Monday, July 10, 2017

Kirbys take Breckenridge

Judson was confused as to why we got to go on the "Kirby family vacation" since we are Taylors.
after i explained that my last name was Kirby before I married his dad, he was relieved and geared up for a mountain vacation with the Kirby crew.

it was quite the change in pace, weather, clothing, and elevation from Cabo!
I'm so thankful that we are, no only able to, but get to enjoy vacation with both the Taylor and Kirby sides.
We are blessed, indeed.

starting from the plane ride, the entire trip was smooth and fun!

the drive from the Denver airport is always breathtaking!

my dad rented a beautiful house for us to all stay in
during the day we hot-tubbed
climbed a 14,000 ft mountain one day!
hiked with the kids
strolled the streets of Breckenridge
got ice cream (x3)
cooked at the house
ate pizza (x2)
watched LSU play
played cards
attempted a mountain run
and soaked up the clean mountain air
having our Mamaws on this trip was the cherry on top
they take such good care of us and are always game for good conversation and coffee
(and they rub my back and play with my hair!)

and of course, we took family photos!

Josh's girlfiend (eek!!), Kristen, came for a few days and we loved having her with us!
also, GT attempted to walk across a shaky 2x6 "bridge" on top of tires in a pond... WITH TOWNES.
they didn't make it. 
so we walked around town with a shirtless GT and pants-less Townes (thankfully it wasn't the other way around) until Jamie found some of Bens pants for Townes...still barefoot. 
neither of them were bothered by this one bit. 
except GT wished one of the tourist/souvenir shops sold dry underwear. 

the day that we chose to hike Quandary Peak was clear, crisp and beautiful!
the hike was actually pretty tough
but as always, the view at the summit was worth it.
seeing Gods creation from that point of view is truly breathtaking.

can you even handle this baby and his cuteness?!?!?!
the sweetest, that baby Ben.

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