Monday, October 24, 2016

Judson Ray turns 4!

for his birthday party, Judson wanted his whole family to come over and play a baseball game.
and so, we did!
His wish for a party is perfectly reflective of him.
He loves loves loves his family and loves loves loves to play any kind of anything....
baseball, soccer, super heroes, rodeo, races, etc.
he's always up to play, especially with his family.
I absolutely adore this kid.
and we were all so excited to celebrate him.
he is happy 99% of the time
is up for anything, lets things roll off of his back, never runs out of energy, is easy to be around, he's very observant, talks all of the time, is really appreciative when given something, asks one million questions, and as my Mamaw Jo has said from the beginning, "he has a strong sense of purpose"
GT and I are constantly amazed at the things that come out of his mouth!
we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of raising Judson Ray

now, on to the party!
setting out the bases
sweet baby bulldog, Ben
baseball "tattoos" before the party

these two are quite the duo
best friend/cousins 
i love this baseball player

Judson is a kid who knows what he wants and is very good at verbalizing it.
he asked me what kind of cake we were going to have. I told him that i was just going to order a cookie cake with a baseball on it. He quickly let me know that he would like one with all the icing on top and some baseball plays on it. ha!
i should've known that he knew exactly what kind of cake he had in mind.
he was not being bossy, or rude, but rather matter-of-fact.

a few nights before his party he told me that he didn't want everyone to sing "Happy Birthday" to him, because he didn't like it when he turned 3 (true story. cried through it)
but, that he would rather the whole family sing "Be Strong and Courageous" together.
so, we did both and he sang loud and proud.
we all loved it and it might become a new tradition.
his 1st bike. and he has asked to ride it every minute of the day since.
costumes were a popular gift item, because Judson is constantly changing in and out of them, becoming whoever he pleases throughout the day. i love that part of his imagination
Judson has been fired up about turning 4.
mostly, because he gets to go upstairs at church for his bible class.

I can totally believe that he is 4.
he is very much an old soul and we often have conversations that seems more appropriate for someone twice his age (8! ha!).
Watching him grow and learn is one of the greatest joys of my life.
and also one of the most humbling parts of my life!
He is constantly challenging me, but i am thankful for that.
his strong sense of purpose makes me excited about the kind of man he will be.
GT and I pray for Him to be strong, courageous, kind, a leader and to love God and love everyone.

forever grateful for my thoughtful, energetic, happy, curious, rule-following, sweet Judson Ray.

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