Monday, February 28, 2011

a pictoral list for a picturesque monday

1. this is a good day
This is actually GT and Tony talking about building my dream house and dream barn. Here they are planning my dream headboard made out of the black walnut trees on their land so I can sit up in bed  and watch my horses given to me by Tony.
(then I remembered that i was talking that about in my head and they were just talking about the beautiful sunset and horses and stuff)

2.  Can I get an amen for the iphone 4 face time??
look at little man pulling up!
also, can someone pick me up in like an hour and drive me to KC? Beau needs me. i'm fearful that he will try and walk and I won't be there to teach him how to strut

3. i love mountains. the mountains, the mountains.
p.s. taken from a plane with my phone. holla

4. Seeing wildlife while driving down the road makes me squeal...always.
i spy 2 mooses. meese. moosen. mouse. who cares. they were calves anyway.

5. i'm getting closer to opening my etsy shop.
today, i decided to follow a new pattern.
isn't this newborn hat the cutest patootiest thang cha ever did see?
my childrens heads will always be warm

6. have i told you lately that this man makes me happy
the fact that he's tall makes me happy, too.

7. this website is perfect

it's springtime at my house.
i'm not rubbing it in.
but it looks like a perfect spring day.
not to make you jealous.
it's 75 degrees.
seriously, i hope it's pretty where you are too.
the sun is shining and i could take a nap in it.
hopefully, you're happy where you live too.

end of list.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Old Faithful Friday list

hello there fellow bloggies and happy happy friday
i hope your week has been as delightful as mine.

here are some things that i love on this here fridee:

1. winning dominoes last night with my boo as my partner
sorry Kor and Willie

2. seeing this historical beaut yesterday
ole faithful

3. with my boo

4. having the opportunity to go to Yellowstone in the winter
if only it were legal, this would be on my wall

this stop was my fave
and yes, that's my family...we welcome everyone

and yes, he's my husband forever

 family trying not to burn to death in the hot springs

i just think he's super cute...
...and he's mine.
muah hahahahaha

oh come all ye, ole faithful

yeesh. thankful i'm not a bison
can you imagine all the tangles?

there were a magillion of these beauties

5. the inside of a house
it's -21 degrees this morning
that shouldn't be legal

6. cooking with my mom and aunt and cousin last night
i love being in the kitchen with fam
and when the outcome is delish
(new recipe to come soon)

7. i get to squeeze the cheeks in t-2 weeks

8. i get to keep him for a nephew

9. i'd be ok if that were the only thing on this list.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

wordless wednesday

i continue to take you along on our family ski vacay
the more the merrier
enjoy this little blue run
ignore the shakiness as the run gets a little steeper, por favor
i can only do so much without compromising my safety and my pride

more hats made for cousins

ok, so i am not wordless
once again...i can only do so much


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

carry on...

...i'm never coming back.

Montana pulled out all the stops yesterday morning and is stunning.

this is our humble abode for the week and it makes me feel like an elegantly-rustic queen.

perhaps i will come home.
it's frozen, windy and snowing.
the word for today...brutal.
but "i will triumph" (with fist being thrust into the air while crying in Paris)-Name that movie.

time to layer up and hit the slopes.
i think i can manage brutal when it looks like this

send the troops if you can't find me.
i'll be the one in the fetal position crying in the corner.

so long, farewell,

Monday, February 21, 2011

Laissez les bon temps roulez

Let the good times roll... it's Mardi Gras in West Monroe.
womp, womp, womp.
Actually, it was a good time. Seriously. A little trashy and borderline hick-town, but overall it was a good time. We probably contributed to the white trashiness with our couch in the back of GTs truck.
That's right...we brought a couch to the parade and don't you know we were the envy of all those walking by without a soft place for their bootays to rest. Well played.

We went with 2 of our fave couples. The girls, including myself, are all from good ole' WM. Therefore, the guys felt it only right to form a support group for men-dragged-to-West Monroe-for-the-rest-of-their-lives-by-their-women. (we all know they love it and the paper mill smell that comes with it).

Beads were flying and pelting us in the head,  the Clydesdale's were there and were incredible!, Jen was running after floats to get the big beads, GT was doing his signature dance move, people pushing their baby in a stroller while downing some form of liquor were asking Miranda if she was on facebook to get her pictures (she responded by telling the that she wouldn't tell them her name...ha). As you can tell, we had a grand ole time and can't wait until next year!
Who said you can't have a good time on Saturday night in West Monroe?

