Friday, June 12, 2015

Townes-11 months old

Townes Wesley!
despite my resistance, you have grown another month older
and you are just too much for me to handle
i so wish to keep you this age forever
my heart aches to think that you will be walking, talking and all of those toddler things soon...i just adore your squishy thighs and your tuck-your-arms-in cuddles
 and your sweet breath against my neck...
please stay this way!
i know, i know!
it's happening anyway.

you are likely to start walking any day now. 
you prefer to stand 
but aren't keen on letting go!

you are loving the art of exploration and the joys of pulling things off of the bookshelves and out of cabinets!
you are growing more and more independent every day and are much more content to play with toys (or not-toys) by yourself
although if you notice that i'm in the room and i'm not holding you, you'll start to yell/talk at me and squinch up your nose while flapping your arms
until i come swoop you up (and i always do... i know) 
this is how i find you most of the time
pulling up on me asking to be held. 
my sweet little Rooskie.

currently, you are OBSESSED with this little bear and your monkey
you will not let go
and usually have one of them in your mouth 
your Honey bought the monkey for you, after you kept going crazy over Judsons
now you both have one and are both pretty attached to them

you and your brother are becoming pretty good little buddies
although, you each put up with quite a lot from the other
you grab his hair and face, he hugs you with an intensity (or knocks you over or steps on you) 
when we walk into his room after he wakes up, you get so excited...squealing and kicking your legs, waving your arms. and he lights up with a huge smile, saying "brother!!!!" or "bubba" or "bubkis" or whatever he calls you for the day.
then tackles you.
you laugh or cry. it's a toss up.

you are rather vocal about your needs
and "yell" at us when you want or need something

while i was trying to take these photos, you were standing next to this chair and hollering at me with your eyebrows raised as you leaned into the chair, up on your tip-toes.
so, of course, i picked you up and placed you in the chair
and you leaned back with the most satisfied face.
this is in no way indicative of how this relationship will run in the future.
i am running this.
do you hear me?
yes, i am in charge. 
not you.
i can tell you were listening (crickets)

my little Townesy, you are a sweet love bug.
and you have got me, heart and soul.
i always worry that you will be terribly sad if i leave you with anyone, but you always surprise me and do really well!
my desire to protect you (from everything!) is incredibly strong and overwhelming, at times.
learning to let go and let you grow, learn and explore will be a very hard thing over the next year 
who am i kidding...the next lifetime!
you are a true sweetie
with a tender heart
but an ever-ready smile 
being your mother is, no doubt, one of my greatest joys
you love me well, my darling boy

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