Thursday, June 11, 2015

life as we know it...early summer

ahhh... a phone photo update. the best kind.
in a (lazy) effort to keep our life semi-documented i am uploading photos that represent a small portion of our life over the past coupla months or so...
hang on, it's alot,
but let's start easy
lunches with Mamaw Lou

the DC 500 in DFW
GTs asked me to go the last 2 years, but i haven't been able to because of babies, babies or school
this year i drove over for the day and actually had a great time
i'm still no Nascar fan, but i enjoyed the time with my man and our friends

also, in April
we spent a long weekend with our good friends in Sugar Land, Tx
and i do intend to devote a post to this weekend!

a few weeks later, i spent a hurried 24 hours in Dallas with my gals
we had a lovely outside lunch at Velvet Taco, followed by some browsing at the Gypsy Wagon (probably my favorite store ever), pedicures, then an early dinner followed by 
the Newsies!!!
if you recall, we all went to NYC 3 summers ago for Laurens' 30th bday and saw the Newsies on Broadway. 
Well, as luck would have it the Newsies on tour came to Dallas the week of Laurens 33rd birthday... so obviously, we went!
then we waited in the downtown park for our Uber driver (my first experience with this unexpected and kind of scary way of travel) and watched the video that Patrick made for LC before we went to NYC
i left early the next morning to make it home for Mary Kates shower!

That week, Judson had his last day at Mothers Day Out
and we are all very sad about it 
there will be no more MDO at this place and so we have to find a new one...
he has LOVED his time at Cedar Crest and we will truly miss Mrs.Julie and K-K.
they have taken such good care of him over the past 2 years and he has made some cute little friends.

then we went to the beach
a whole post to come...

i started back to school.
whomp, whomp.

when we got home from the beach, we celebrated Mamaw Lous birthday

we also had one of Judsons besties, Isaac, birthday party at the barn
GT took the kiddos (and a few parentals) on a tractor/trailer ride

we had a small crowd (the rest of the family was at the beach) for a Memorial Day lunch in the barn

in the midst of it all, we have the ever on-going work on the house, back deck, barn, property
and family trips to Home Depot

uncle Garrett and Cristie went to Disneyworld and brought home these awesome Mickey hats

we planted the garden in early May (if i remember correctly)
which we tend to frequently
but Judson prefers to use it as a shoot for his bull-riding 

GT and i continue to love our Advocare
and are feeling great and shedding some pounds...boom

the oldest of the "little cousins" graduated
and in a few short weeks, we will celebrate John Lukes marriage to Mary Kate!

we mainly just spend our time outside
GT is teaching JR how to run the bases and hit off of a tee.

a couple of weeks ago, we were in Huntsville for various reasons
and caught a few Astros games...making national television
look reeeeeealll hard.

then one of my dearest friends from college, Laura, and her daughter, Florence, came to visit us.
I have not seen Laura in 5 years. 5 years!
and it was as if we had lunch every day.
i'll share more about that later...promise.

well, that about sums it up.
except not really.
but, it'll do for now.

the majority of our days are full of this...
and it's pretty good livin'

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