Friday, February 18, 2011

hey, hey, it's a friday!

 Well, we have completed week 2 as residence of West Monroe and have survived.
This friday I am loving these things:
1. GT is thriving in his new role and I a thrilled for him. It's such a blessing to have a job that you love and work with people that you also love and enjoy being around. They're also very entertaining...perhaps that's why they have a tv show.
My journey to an employed woman is slow going. Last week I had 3 interviews and am waiting to hear from them. You'd think they'd at least call and say "no, thanks", but nothing? So, my days are filled with random things.
2.  Crocheting has been my main time-taker and hopefully i'll get an etsy shop opened soon and sell some of these babies. Here are a few things I've completed.
(sorry for the model, she's all that was laying around this morning)

3. ladies' get-togethers
Last night, I attended my first Heart2Home. The details of this awesome ministry is a whole 'nother post.
I loved it though and had a fun time with other girlies.
Wednesday, we also had a girls night for our fam of Bunko, Bible study and Birthdays...cute, huh?
This is why I love living in WM, I can attend these things.
All the women couldn't make it, so our group was a little thin. Not after Mamaw Jo's pecan caramel cake though. woowee...make me slap my mama good.
Aslyn(the littlest) won 2 of the prizes! I'd say we're raisin' her right.

4. Getting rid of old formals.
I had no idea that there were so many rhinestones, sparkles and toile(sp?) left in my closet.
Bless those girls who take on the task of getting in that poof.
Strangely, I had no sentimental break down getting these outta here...just happy to get rid of 'em.

5. The weather has been dreamy.

happy weeksend bloggie friends,

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

...because it's so good...

norah jones, john mayer (not to be confused with a dirty johnny depp) and keith urban at the 2011 grammys singing dollys' "jolene"

...and i need a word break...

happy wed,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

weekend of Love recap

You know how some people say "the first year of my marriage was sooooo hard" or
"that was the best year of our marriage, we had a blast"?
We spent this past weekend listening to couples share their testimony and stories from their years of marriage. Many shared their stories of fights and many of their bliss.
We, GT & I, are still trying to figure out what kind of 1st year we are gonna have.
j/k, I joke.
but, seriously.
i'm kidding.

Anywhooo, we had an awesome weekend at the WFR Marriage Retreat, along with 40 other couples.
Not only did our marriage receive a boost, but we were able to get to know couples at WFR that we'll be spending time with for...well, ever. It really is very encouraging to hear "experienced" couples share their struggles and helpful tips. Our first year so far has been wonderful but we realize that we are far from being exempt from Satans' attacks on marriages. This weekend we learned ways to help us keep our guard up against that stupid devil.

We also had a lot of fun.
We played games for 4 hours,  way too late for this lady, one night and my face hurt from laughing.

real old man?
or woman in an old mans mask hitting on Pauls wife and making Paul nervous?

the group

the wifeys

the newest newlyweds...awwww

our table at dinner one night

The "real" Val Day, yesterday, was just as wonderful.
I have no real stance on the day. I'm neither the girl who says "valentines day is a forced love day, i will not celebrate my love because someone told me to" or the girl who says "i want flowers and chocolate, i deserve it" and cries when she gets neither.
It's a nice day. Gifts are always welcome and I'm happy to show my love, forced or not.

We took my cousin, Bella, to her horse-riding lesson at our friends, Tony and Kims.
Then we went to Cheniere Shack, my fave eatery.
Both of these are my favorite.
Neither of these are fancy.
Both of these welcome, if not require, jeans and boots.
Neither of these require makeup.
the end.

Bella in her lesson from Jossie. She's 8 and is awesome.
We talked about Justin Bieber...alot.

Hope your Valentines day was perfect, according to your kinda perfect.


