Wednesday, October 31, 2012

an early Hallows Eve

We celebrated Halloween a bit early this year with our friends and had a grand ole time!
Miranda and Ryan had us over for a pumpkin carving partay and she made some awesome Pinteresty goodies

The weather was just perfect, so we soaked it up. 
with some corn-hole

and some pumpkin painting

and some cheeesin

sweet Stella was totally entertained by GT
a possible future daughter-in-law...ha!
her sister is in the running, too!

these guys were serious. serious business.
at first they weren't so into it.
then it became a competition.
that's all it took.

the little punkins


the whole crew
(since this was taken, we have added 2 little guys!!! hooray for new healthy babies)

overall, it was a successful carving party.
the guys basically carved the pumpkins and i was rather impressed

Happy Halloween friends. 
Don't go eating too much candy.
Rather, do go eat too much candy.
I think I will.


Monday, October 29, 2012

little Judson Ray

We welcomed our son, Judson Ray Taylor, into our lives Thursday afternoon!
He is more than we could have ever imagined....
...more perfect, more sweet, more beautiful

we are blessed and humbled that God chose us to raise this little guy 

For now, i'm going to just snuggle and cuddle him.
I can't get enough 

Thank you to everyone for your congrats and well wishes. We are overwhelmed by the love we have felt from you over the last week. Our little Judson is sure to be surrounded by a whole lotta love.


(i took 450 more pictures in the hospital if you are interested...ha!)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

on pregnancy

someday, i'm going to write a book.
it'll be entitled..."But, For Real (they weren't kidding)"

People really aren't making things up when they talk about the crazy happenings of carrying a child.

(let me preface this post: It is absolutely the most amazing miracle in Gods creation.
I truly believe He gave us the ability to create and carry a child so we can glimpse into His glory.)

That being said....Hello!

I've had a few random crying moments. and poor GT, neither of us understand them.
I have no clue what they're all about and i'm still not quite sure.
emotions are heightened and pretty unpredictable. stand clear.
this has all happened within the last few weeks
also, the incredible ability of our bodies to grow and stretch
and the intense heart burn/reflux (never knew i could go through Tums with such speed)

sure...i'm not the first or the last to experience this, but let me tell you...each experience is different.
Everyone tells you what to expect
they say, "just wait for this, that, or the other to happen"
They ain't messing around, folks
but. for real.
(38 weeks. the ONLY bare belly shot i'll ever show)

I have less than a week to go and am doubting my toughness
i once thought i was a tough girl, you know?
 i grew up with boys. i hunt. i wear pony tails every day. i stinkin' threw the javelin, people!
i'm tough.(ha!)

Around 32 weeks I told GT that I'm not sure I can take 2 more months... in the midst of back pain.
he said, "what're gonna do? quit?"
then i felt claustrophobic in my own body

i'm not complaining
i'm just keeping it real
and living on a heating pad

Overall, this has been a wonderful pregnancy and I pray that we are given the opportunity to do it many more times.
I still feel great, actually.
Funny thing is that I thought I'd feel much more pregnant at 39 weeks.
My scale is definitely saying I am ready to pop, but I feel good.
I'm thankful for that.
In the midst of growing this kid, we have been adding on to our house (and we're sooooo almost done!) so I've been grateful for feeling well and being up and about the whole time.

This whole waiting game is quite low-key.
We're just carrying on and ready to go!

Hope your Wednesday is just lovely,

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Around the house

Isn't it just a lovely Saturday? Perfect weather here in ole West Monroe. I'm at the public dump with GT. Isn't that romantic? Here are a few more lovely things that I am loving

A found treasure on Antique Alley in downtown WM. our future guest bathroom vanity

Beautiful fall mums. A gift from my Mamaw Lou

Entryway fixture that I just LOVE

Painting painting and more painting

Basket full of swaddles for the bambino...whenever he decides to arrive!

Happy weekend friends!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: jumping dogs

"Hold my beer tea and watch this"
good redneck entertainment.......crickets chirping....... least i enjoyed it.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Our washing machine started leaking when GT was out of town. He wouldn't be back for a while so he told me to go ahead and call a repair man (ouch. Shot to the man heart). 
You gotta do what you gotta do.

Repairman checks it out and says he can fix it for like $allofourbankaccount,000,000. 
So I said. "sir, not to take away your business, but is this something my husband could fix?"
Of course it was.
So I told thanked him politely and said, "get outta here ya money-taker". 

I ordered the part for a comfortable amount and waited in its arrival.
Well, GT got home and said that he'd work on it one evening after work.
Weeeeelll....I was just at home one day and getting the need to organize/nest (I presume that's what it was). So I googled some directions on how to replace the part. Obviously.

2 hours later.... dad comes over. "what are you doing and does GT know what you're doing?"
Me, "I'm not sure and don't tell him".

But hey, I took it apart!

Luckily, GT loves me and took over to do the hard part

Honestly, this is not the face I was expecting to see when he came home.

