniversary.
I'm thankful for them and the great Taylor family they have raised.
Sunday, after Fathers Day lunch we sat around and listened to grandma tell a story from one of their first dates. Grandad sat in his chair chirping in with his comments. It was very entertaining and special.

sitting on their new birthday bench

Grandad was showing us his newly discovered Pandora radio: Frank Sinatra. he loooved it.

despite the 493 weather, we sat on the back porch visiting on Saturday.
It was delightful.
We all lost 12 pounds.

GT feels it is his duty to pin all of his cousins.
he got 3 at one time. I was proud. They are all younger than 14.

I also attempted the "waterfall braid" that I've seen posted all over the www.
Of course, I was running late for church, so I only had one chance.
Next time will be better.

Self-portrait in the hotel bathroom with your iphone is classy.

I loved the hair-do and got enough compliments to make me feel pretty and def do it again.
Thanks family!

Happy late fathers day to all ya daddios out there.
here's an old bday post to my dad.
he's the best!

hope your monday has kicked off to a good start!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I had to do a double-take.
For a second, I thought this was a picture taken of me.

then I remembered that I don't have a bike, that dress, that hat or live in Paris.

whoo....close call. I thought someone was exploiting my photographs on this here interweb.

here's to Paris,

Friday, June 17, 2011

the return of Fridays list of loves

On this glorious and smokin' hot Friday i am LOVING...


1. this dude
he's my fave canine there ever wuz

2. having my brother-in-law here.

it's nice to be around "others" like yourself

 it is quite amazing that i have found another family that is as unique(the nicest word i could think of) as mine.

i just wish Ty's wifey could be here.
but, she's in Alaska. likely story, huh?
i love my seeesters

3. he's here b/c we're driving to Georgetown, TX today to see these awesome folks
we're excited to spend the weekend with GTs grandad and grandma.
They're pretty remarkable people and I just love spending time with them. They're full of good advice along with some competitive games of 42. I hope when i'm in my mid-80's i'm still whooping up on my grandkids in a friendly game of dominoes.

4. summertime music
(here we go again, right?)
since we'll be leaving around noon and heading to texas, i'll prob be blaring some road trip tunes

the killers.

.38 special

also, you can't head to texas without some texas country.
something about summer brings out more of my twang.
pat green

5. eating this last night for supper
mom did good.

from here

the perfect summer pasta.
we enjoyed our time around the dinner table
i speak for everyone.

happy weekend folks,

Thursday, June 16, 2011

where i'd rather be

click on pic for source

Show me somewhere else I'd rather be today.
Do it, I dare you.
As if.

Also, do yourself a favor.
search for: hammock
proceed to daydream
don't go outside (if you live in Louisiana)
you will be rudely awakened from your daydream

dream on and carry on,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Willie Nelson.
the Legend.

We were privelidged to see him live last month here in our own great metropolitan of Monroe.
He's 89, i think.

Here's how it went down.
The show started at 730. and, it started at 730.
Willie walked on stage, gave a two handed, above the head wave.
Then, grabbed his guitar, stood up to the microphone and started singing. Never stopped for 1.5 hours.
When I say singing...i mean a talk/sing. It was a talking melody of sorts.

Although, at his age, he is longer able to croon as he once did, he can still rip on the guitar.
It was amazing and I'm so glad we were able to enjoy his music live.
GT said, "he's like the Old Faithful...he's just something you gotta see."

this was the backdrop/theatrics.
some songs, they'd roll it up and the stage would be black.
then, the next song, they'd let it down.
really set the mood.

Also, he was off of the stage, in his RV and on the interstate in 15 minutes.
Everyone kept yelling "encore, encore".
 I said "he surely has to do an encore". GT replied, "no, he doesn't. he's Willie".

and, he didn't.
He was headed out before all of us.
I think that means, he's made it.

one of my fave Willie songs


Monday, June 13, 2011

summer essentials

number 1 essential
a transparent kayak

why didn't I invent that? or the post-it note?

number 2 essential
a body of water

...more to come...

celebrate Good Times...come on!

