Tuesday, May 29, 2018

WEE school graduation

We will miss WEE school and the sweet ladies at First West so much!
I asked if they can just keep the boys at least until 8th grade, but no dice.
The boys both started there in Mothers Day Out and we have loved this sweet place for 3 years!
 I am so thankful for the women who have spent hours loving on and teaching our babies. 

our awesomely supportive fam showed up to celebrate our guys!

with sweet 3 day old baby sister!

sometimes waiting is SO HARD

Townes has grown tremendously this year.
he stood on stage and sang every word during their program.
we could not have imagined him doing this 6 months ago...and he walked down the aisle by himself with a smile on his face!
i was so proud of him and how big he acted. He said it's because he's a big brother now!

Judson is more than ready for Kindergarten. I think he will thrive in that environment and we are going to love watching him learn.
He is a natural leader and always eager to see his friends. 
He likes to know the plan and have some structure to his day. 

Watch out big school...these boys are coming for you!
this mama, not so ready. but, luckily we have a whole summer to prepare (emotionally and mentally)

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