Friday, March 7, 2014

have a Happy weekend!

I'm not so big into pop culture or music.
So my knowledge of the current hits is rather limited.
Occasionally, I'll hear a song while out and about and get most of the world.

So, I'm waaaaaaay late to this game, but don't you love Pharrell's "Happy"????
it's sooooooooo.......well, happy!

This past weekend, we were in Georgetown/Austin, Tx for a friends wedding and we stayed at GT's grandparents house. Which, was truly delightful!
We were playing 42 (dominoes) Friday night and GT's sister, Kim, was singing this little tune.
A tad bit later, grandad (age 87!) chimes in and sings the chorus.
It was just surprising and so awesome.
This is also the same man who had come in AFTER the rest of us that night, around 10pm-with grandma, from playing 42 with their friends.
young pups!

I sure hope you find yourself finding something to do that will make you happy this weekend-whether it be playing dominoes or dancing.
For me, I will be in Shreveport for class tomorrow and doing homework.
but, I plan to spend the rest of the time with my fam and church family!

I came across this video this morning and it just made guessed it- Happy!

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