Sunday, January 30, 2011

sharing is a virtue...

...or something like that.

All 7 months of wedded bliss has made me quite the expert. Seriously. I know everything about marriage, ask me anything. I also wrote Moby Dick.
There are a few things I have learned in my short experience as half of a couple though.
Since I haven't bestowed my wisdom of newlywed camaraderie in a while, here's a tip.

I know you've heard it a jillion times, but it's never a bad thing to hear it again.
Your mom was right, you have to share.
Especially if you're going to spend everyday with someone...for the rest of your life.

That's why I shared my germs.
GT got a little taste of this rear-end kicking virus.
Pretty sure he didn't get the real deal, but enough to let him know that I love 'em.
Ain't I sweet?

After all, when we shared our vows we became one.
So, I'd like to think that when I got sick last week, he became ill then. right? surely.

"from this moment on"

Sorry boo.

Friday, January 28, 2011

couch potato

This is day 3 of my bum being glued to the couch.
I'm getting tired of it which lets me know that I am almost in the clear.

It seems that everyone is sick. If you look at any social networking site, the majority of the people are commenting about their physical woes.
I have joined the ranks. This little virus has kicked my rear and I am slowly recovering.
The first day I called my mom twice and only remembered one conversation...without drugs. Yeesh.
I don't like to go to the doctor. I believe that our bodies know how to fight these bugs and will do so in time.
Why waste my time and money at the doctor?
Of course, I know when it's necessary. But if its some virus that my body will fight...I stay home, drink gallons of water, take symptom relief meds, put on my chapstick 24/7, keep some tissues handy and rest. 

My dear hubsters has miraculously stayed well. Actually it's no miracle. He hasn't come within 10 feet of since my first cough 4 days ago. I kid.
The first night he got me water, patted my back and asked "can I do something?" a million times.
The next day came with fever and I haven't even high-fived him since.
I do not blame him. He's smart. More importantly, he's well and working.
And he doesn't think I'm a stupid girl when I cry a little when my body hurts.
Love him.
This guy has stayed home with me though.
Not that he had any other option. Nonetheless, I'm thankful that he stayed home. I think he still would even if he did have another option.

he lays like this alot. you'll have to excuse our man-dog. he know no manners

this is his post while i lay on the couch. he stands guard against all those woolyboogers who are out to get me

i'm ready to get up and get out.
oh wait, i'm still hacking up a lung.
maybe tomorrow,

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Look at my momma.
She's recording a TV show. Look out!

Mom is part of a little show on local tv in Monroe/WM called Girlfriends.
Last week I was able to spend a bit of time watching them film the show and loved watching the process.
The show is full of great bible studies and helpful lessons on how to be a woman living for the Lord.
My mom is the special guest, Dr. Joneal Kirby. fancy, huh?
She's pretty smart.
She also will be having a bible study book coming out soon.
I can't wait!
It will definitely be posted when it's released, because everyone will love it.
Here's a link to my mom's ministry website. check it out

Have I mentioned this yet? We will be living with my mom and dad.
I love my parents and GT does too. Let's hope it stays that way while we reside under the same roof.
It can only be good. right? right? I need some encouragement.
Seriously, though we are blessed to have them and are grateful for them offering to host us for a bit.

So, for the next few months I will probably have great stories about living with your parents when you're married, living with a man that works in the hunting industry, starting a new job, trying to sell our house in LR, moving, and finding a new house. whew!

for now though, I am fighting a nasty virus and am resting on the couch.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hey baby let's go to Vegas

Vegas is not for the weak.
I am weak, therefore I am not made for Vegas.

GT and I headed to Vegas a week ago for the annual SHOT Show.
The reason we went (i have not announced this yet) is because GT has a new job!
He will be working for the Buck Commander and the show was his first task.
The SHOT show is a huge expo for all things outdoors.
The Outdoor Channel also hosts the Golden Moose Awards for all outdoor shows.
My cousin Willie was the MC and did an awesome job...we were def entertained.

We had a great time and GT was able to meet lots of people in the industry and started to get plugged in.
I hung out at the Duck Commander/Buck Commander booth and walked around alot.
We probably left the hotel twice...crazy.
The expo was in our hotel, yet it took 20 minutes to walk to the booth from our room.
That place was hugemongous.
Seriuosly...I didn't even work and I was exhausted.
We also ate our body weight in delicious food and at crazy late hours.
Vegas kicked my boo-tay.