I thanked him for fixing the hard part and said I could take it from there. Then, I thought....he's home now, he can finish. I did take it apart after all. 

So, if your washing machine is in need of repair and you'd love for a 9 month pregger lady to be all laid up on your me! 
And I'll recommend someone

So, here's to nesting!


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Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday faves

Since I've cut back on work, the days are getting rather mixed up.
So really Saturday and Friday are not very different.
Except...except that GT gets to hang out with me all day on the weekend!
He didn't get home from his two week trip until Monday morning around 330am, so we have yet to have a day to hang out. Tomorrow is sure to be full of house work, but at least my man wont have to be at the office. I've also been hanging out with some stomach bug since Wednesday night, so im ready to get out and about!

Fridays are good. Today, I love these things
The awesome view from the new guest room.
One week(approximately) and we'll be finished!!!

I gave up on my garden a month ago. Growing a human totally overtook my desire to keep up with growing veggies. Apparently the bell peppers weren't done. What a fun little surprise! I appreciate resilience. Even if it is in a vegetable

Little dudes clothes hanging in our closet(temporarily)

My hands have started swelling a bit, so I removed my engagement ring.
I sure am enjoying my sweet little wedding band riding solo.


Happy Friday folks! I hope you have something to look forward to as well. It sure makes the weekend more fun.

(my computers acting a fool, so the small pics will have to do)

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Adventures in babysitting

Not so much babysitting...more like cousin watching.
I stayed with my cousins kiddos this past weekend while they were out of town.

I'm with my cousins a lot.
We see them multiple times throughout the week and are very involved in each others lives.
As I've said before...i adore them and am so grateful that we live so close together. 
GT also works for them so that's pretty great, too.

So, GT and my cousins and my parents and my aunt and uncle were all out of town last weekend.
I was also 37 weeks pregnant and in charge...hello!!!!
Remember when Bella said that she'd take care of me? Well, that actually had to happen
except...i'd be the one doing the care-taking.
Luckily, the kiddos are pretty self-sufficient and I love being with them.
Saturday morning, Will dominated in a football game.
Sadie and I froze. How was I supposed to know it was going to be freeeeezing?!?!

I knew ahead of time that Sadie was going to throw her bff a surprise camp-out bday party on Saturday night.
I just wasn't quite sure how big of a deal it was going to be.
She's 15 and her friends are super problem.
Let me know what you need, right??

Well...Friday I asked Sadie, "who's all coming to the party?"
Sadie, "i'm not sure. i invited the entire grade, so we'll see".
oh changer. 
surprising the birthday girl!

They had a blast playing capture the flag, sitting by the fire, having a hilarious dance party in the barn and roasting marshmallows. 
Luckily, my aunt Chrys and the birthday girls mom came over to help with the party. 
It was a great group of Freshman kiddos and a pretty easy party to manage.
Thank goodness I'm going to start out raising a baby and not a teenager!

Around 1030 I was turning into a swollen footed, 9-month pregnant pumpkin and made some kids leave.
I know, I know....lame.
But, hey. I'm not upset about it. 
neither was Sadie, thank goodness. 

Then Sunday night, John Luke (the oldest) came in and told me that he jammed his thumb.
It looked jammed, but he seemed fine. 
So i just said "ooooh, sorry. that looks like it hurts". (great nursing assessment, huh?)
he's 17 and pretty tough, after all.

Monday morning, i'm at my house chilling. He's supposed to be at school.
He knocks on the door. I go see who it is.'s John Luke with a cast on his arm. 
whoops. missed that one. 
His 2-mama (my aunt Chrys) took him to the Dr because his thumb was hurting so badly.
turns out... he tore a ligament. 
Sorry, John Luke. my bad. 

So, you win some. you lose some.
Overall, it was a pretty successful and good weekend.
only one cast.
fun freshman class party.
froze at the football game, but
got a win at the football game.
kids in bed before 10 for school. 
i'd call it good. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

a few weeks via iphone

a few weeks ago, GT knocked a hole in our wall
this totally rocked Beau's world
"uh oh, GT broke it"

then he stained the concrete and it rocked my world

after i mopped it. (don't judge my appearance, i just got off work and it was late)
 which didn't even come close to rocking my world.
ok. so maybe i mopped for a minute, then GT took over because I whispered that my back hurt and he made me quit. 

my awesome work friends had a not so little baby shower for us

i felt very special and loved

they really are the best peeps to work with

Sister-Sadie and her bff Anna Catherine made freshman Homecoming court
and were the prettiest girls on the doubt. not partial.

Bella posed (after it was over) until we noticed and then posed some more

Sadie looked like a Barbie doll at the football game and John Luke was cute and sweet as ever.
I dropped my purse and he quickly picked it up for me. 
I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but bending over ain't what it use to be. 

35 weeks, i think
just entertaining myself with some "now you see you don't"

making progress on the house!!!
brick to come this weekend!

and one more thing...
GT killed this.

Happy weekend folks
i think it's going to be lovely