Wednesday, February 4, 2015

my people on the web: round 3

1. It's here!
this is the week of the 1st Heart to Home Conference!!!
are you going to be there?
if you can't be here: for the simulcast so you make sure not to miss this awesome event!

2. the Taylors have a fantasy football league: the Troy Aikman league
and i think i might be the only Taylor not involved.
i have no reason for this. it is my own doing.
probably has something to do with GT being in 5 (5!) different leagues when we got married.
this overindulgence in fantasy football is the likely culprit of my aversion to joining a league.
he's down to 2 leagues now
anyways... my brother in law, Ty, writes a weekly wrap up for the family.
this, i do join in on. it's good stuff.
his re-caps of the games and rivalries are hilarious 
luckily, he started a blog and it does not disappoint.
a witty little read for your week
even if you're not a sports fan, it's a fun read.

3. my friend, Rachel, is a contributor for a darling magazine called Darling
she does a wonderful job and i love all of her articles!
Darling is a magazine for women
and it has beautiful images with inspiring words
i love to follow their instagram account, too.

i noticed yesterday, that one of my besties sister-in-law was on the home page and instagram account!
pretty awesome. way to go Jenna!

another story about Darling...
when i was in LA a few months ago, my cousin Korie went to a lunch interview.
when we picked her up, walking out with her was Sarah Dubbeldam, the founder of the magazine and Kories lunch meeting.
i should have asked to meet her, but i was too busy acting cool about the whole thing.

happy Wednesday
get to reading!
and i'll see you on Friday at the conference!

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