Wednesday, July 8, 2015

12 months with Townesy


you survived a year with us! more importantly, a year with your brother!

you remain the sweetest little love bug 

and i can not get enough of you

you are asserting yourself more and revealing more of your not-so-little personality.
 and sometimes i just can't figure you out, but i think you will have a lot to say once you start talking
you are such a sweet snuggler and love to give kisses,
 but in the next minute you can be not particularly happy and completely done with us... 
most often accompanied by this face.
at least you're passionate with your emotions!

you sure do love your brother and are so interested in whatever he is doing
you love to take a bath with him
and really love to climb on top of him whenever possible or take his toys...the key to a good brother relationship, i'm sure!

when you've had enough playing, you will crawl over to me, throw your hands up and make the little noises that mean you want me to pick you up...and i do.
then we sit in the chair or on the bed and you'll just lean into me with all your's the best.

you are easy to make smile and you have an easy-laugh

of course, you love to be outside
especially if there's water involved
or the wagon
and something to chew on, including freshly picked peppers from the garden

you like to be in the middle of things
while always keeping an eye on your mothership...and letting us know when the distance is too great
(approximately 2 inches)

you've been inducted into the ride-the-mower/tractor-with-dad club and are quite pleased

you are a good little eater, but would always choose watermelon if given the choice

which is likely to change tomorrow, because you're a baby
and babies be babies

you are on the move with your weird little scoot
and are impressively speedy
especially when you're getting where you shouldn't be

you have the gift (should we call it that?) of climbing
and often i'll find you on higher ground than where i left you

you still have no interest in walking, but i don't blame you
your scoot gets you where you want to go and why would you waste that energy on walking when your mom will carry you everywhere?

i mean, who could resist this face?

your choice in toys is always interesting
you love a good sock... a clean sock.
or a brush, bowl, phone, or other not-toys

i just adore you, little Townes Wesley
you are getting so big and learning new things, which is so fun to watch!
you wave and say "Hi" and "bye bye"
you point to your tummy when i ask, "where's your big belly?"
you give big open-mouth sloppy kisses and can blow kisses
we are kind of attached to one another and i have no intentions of changing that anytime soon.
you are the sweet to my heart

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