Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Marks birthday!... and the goat

in early August, we spent the weekend in Huntsville to celebrate Marks 60th birthday!
If you know me at all, or have read this blog, you know that I LOVE going to GTs parents house.
so, knowing everyone would be there-except for my new sis-in-law, Cristie (we missed her!)- 
i was super excited for the weekend.
reason numero one: dominoes
we all love to play 42 and it might be one of my favorite things to do
especially with my Taylor fam

for his birthday, Mark wanted us to go with him to a goat auction in a neighboring town
to which we all obliged
and i was super giddy
my first goat auction and all
sweet little Hutch!
i have been telling GT that I wanted a goat. seriously.
so when this little group of little Tennessee fainting goats came out, i sort of lost my marbles.
i told GT to buy me a goat, but $30 was my max bid. i was kind of joking, thinking that he would blow off my request and i also thought they would sell for more than that.
well, the bidding began and ended. that group was sold.
then this lone little one came out for bidding.
i noticed that someone behind us was getting the nod from the auctioneer for their bids, but i didn't turn around and look at the bidder.
well, that goat sold for $40 and i turned around to look at the winner 
i just about kissed the man, i was so excited
he had been bidding with a card i didn't even know he had!
made me want to marry him all over again
isn't that the cutest little goat you ever did see?
His name is Murray and he is a pre-Madonna.
does no favors for anyone. only likes to eat the short, good grass. not the weeds and brush we intended for him to mow down.
unfortunately for GT, i've grown rather fond of the rascal
so we are keeping him as my pet.

after the auction and our livestock purchase, we headed next door to the CowTalk Steakhouse for some good home cooking.
the rest of the day was spent napping, domino playing, talking, playing with the kiddos
and celebrating Mark!
isn't my niece the cutest thing?!?!?

after Sunday church, we had a delicious lunch then parted ways
and left our goat, until GT returned the next day with the truck to haul him home

when i first met Mark, he brought me a basket of fresh peaches
I knew right then that we would get along.
not only did he raise the awesome man that is my husband, but he is the best PaPa to my boys.
he has also taught me so much about raising animals and encouraged me in learning more
we really did have the perfect weekend celebrating him (i sure hope he thought so, too!)

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