Well, here we are.
Where is here? you may ask.
3 weeks away from our Anniversary!

This means that I will probably be featuring some of my fave moments of our wedding festivities.
So far, those few weeks leading up to our hitchin' and the actually wedding weekend, are the happiest days of my life. I was so oblivious to anything not fun or happy during that time, i was in a very surreal and delighted state. constantly.
This happened because of all of the people that love me and created that feeling for me.

Some of those people are my awesome friends, which leads me to my 1st wedding post.

We had a party barge with 13 of my besties on a lake.
my idea of a perfect party.

of course, some of it was obnoxious.

floating and laughing alot

they all came into town just for this.
from Nashville, Dallas, Memphis and Beamont.
They make me happy.

a new seeester.

happiness in a field of summertime

Then, Crammy (elizabeth) had us all stay at her family farm.
it. was. perfect.
We rode fourwheelers, sat on the porch talking/drinking coffee, ate deer burgers, opened lingerie(not pictured, duh) and loved life.

early morning pic.
rough, but happy.

have i mentioned how happy this party was?

It was over a year ago now and I wish so badly that we could do it every weekend.
I'm a blessed girl.
for that, i'm thankful.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Louisiana Saturday and night

Let me tell you a story.
The story of a perfect Saturday.

It all began when we woke up later than usual, around 815...with no agenda.
I'm not sure that there are many things greater than having no certain plan for the day.
I like having a plan for the day, usually. I think that schedules are important. I prefer to stay busy.
But, somedays...some Saturdays there should be no schedule.
I'm thankful we have those. I know it is a luxury and we take full advantage of them, recognizing most people are not given this luxury.
We decided to take the Bad Boy for a ride and let the dogs run along beside us.
It's the lazy mans version of walking/exercising the dogs.
Whatever works, right?

Then the dogs got in the pond...which is crazy low. Perhaps a ran dance is in order?
So, GT decided to work with them for a bit and have them retrieve their "birds".
Hunting season is quickly approaching.
"Woodrow will be the best water dog there ever was", she proclaimed loudly.

Then we watched 2 movies.
don't judge.
it was hot.
and we can't watch movies at night. we both fall asleep. ev-er-ee-time.

but, then we played tennis.
the heat index was 110.
don't judge.
it was stupid.
i almost died.
but, i think it made us stronger. what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger is what I once heard.
that person didn't play the the middle of the Louisiana.
we were i was definitely weaker afterwards.
at one point i started asking what quarter it was, screaming loudly for my mama. it was embarrassing.

Then we picked up crawfish for the entire family.
40 lbs loaded up on the back of the Bad Boy.
at this point, GT said...didn't they write a song about this?
I said probably.

so what, we're redneck.
It works for us.


Originally it was just me and GT.
Then I called Korie to see if her family wanted some. She said "yeah, sounds great".
So, I ordered 20 lbs.
Then my aunt Chrys called, "can you pick up some for us, too?"
Of course.
We went from 5-40lbs very quickly.
That's why I love living next door to my family.
You are always one call away from a partay.
Within and hour we all convened with crawfish, mamaw Jo made a cake, John Luke had the truck pulled up with music blaring, we had a wiffle ball game going, the dogs were swimming...again, watermelon was cut.

Louisiana Saturday Night.

can i get an Amen?

from the a/c,

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day fuh sho

This is how we spent our Mem Day
...watching the girls do awesome stunts...

...spending the weekend on the beach with extended family(that whole group that you see, is family)...

...hanging out with awesome kiddos like Will...

...having burping contests and losing to 9 year olds...(don't judge me)

...eating blueberry pancakes made by mamaw jo and my aunt chrys with cousins and my boo...

...watchign cousins frolic in the ocean...

...throwing the football...

it was too short, as a weekend at the beach always is.

i'm thankful for days when my man can spend all day with me and my family.

i'm thankful for the men and women who have fought for our country and our freedom.

I am proud to be an American.

happy {late} Memorial Day!