Friday, February 21, 2014

halfway there and many moons to go

Katelyn: "GT, do I look like a 14 year old boy?"
GT: "No way."
"definitely 16"

honesty is something we've worked on in our marriage.
i'd say that he's got it down. 

in his defense, i did purchase this shirt in the boys department at Target.
so i'll give him that.

also, my hair. 
not so lovely.
this morning, i took a shower (i'm usually a night shower-taker) and then proceeded to blow-dry my hair.
Judson started crying and backing away
this leads me to believe that this was his first encounter with the hair dryer.
dude had no idea what i was doing and what that contraption was. 
so, if we're going off of this little interaction....i have not fixed/styled my hair fresh out of the shower, at home in a bout a year. 
score! or total fail.
bright side: my hair has avoided the heat of a hair dryer!

carrying on with more important deets. 

little love bundles no-name boy is a little over half-way womb grown. 
i asked GT to take these photos last night, after i got home around 930 from Heart to Home.
i just felt like we needed some documentation of this child's intrauterine growth. 
and there's no time like the present...snap that iphone!

GT: "you know that you're being really cheesy, but you do it anyway".

this pregnancy is going by so very, very quickly.
i feel great and am starting to feel little buddy doing his karate!
Judson keeps me moving, so sometimes it's easy to forget that i'm caring for another human.
then the heartburn or hunger or fatigue or the need to unbutton my pants strikes and i promptly remember.

we are looking at a great weekend ahead.
full of studying, enjoying the sunshine and a little rodeo outing.

cheers to the mid-way point!
every so grateful for these little mile markers
and a healthy little love nugget


emily said...

LOL at your husband's comment. Sounds like something mine would say!

You look amazing...definitely not like a 14 (or 16!) year old boy!! ha!!

The Heart Mom said...

Wouldn't we all love to have the body of a 16 year old -- boy or not!
I can't wait to meet our sweet little blueberry. He is going to be somebody to treasure, love on and learn to drive the tractor.
lOVE you.