Tuesday, July 14, 2015

a party for Townes

Our sweet Townes Wesley turned 1 on July 8th!
We celebrated with water fun, as he LOVES being in the water.
we had the family and some friends over to my parents house to help celebrate our Townesy!

Judson was pumped for the party and kept asking if the flags and pools were the party?
he couldn't fall asleep for his nap, i'm assuming he was just too excited, so he got an early start on playing
after about 30 minutes of solo-partying, he said "I WUV this party!"
hmmm....it's just you, bro

then his people showed up and he about lost his mind

Townesy was mostly pumped about the pools, but flattered me for a few minutes while I took some pics
framer (sarcasm)

sweet little bitty had been running a fever for 3 days prior with an ear infection
he was fever-free and happy as could be
but still recovering
he was a trooper

super thankful for my mom, mom-in-law, Mamaws (only 1 pictured:( ) and aunt who helped make the party happen!

these two!

Townes did not disappoint when it came time to "smash" his cake
he took his time, examining it, then demolishing it
in no rush, but he did demolish it

after that, he was pretty much dun-zo and ready for bed, but we pressed on for some gift opening
i know, i should've taken him home by this point...sweet baby was tired
but, a proper party honoree never retires early (unless he's 1, then yes. yes, he does)

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