Friday, July 6, 2012

wedding week: the details

It's all in the details
and I am forever grateful for everyone who helped make each detail perfect for our wedding day
a lovely hanger from my mother-in-law

a beautiful vintage necklace from my  mom
and earrings from my man
GT surprised me with the earrings the night before our wedding 
he had no idea what necklace i was going to wear
but they matched perfectly
i guess they both know what i like

GT and I wrote a letter to one another 

he thought he was funny by throwing in a $20 for the picture
cute, gt, cute

the flowers were amazing
perfectly casual and elegant

i loved Bellas flower basket
i think mom ordered it on Etsy
also, the arches were made of branches from my parents land
they brought the outside indoors

the cake was lovely
and topped with white hydrangeas

pictures of our parents and grandparents weddings
"i come from a long line of love"

GTs texas cake
there was not one crumb left

our kicks


The main detail were the people who were there though
without them, all of the decorations and food would mean nothing
the Kirbys

wedding party

my dads side

my moms side

The big Taylor crew
all of our sibs 

 Taylor fam

Still loving my man and don't plan on quitting
Even if we got hitched in a van, i'd still do it again
but, it sure was alot of fun with all of our people around us
and all of the pretty things we were able to enjoy

Perhaps i'd do a few things differently, but was perfect.

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