My cousin Korie and I

The DC/BC booth

The Duckmen

at the GMAs with my stud

Korie and Willie

Willie manning the podium and entertaining the audience

Oh, just a stroll through Venice or the Venetian, i can't remember

A view of the strip from our room...hey oh

Vegas by night.

for now, I am going to try and recover.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Flash Mobsters

Does anyone else LOVE flash mobs???

I could watch them for hours and wish so badly that I'd run into one.

Pretty sure this coincides with the idea of my life being a musical. If only this happened in the everyday.
Often I look around and wait for others to dance or sing when I feel a certain emotion.
But, alas, it's left up to me. Most often I do dance or sing and just look like a fool.
Just think...if hundreds of people would just join'd be a youtube sensation!

Happy dreamin' Mundee,

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Ladies and gents-
I am out for the week in the land of lights and losses.
I will explain later.
For now,

Friday, January 14, 2011


I do not post about fashion or design often or ever really.
That is becuase this is not a fashion or design blog.
For this reason alone...they are not my forte.
As a girl though, I love a good outfit and beautiful design.
The majority of the time though, simplicity and comfort win and overall design/fashion lose.
The effort though is always too great.
How do people come up with a brand new outfit that's cute everyday? It wears me out.
I'm thankful to wear scrubs daily.(that was suppose to be a secret)

But, I must...I must share this with you.
The Sartorialist is a wonderful blog of fascinating and inspiring street styled people.

He is so great at capturing the images and he has no formal training.
quite impressive, eh?

Take a look 

I like it.
That's all.
Now I will carry on in my comfy jeans, pull over and boots.


lovin' Friday

Friday, Friday, Friday!!!
Three cheers for friday!
Hip hip hooray...!

This week has flown by. Geez Louise.

This friday, I am lovin':

going to West Monroe for the weekend
getting my new ride registered
working out 3 times already this week (can I get a what, what!)
our laundry room being almost finished
a perfect bowl of cereal this am
a perfectly clean house...i didn't work yesterday
supper already made and frozen for next week...i didn't work yesterday
watching Hoda Kotb sing every lyric to hip hop songs on Today show...i didn't work yesterday
the snow melting which means it is warming up..hooray! i'm so over being cold

So far, it's a delight and for that I am thankful.
for him...i melt.

happy freeedeee!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

sleepy hunter

My husband loves me.
I'm conviced that is the reason he recorded this and continued to take awful pictures of me.
Awful, i tell ya.

They are hilarious though.
We got in to the deer lease after midnight then woke up before the sun to get in the stand.
Of course I fell asleep. Who wouldn't? besides all of those hunters that don't.
Anyway...he documented my sleeping and my head falling off of his shoulder.

It's short, but you get the picture.

We'll try again. Perhaps an afternoon hunt.

But we look good, right? Right?

Here's to huntin' and sleepin',

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Haiti, one year later

Driving to work this morning I was totally thinking of myself and my day when KLOVE reminded me why it and everything else is not about me.
I was reminded that today is the 1st anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.
How could I ever forget that?
Last year, I am sure I thought that I would remember that day.
Our hearts were so full of saddness for those that lost everything.
How quickly we (I) forget.
Because it is not tangible and it has no direct effect on me, I forgot.
I'm sure those children without parents didn't forget. I'm sure those who were widowed didn't forget. I'm sure those families living in tents didn't forget. I'm sure those men and women still down there caring for those hurting didn't forget.

and thankfully, these people didn't forget.
Michael W.Smith gathered musicians together to raise money for Haiti.
 The contributing artists included Amy Grant, TobyMac, Matt Maher, Oak Ridge Boys, Steven Curtis Chapman, Lee Greenwood, Wynona, Casting Crowns and lots of others. How eclectic and awesome!

Days like today make me wonder why God chose me to live comfortably.
Not only comfortably, but in luxury.
I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the blessings I have of family, food and a home. Things that I rarely take 1 second to think about being there.

May we never forget our blessings.
May we never forget those that are hurting and without.

Praise God for His powerful healing

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sweet and Spice and everything nice

(not mine)

Sweet Potato and Black Beans???

These two lovelies are not normal commrades. Normally, I would turn up my nose at the combo.
Together in the right way...divine.

Here is the recipe for the
Black bean and sweet potato enchiladas!!!

