Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Portrait Series: taming the beast

Judson is busy, high-energy, active, crazy, wild, adventurous.
whatever you want to call it. 
Most one year olds are.
I think that he's like most other toddlers, but most often when we're in public someone will comment on just how active and busy he is. 
Maybe he was born with an extra dose of energy and curiosity and crazy. I'm not sure.
He is a LOT of fun.
like most parents, we spend a lot of time laughing at his antics and totally entertained by his musings. 
I really am so excited about his spirit and am eager to see how and where it will be channeled!

in the meantime, our focus is safety. 
he climbs and runs without regard for what is actually under his feet or in front of him.
sitting still is completely contradictory to his nature.

insert parental influence.

our church family is wonderful and geared towards children. Our youth program is huge and growing weekly. the leadership team does an excellent job on making kids feel welcome, loved and eager to return!
Judson loves, i mean LOVES, to go to class, or "kaaa". 
His teachers are energetic and involved and he just bounces on my hip as we walk towards the building on Sunday and Wednesdays.
so, that part is great.

it's the sitting in the pew after class and before the nursery-during worship and communion- that is rather daunting. 
He likes to clap and "make a joyful noise" along with the praise and worship, but rarely sits still during prayers, communion and announcements. 

GT and I are firm believers in kids having self-control and learning to be quiet with their mouths closed.
we know that JR is high-energy, but he is (or will be) just as capable as sitting on a pew with the rest of us. 
before he turned one, we would pass him around between family members, taking him to the foyer to play or walk around the back of the auditorium whenever he'd get fidgety or fussy.
then, we decided it was time to start some good-ole pew-training.
time to put the brakes on floating from person-to-person and teach our kid how to get a hold of himself.
He is still rather young and doesn't completely understand, but we thought it was time to start the work!

from behind, I'm sure that I look like a personal jungle gym.
and sometimes, like JR's straight-jacket.
but, i will not budge.
we are going to win this battle.
GT is firm in this and we are in agreement.

so, in the meantime-if you see or hear strange things from our pew....we are in training. 
carry on and i hope that we are not too distracting.
someday, i pray, that our family provides zero distraction from others in church because our kids (for the most part) will know how to hold it together for an hour.
it might take 15 years, but we know our goal and are determined.

soap box: there are just as many adults who can't sit still during church.
cell phones, coffee/bathroom breaks, etc.
i'm just as guilty!
so, i'm re-training myself to just be still and listen. 

(p.s. we are new to this parenting gig, so we are open to any and all advice, suggestions, thoughts on wrangling kids.)

at least he's figuring out how to comb his hair.

also, yes. GT dressed him.


Lauren said...

I have no advice at all but I love, love his spirit!

Blaze Taylor said...

Landon and I just talked about this a few weeks ago and feel the exact same way as y'all! We are in training mode too!

Sarah Jenkins said...

I just love that outfit.....and that is all!! He's a cutie.