Monday, March 24, 2014

to blog or not to blog....

when i started this blog, it was to jot down the day-to-day life of newlyweds. 
(my first husband)

our families were spread near and far and we i thought it would be fun to keep everyone up to date!
i quickly realized that i was among bagillions of "20-something newlyweds" doing the exact same thing.

already, i had a list of blogs that I enjoyed reading...namely, The Pioneer Woman and A Cup of Jo.
others started landing in my blogroll as i joined the community that is the blogworld.

naturally i began by jotting down my ramblings about our homemaking, traveling and marital bliss.
then i started thinking that i wanted to write/document like other, better blogs.
soon, i started creating posts that resembled an achingly, terrible, and amateur photographer, chef, lifestyle coach, emotional guru. I am many things in this life...but I am none of those things I was trying to be via blog posts.

looking back-there are many post that make me cringe. what was i thinking? 
i was thinking that i wanted my blog to look like other blogs.
error. error. error.
abort mission.

I'm really not sure what I want from this little space.
currently, I do not feel like it is where I want, or need to spend my time.
but i also appreciate the space for documenting our happenings and my thoughts. 

I have enjoyed documenting JR's life here. It has become his baby-book and that works for me. 
Also, our family can keep up with his little life here.

It's very easy for me to feel overwhelmed right now
... and the last thing I want, is for this space to become a source of anxiety or obligation.
 I feel the need to share my heart with "real" people...that I can see and share with face-to-face.

our life is full of wonderful things, events and people. 
big and small.
important and not so big of a deal.
i'm not sure this is where i want to talk about them.

so i'm trying to figure it out....

in the meantime
you can keep up with us over at the Instagram: goodtimestaylor

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Anonymous said...

I certainly understand your concern. You are one exceptionally busy mom, wife and student, but I know there are a lot of folks who are very disappointed to hear that you may be getting out of the blogging business. Whether you admit it or not, You are one super talented blogger and I have enjoyed each and every post and ALWAYS look forward to the next. How's that for a totally unbiased opinion? :)