Monday, July 17, 2017

TW turns 3!

our sweet little Roo turned 3 last Saturday!
we started the day with a donut run, just me and Townes, in our pjs.
GT drove all night Friday from Round Rock. He got in at 5am, so we let him skip the donut store trip.
Grammy and PaPa drove in a few hours later. and Garrett had already come in the night before.
we spent the day playing outside, prepping for the party, and loving on our boys.
that evening, we had a fun party at my mom and dads
all of his parties, so far, we have incorporated some form of water (hello July birthday!)
best cousin-friends! 
what a guy, huh?

we only had family come to the party
so, a small gathering of roughly 40...ha!

Sweet baby Ben turned 1 the day before!
so we celebrated him, too!
he really is the best baby. always happy and super silly! 

bless it. GT was worn out. but, no rest for the weary says Townes!

we had so much fun celebrating Townes Wesley, my little Roo.

He has turned into a certified big boy over the past few months.
but, is still pretty happy when i hold him and he tucks his head into my neck.
sometimes, i just don't know what to do with all of my emotions when he hugs me or just looks at me with his smile... goodness, this kid melts me.

He and Judson, or "Bubby", are the best of friends
seriously, they get along really well and enjoy being together.
of course they fight. they're brothers!
but on the the whole, they are great playmates and keep each other entertained.
i love watching them interact and often catch my breath at their love for one another.

Townes is quite a character.
He is silly, sweet, sensitive, and often feels ALL the emotions within a few seconds.
he is rather unpredictable in the way he will respond to any given situation. 
but, everyday, i am more and more proud of how he matures and learns to handle himself around others (using manners, being kind, obeying). 
if i say "ouch" or anything indicating that i might be hurt, he comes over to me and puts his hand on me and asks "are you ok, mama?"
he still loves his "little guys" and always has at least 2 little characters in his hands (current obsession is Tsum-Tsums)
He can't pronounce a "f", so he has "hingers" instead of fingers and we go to GTs "oppice" instead of his office. 
He is officially "thlee" years old and likes to keep up with the big boys... until he wants his mama.
He is learning that he is very good at making us laugh and is silly most of the time.
He is actually pretty funny! (says his mom)

Townes is easy to fall for.
He loves big and is full of surprises.
I just can't get enough of him and am so thankful to be right along side him as he learns about life.
He is and will always be the sweet to my heart. 

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