Monday, February 14, 2011

Love is in the air

happy lovers day to you and your lover...
...whoever or whatever that may be

in the spirit

with lovely admiration,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday or Thursday lists

Obviously I am confused and no one has called me out on it.
My post from today, Thursday, contained the word Wednesday. This was done because I thought today was Wednesday...really? It even has the day at the top.
I even went to church last night. Perhaps it's time for me to get a job. I'm trying!
Help me Rhonda.
The reason no one commented on this brain-toot, I have concluded, is 1 out of 4 reasons:
1. no one, but my mom reads this and she is out of town
2.  no one cares
3. everyone thinks today is Wednesday too...lucky for me
4. it's not a big deal and i overreact sometimes

Moving on,
...this week was eye-opening to the fact that I no longer live in a big city.
these 3 things were not found:
1. yarn store (i needed an exact color and type)
2. cinnamon Life cereal (we LOVE this)
3. original light Silk milk (my lactose intolerance requires it)
Goodbye big city life and the convenience of finding anything you want anytime you want it.
Hello eating supper with my Mamaw Lou at Cracker Barrel.
I'll take the trade. Anyday. hands down.

p.s. I went to a small grocer. I know that wal-mart will have what I need. I was just being dramatic.

I was happy though, to come out of Mac's Fresh Market to hear these two songs in a row:

I love good harmony. the end.
i'm getting a calendar.
carry on with your normal, scheduled lives.
happy friday eve,

wordless wednesday

Because I wanted to share, it's been a while:

and I'm limited on words today.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


How have I not shared this???
Look at my stud brosif.
Go to the original page by clicking this:

They always say the best place to meet the perfect date is the supermarket—so we’ve taken the opportunity to shoot some of the hottest singles in Music City at the gorgeous Whole Foods Market in Green Hills. Look through these pages and you’ll see vibrant, exciting, attractive and talented people who may be single, but are far from alone. Maybe once upon a time being single might have held people back, but in this day and age, attachment status is nothing more than a statistic. Still, if you’re single too, the next time you’re in the produce section, take a good look around—there might be an incredible someone worth meeting.

Come mix and mingle with the city's most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes featured in the February issue at our seventh annual Single in the City party. Enjoy cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and live entertainment - PLUS bid on unbelievable date packages through a silent auction to benefit The American Heart Association. Click here for more information!

Josh Kirby:

30 - Business Development/Sales, StoneRiver Pharmacy Solutions

Josh says he’s “pretty sure I won’t be making any other lists that include an All Pro running back and a World Series pitcher.” He’s got great qualities all his own—like being a volunteer coach at Montgomery Bell Academy, where he sets an example worthy of the coaches that mentored him. He been skiing since he was old enough to stand up on the skis, and imagines the Rocky Mountains as the idea place to go.

“Confidence is a far more attractive quality than good style.”


giggle gaggle

attn: Newlywed lesson attached

We moved in with my parental units on Saturday night. Here's an update.
We are still in-love and still love my parents.
Actually, it still feels like we're on a vacay or here for a long weekend.
The fact that I still haven't unpacked anything, except my skivvies, probably has something to do with that.
I'll get to it eventually...maybe...we'll see. (long groan, i hate unpacking... insert pathetic whine here)
So far, we love being in WM. We see family everyday, get to watch cousins basketball games, GT plays on a bball team, go over to friends' houses, eat lunch together, let our dog run away and find him at a family members house, walk across the yard to my uncles house to GT can get his laptop fixed. Things like that.

We have been rather busy though and it is different having another couple in the house all of time, your own parents or not. It is definitely not a bad thing, don't get me wrong here. We love being with them and enjoy hanging out. But, it is different. Last night GT and I sat together in one chair and laughed out loud at Jay Lenos intro thing.

Here's the newlywed lesson:
take time to laugh at something together.
it is good for the soul.
watching tv all of the time together is not necessarily good, but sharing a laugh over the same thing is healthy.
cheesy or goofy as it may be, our bodies like it and we like our bodies to be happy. or something like that.

(from 2009)

We laugh at ourselves often, too.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

good day non-snowday!!!

I have yet to post pics from our snow days in KC... i know everyone has just been wondering why...or not.
We had a good ole time just jumping into piles of snow. You should try it, I highly advise it. For one second of throwing your body at a big lump of softness, you forget all of your worries. ok, ok it's really not that dramatic, but it was fun.
Jamie and I also made a snow-thing-man and had to pour water on it to make it stick. Before you make fun, the real-life KCians suggested it, and they know. We took a walk to J&Js fave coffee shop and took ridiculous pictures. We also attempted sledding, at best. Probably the most fun we've had being goofy in a was perfect.

Beau really wanted to join so he yelled at us from the door.

so mom gave him a bath and he ate the duck

then he dressed up as a gingerbread baby and i thought he was cute.

the end. hopefully of snow.