Tuesday, May 28, 2013


May has been good to us
i plan to document our going-ons at some point, but this little photographic re-cap will do
i'm too busy living, ain't got time for blogging
also, i might just not feel like it
either way, it's my little corner of the wide world of webdom and i can frequent it as often as i please or not please. ya heard?
1. a handprint to the face is synonymous with a hearty nap (if it is your own)
2. my boo-thang and i hit up a late movie and we are also hipsters
3. uncle Josh is a Wave alumni now...hooray! we had to show our support via garment
4. our big trees, Bella and Judson in a swing make a day purty sweet
5. seriously. that smile.
6. it pays to be a mom. GT got this little guy for me without any hints (except for maybe 4trillion)
7. if only he knew how delicious Blue Bell is, he'd be breaking down that glass
8. if odors could cross the barrier of your screen, you'd die. just think....fresh skunk spray
9. 82 never looked so good.
 birthday lunch at one of Monroe's finest with one of the worlds finest
until i return,
adios folks

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


i grew up next door to my cousins
across the street from my mamaw and papaw
down the street from my aunts and uncles
and minutes away from numerous other relatives
this is what i knew
i didn't know this wasn't normal

i moved away for college, then for my first "real" job, then i got married.
we enjoyed being away, just the two of us, away from family. we were learning to face life as a couple. spending evenings alone. it was good. the best thing for our new marriage.
then we had the opportunity to move back to my home.
no brainer.
we moved back to the "compound" not long after.
and are now in our own home 2 miles away.
it's the best of both worlds, honestly.
there is nothing i love more than being with family.
i love the afternoons watching cousins play in ball games, track meets and tennis matches.
i love the sunday mornings we share a pew (or four)
i love the saturday mornings we meet for breakfast
i love the evenings we spend outside around a fire, talking
i love the wednesday nights we share in praise and fellowship
i love the days we spend by the pool
the days we share at camp
the days we just stop by
the days we spend traveling together
the days we have shared in joy and in pain
i love that no one is every further than a phone call and 10 minutes away
i love that i can always share a meal with family
big or small.
usually big
physical proximity to so many of those you love is a rareity and something i cherish.
being close,
is so so good.

{i can not fathom the loss that so many are experiencing in Oklahoma. my heart is sickened by this tragedy and the aftermath. so many are grieving. I lift them up to a God who heals and makes whole.}

*holding my family even closer*

Monday, May 20, 2013

a few things

1. i haven't really been in the blogging mood.
that's just the way it is.

2 school's out for the summer! what what!??!
Alice Cooper - Schools Out For Summer

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3. a good read is on the horizon for me.
 suggestions are gladly welcome and wanted

4. with a reprieve from pharmacology and pathophysiology and paper writing for a few months,
 i- all of a sudden- feel an energy that i was (unknowingly) missing
so, with that...(insert drumroll) i'm back on Pinterest.
real epic stuff happening over here, y'all
on my list of to do's:
salvaging my Volcano candles : starting off small, don't want to get to ambitious.
keeping my huuur out of my eyes while i'm reading my books and NOT studying
Judson Ray needs a sleeping buddy 

5. don't let these sweet-looking little punks fool you
chased a skunk into a hole
you know where this is going.................................................
............................................................no where that smells good

6. couldn't be happier after a weekend spent at home with my guys (stanky canine variety, too)
my love tank is full and my coffee cup runneth over

cheers to a new week...hope it's goodun.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Beau is 3!

yesterday (or so it seems) we celebrated the little guy turning 2
We partied it up-Octonauts style- in celebration of Beaus 3rd birthday!
 Jake, Jamie and boys came in town to have the party and Beau had so much fun with all of his big cousins.