The blend of sweet and spicy is key.
GT loved these...LOVED.
So, I was happy.
Let me say this, I am not a sweet tater fan, but this my friends, this, is doable.
Not only doable, but repeatable.
the stuff: 
2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and diced
smidge of EVOO
1 large garlic clove, minced
One can black beans, drained and rinsed
1 small chile, seeded and minced
One can diced tomatoes, drained
(since I forgot the chile at Kroger, I just used a can of rotel with green chiles for my tomatoes and worked great!)
1 tablespoon chili powder
2 cups salsa (your fave)
8 large flour tortillas
1/4 cup finely chopped red onion (forgot that too and used yellow...worked great)

The doing:
1. Roast those diced up sweet potatoes on a baking sheet on 400 for about 20 minutes... they'll be roasty and tender.
2. Turn your oven down to 350F. 
3. Saute the garlic and chile in some EVOO for just a bit until you can smell the deliciousness. (or just the garlic if you're me) 
 Toss in the beans, tomatoes, chili powder. S&P that little bit as you like
Then throw in your roasted tots and let it all get to know each other in that skillet for about 5 minutes.
4. Spread a thin layer of your choice of salsa on the bottom of a baking dish and put it aside.
5.Then fill your tortilla like you would any ole enchilada and layer on top of the salsa!
If any filling is left over, put on top of the enchiladas and then sprinkle with that onion.
6. Cover(so they cook through) and bake about 20 minutes.
I broiled mine for about 2 minutes just to get that golden top. Totally up to you though.

that's it!.
p.s. delicious left overs

bon apetit,

Monday, January 10, 2011

Staying in and eating good

We have joined the ranks of those in the south who are "snowed in".
Let me clarify.
If we were in Colorado, we would not be snowed in.
But, because we are in Arkansas, we are.
Me and GT and the pups. Loverly.
We are going to go into work in about an hour, but at least we had the morning to ourselves on a Monday.
How delightful!
It started snowing yesterday afternoon, so we made the decision to hunker down and stay on the couch.
We watched football and Open Range. I love Westerns. They inspire me, not sure in what way...but inspiring nonetheless. Now, back to the matter at hand...eating good.

Lately, GT and I have decided to eat healthier...more natural foods.
GT always eats well. He makes the healthy choice 95%  of the time or more. Me, on the other hand...not so much. I love unhealthy foods.
So, I started cooking out of our Vegan cookbook and made some surprisingly delicious and new creations.
Sweet potato and black bean enchiladas. Don't judge too quickly. They were divine!!!
Then garbanzo bean, rosemary and zucchini refreshingly delicious.
Then, we got snowed in. I made shells n' cheese. And I do not regret it. Sometimes you just gotta. I love those.
Don't judge me.

getting healthier every day.
if it doesn't snow anymore.


Friday, January 7, 2011


I just noticed.
My last post was my 100th post!

Geez...I think I'm getting the hang of this thing.
Even if no one reads this other than my family, I am grateful for this outlet.
As previously mentioned, I don't journal.
This blog has become somewhat of a journal for me.
I can type almost as fast as I think.
Does that mean that I type fast or think slow?
Either way...Hooray for blogging!

GT has said before, "If you're not on TV these days, you're a nobody".
Let me explain.
How many reality tv shows are there?
How many of you know people that have been on a reality tv show?
How many of you have seen all of the excuses for reality tv shows?
bama belles...really? come on people.
Anyway...all of that to say that yes, it's not that big of a deal to be on a tv show. Everyone's doing it. But somehow, it still is a big deal. I know it is. 

I kind of feel the same way about blogging.
Everyone has a blog.
So, I am grateful that I am in the blog world and can go typing away under the radar, blending in.
wish i had one of these to blog on.

Thank you Blogger for allowing me to join the world of online journaling.
I just hope to never be a narcissistic blogger. You know the type.
Someone please stop me if I get there. Or if I'm already there.

Love and bloggin,

p.s. all of my pictures(not personal) are via here

Hooray Friday!

Yay yay, it's Friday!
Hubster gets to hang out with me all day for the next 2 days and I'm super pumped.

Today, my Friday List of Loves includes:

1. The LSU game tonight! Wish we were at the Cotton Bowl, but home on the couch will do.
Perhaps I can find this cute, comfy to wear tonight.
Most likely it'll just be one of GTs old sweatshirts.

