Monday, February 2, 2015

photos by Stephen Jerkins

i am so thankful to Stephen Jerkins for capturing our family in this stage of life.
the two boys, ages 6 months and 26 months, never sitting still and hardly ever smiling at the same time.

it's a crazy stage of life, never a dull moment and rarely quiet and very rarely clean.
but it is so full. 
full of open-mouth kisses, animals, dirt, playing on the floor, snuggles, tears and belly laughs.
i'm so thankful to have these images that capture just where we are. right now.

we had a fun and relaxed morning with Stephen, who was easy to be with and was patient with the boys (and me)
his wife, Amanda, and son, Reason, came out after we took the photos so that we could visit and the boys could play. 
their excitement knew no bounds.
seriously, they had a lot of fun!
(i hi-jacked this photo from Amandas instagram. thanks!)

Amanda and I grew up on the same street and I just love the woman that she is today. 
a good family, those Jerkins.
and immensely talented, to boot.
Amanda is also an interior and floral designer and her work is stunning.
check her out here:
Amanda also is half of the duo behind whoa.wait.Walmart on instagram
and you can see Stephens beautiful photos here:
like is said, quite the artistic duo

as much as i love taking dozens of pictures on my phone on the daily, it sure is nice to have professional photos taken every so often. 
and i'm thankful that we know some incredibly talented people that are nice to be with...a lovely combination.

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ADJerkins said...

What sweet words my dear. I loved visiting with you and hope that our next trip down we can chat even more.