 Beau and Luke were super pumped about this pic

 time for the party to start!

 the cutest cake from iDream cake here in West Money
luckily Bella doesn't mind having a wet head everytime she holds Judson
 pin the patch on Kwazii
   thanks Will
 first time in the pool
also, his hairline....

 so many great faces that i love
that happened fast.
Beau Thomas, you made me an aunt and for that i'm thankful.
but beyond that, you have given us unspeakable joy and provide constant entertainment.
you are not lacking in personality and you are overflowing in love.
we are so grateful that God gave us you as our nephew and we absolutely adore watching you grow up.
i love that you are saying hilarious things completely independent (or so we think) of our influence and have learned to make us laugh. it is never a dull moment with you.
we love you more than words.
and octonauts.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: take a Chanc{i}e

in case you haven't met her yet, let me introduce you to our good friend
I have always had a love for horses. like most little girls
my mom put me in riding lessons when i was young, so i could have a chance to ride.
as i entered high school and started playing every sport, it became harder and harder to find time to ride.
enter the Neals.
i grew up with them at church, but never spent much time with them.
i knew they had a slew of horses and their girls rode barrels. so i just asked them if i could ride sometime.
i would go out to their house after ball practice, ride one of their many horses then eat some of Kim's amazing cooking (skillet cornbread to die for!).
so began one of my favorite friendships to this day.
the Neals are good people. solid and good to the core.
i love them so very much.
our relationship has many, many layers...first and foremost they are part of my forever family.
we have shared many trail rides together, shared pews at church
 Tony is currently building my parents house
Chancie serenaded us at our wedding rehearsal
we've been to rodeos together
 shared heartaches, shared joys
gathered around many dinner tables together
there are numerous more memories we have shared.
i truly am thankful for our friendship
Chancie started playing the guitar and writing music a few years ago
She has a gift
she picked it up like it was her first nature
she signed a deal, writing music, with Sony recently and has opened for Luke Bryan on his farm tour for a few years
we could not be more proud of her
you can buy her music here

 bareback riding in the pond
(a few weeks before my wedding)
we jumped off of their backs
not our brightest moments
 they spooked and ran...obviously
GT is in the background, rounding the horses up...what a guy
Chancie and I took off after them, barefoot.
genius, i know
one of my most favorite days. ever.
one of my most favorite families. ever.

now, go give her a listen

Monday, May 13, 2013

surviving Canton

if you've never been to Canton for 1st Monday trade days, you just gotta.
and plan to spend some time there
it is completely overwhelming to tackle it in a day, probably 3
espcially with 2 babys and a 3 year old
the babies really did great
the weather was subpar (cold and rainy in May!)
we had lists of what we wanted
but, it wasn't very successful
oh well, another trip will have to be made! 
hesitation for what lies ahead

the big kid and Beau

Judson just wanted to attack Beaus face every time he saw him

my lovely company for the day
this is how an almost 3 year old survives a day at Canton

perhaps GT wouldn't mind if our entire house was lit up?

i'm not even going to say anything
ok, i will.
these scooters take no prisoners
also, they were everywhere
this particular one is a gem

sweet wittle Wuke

Judson hardly slept all day and was soooo happy to see his Pa when we got to mom and dads house
i think i heard him saying, "save me Pa! they made me do this thing called shopping...all day long"

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Portrait Series: first bible class

 Judson has reached the age where he won't fall asleep during church anymore and he won't sit still and be quiet...imagine that!
 so, the nursery it is. or join the host of other moms and babies walking/bouncing in the back of the auditorium or foyer.
as we walked into the nursery last Sunday, a bible class was going on!
his first bible class.
oh my preciousness.
 not paying attention and trying to get a girls attention (or her toy)

 "pat the bible book, it's the word of God"
it is weird that I have a kid in bible class. it just is. i feel like i'm still in high school...with a baby.

Grammy and Pawpaw came in town for some baby love.
they also put up with us
I'm so thankful for our church family who will help us teach our babies about Jesus.
I'm even more thankful for grandparents who will daily show them the love of God. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

brudder birfday

{for some reason, this didn't post when scheduled...on his birthday- 5.1}
Cheers to you, uncle Josh!

Thanks for loving your nephews so much that you'll move across the country to be with them and us
Thanks for your perpetual student status- challenging us all to keep learning
Thanks for posting epic Facebook statuses- making us all hesitate before posting the mundane and self-inldugent
Thanks for staying in such amazing shape-helping me stop at just 1 more cookie
Thanks for leading the way as the oldest sibling- making the Kirby name something difficult and lofty to live up to

Happy birthday...your last one to celebrate sans family! So get yo self back to the south so we can toast you and more likely roast you.
Love you brosif!