2. Dreaming of Europe while reading friends Laura and Laurens blogs. I am drooling. 
oh the places I would go.

3. Being inspired.
My workout routine is anything but a routine, but I try...occasionally.
This morning at the gym, I was inspired by the 2 women beside me with ridiculous bodies.
I wasn't jealous of their 0% body fat and perfectly trimmed arms(ok, maybe a little), but I was inspired to work harder and be healthier.
maybe if I wore this....

4. having a handy-man for a husband.
Man, I love that he can fix it all. Right now he is sheet-rocking our new laundry room.
LOVE his manliness.
ok, this isn't the laundry room.
but it does show him working.

So far, I am happy with this Friday.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Story of Jonah

I can't believe that I haven't shared this before!
LOVE this little storyteller.
Coming from someone who is not a storyteller, I am fascinated by her captivating storytelling.
and what a great story to tell!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's a New Year!

Happy New Year!!! late. always.
(insert every cliche about the New Year here)
I'm gonna try and not start the year with resolutions, because I will not follow through.
It's simple math.
A lofty resolution is made+I'll forget or I'll give up=failed resolution.
Therefore, I will just aim for being healthier for life. Easier...right?
Perhaps I'll start a bucket list. Not in the gloomy and doomy list kind of way. But the things I wish to accomplish throughout life. That should be fun.

Our NY weekend was full with various activities and family and we loved it.
Thank goodness for awesome family that got together in one central location, minus my bro Josh.
We missed him.

My post have been full of pictures lately...hope people like the way we look.

GT and I headed to their familys deer lease for some huntin'
We didn't find.

Hung out with Garrett and his parents

Then we had New Years Eve supper with these crazy kids.

Attempt #2 was much more successful

Then we met up with Buzz and Kyla to ring in the New Year.
Hooray for Dallas friends!

Then we kissed. In public.

New Years day was a delightful little time to love on our littlest Kirbster and all of his cuddliness
The boys watched

Look at that face! I just want to squeeze him.
In a non-aggressive wierd way, of course.
Just in a can't-get-enough-of-him way, of course.

This is what most of the day looked like.
Take a minute and see what's going on here...
No one is boring. No one.
You see horse-GT over there? Jamie jumping up and down?
free entertainment.

Pa and Gram loved on little Beauman all day. He's perfect.

Then we stayed at the 4 Seasons.
Had bfast with mom and dad.
It's purely delicious.
We got engaged there and stayed there after our wedding.
I almost didn't leave.
GT had to pry me off of those gigantic was embarrassing for him.

Lynn had her little man on Saturday!!!!
Isn't he a perfect little newborn??
We actually didn't get to see him though.
When we went to the hospital(she's in Dallas), he was in the NICU for low temp and blood sugar so we just got to visit with Lynn. I love her too, but wanted to love all over this little guy...eeeekkkk!
He's all better him.

Happily New Yearing,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brain overload

Have you ever felt like you had so much going on in your head that you couldn't even articulate one idea?
That's how I feel a lot.
Especially right now.
We are so blessed to have so many things going on in our world, but sometimes it's overwhelming.
In a good way of course.
Keep in mind though, it doesn't take a lot to get me overwhelmed.
I'm simple.
In a good way of course.

This is why I don't journal. or can't journal.
Never could sit still long enough to write one thought down.
By the time I get in the middle of one thought, I'm 2 or 3 thoughts away.
Perhaps I'm a bit spacey..perhaps. Or abstract, that sounds better huh? Kind of artsy...I like it. (not true)

I also have crazy dreams.
I'm tempted to start a blog just telling my dreams.
I'm not prophetic in my dreaming, just interesting.
If I could produce a movie based on my dreams, they'd be brilliant...absolutely theatrical.
See? the thoughts...never stop.

Since I am unable to compose any orderly thought process, here is a list of things I like:

I adore my man in a cowboy hat. ADORE

Made these little cake balls with sprinkles and candles for MILs bday.
So easy, but super fun little bites for everyone

My new Sam's Club membership!!! Thanks Chels!
however, i do not like my weird face. being too excited is not always cute.

the fact that my BIL can make weirder faces.
thank you Garrett. I'm glad someone else in the family can make me feel better about myself.
What's family for after all?

i got rid of the E-ride. sad day:(
happy day...we have a new ride!

we got to love on this little chubbly this weekend.
L-O-V-E him.

Spent some time on some beautiful Texas land.
much needed for my boo.
i like it too.
i rhyme.

More to come on the New Years, Christmas and Ski trip once I am able to gather my self together.'d think I could muster up a complete, grammatical sentence with proper punctuation.
don't go chasing waterfalls.