Friday, May 4, 2018

Taylor boys (awaiting baby girl)

this week has been pretty great. 
my first full week home with the boys in i-don't-know-how-long.
i really don't realize how much i miss while i'm at work. 
sure, they're in "school" 3 days/week and i work 3 days/week, but it's those few extra hours that i don't normally get with them that have been pretty sweet.
i love watching them interact (more so when they aren't fighting or whining) and play along side them.
they really do love one another and get along surprisingly well...except for when they don't.
i really do pray that they always value and treasure the gift that is a best friend as a brother.

we're closing in on our days of the 4 of us and me being surrounded by boys.
i know that adding our sweet baby Jane will only add to the magic (and/or chaos) of our family.

Judson is 5 and 1/2. 
He is growing more and more independent daily. 
Townes would live in my hip pocket if at all possible. 
He is definitely growing up, but would likely prefer to stay with me forever.

The other day I was able to join them on a field trip and we really had so much fun.
Townes hung tight to me and wanted me to go everywhere with him.
Judson found his best buddies and took off. He didn't seem to care if i was there or not.
At one point, i asked his friends dad if he had seen him.
He told me where he was. I then said, "he doesn't even care if i'm here, ha!"
to which friends dad said, "i actually think he does care, he just doesn't act like it"
thanks, little friends dad.
i think he's right.
so i went and found JR and asked him to sit next to me on the next hay ride. 
and he did.
gracious....these boys.

last night, i was reading in bed.
Townes came in and asked if he could fall asleep next to me.
of course i said yes.
he looked like he was asleep, 
then opened his eyes, smiled and whispered
"one more week until baby sister is here"...then fell asleep.

we are all eagerly awaiting her arrival and probably underestimating the amount of change she will bring to our family...but we are ready!
the boys talk about her quite a bit and genuinely seem excited.
i don't doubt for one minute that they will be great big brothers.
now, t-6 days (of course i'm counting!)

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