Thursday, July 10, 2014

Townes Wesley Taylor

Townes Wesley made his grand debut Tuesday, July 8th at 2:15pm, weighing 7lbs 12oz and 19 3/4 in long.
he is learning how to function in this world beautifully!
so far, in the 40 hours that i've known him, he is fitting into our family quite well and is proving to be a fine young man.
at this point, i just can't get enough kisses and he seems to enjoy giving them
 his big brother has taken to his new role like a champ (kind of surprising me, if i'm honest) and seems to genuinely be interested in his new bff. 
he constantly asks about "bay-bay" and gives him the sweetest snuggles 
he is actually way more interested in Townes than me!
we are going home today and i am pretty eager to have our new family of 4 under the same roof. 
in the meantime, little buddy is still trying to figure this whole thing out

thank you so much for all the congratulations, sweet texts, phone calls and visits!
we are so grateful to be surrounded and loved by so many and to know that our boys are loved so well.

more to come on our newest!
for now, we shall spend all of our time staring at him 

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